11 transfers, loss of 3.7 million euros

Article by Alexandru Barbu – Published on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, 17:25 / Updated on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 17:25

Central defender Rachid Bouhenna (30 years old) is the 11th player to reach CFR Cluj to FCSB. For the last 15 years, the red-blues have been fooling themselves with the footballers watching Gruia.

Bouhenna has already been presented by FCSB, the Algerian being the first successful transfer of the vice-champion in this market window.


Gigi Becali introduced Dawa in a delicious conference »He appeared in slippers and fixed the clause on the pages of the Gazette:” That’s all I want on him! “

FCSB was fooled by the players transferred from CFR Cluj

The move made by FCSB confirms the sympathy of the club sponsored by Gigi Becali towards the CFR footballers, whether they are direct transfers, for a sum of money, or players collected for free, immediately after they break up with the “railwaymen”, as it is. Bouhenna’s case.

Between 2007 and 2022, 10 players left CFR Cluj to sign with FCSB. Becali spent 3.75 million euros on them and recovered only 75,000 euros.

FCSB did not really hit the ground running. In fact, 9 were released, most of them after a single season in Bucharest, and that was modest. The exceptions are Romeo Surdu and Paulo Vinicius. Even if they did not excel, the two were important players in a certain period.

Two gray transfers

Romeo Surdu »He was transferred by FCSB from CFR with one million euros! The striker, who came to the red and blues in 2007, had problems adapting, checking in the first season only 12 games, 5 as a starter, in which he did not manage to score any goals. In the next two seasons at FCSB, Surdu collected 72 appearances and 12 goals. He was released from his contract with Rapid in 2011.

Was Becali fooled again?  »He insists on the strategy that has already extorted 3.7 million euros from FCSB

Romeo Surdu

Paulo Vinicius »He played for FCSB last season (25 matches, two goals), after being released by CFR. A base player in the first part of the championship, lost the first “11” in the playoffs and due to an injury. He will turn 38 in August, one of the reasons why the runner-up gave up the Brazilian. In addition, it was not at the same level as at CFR.

Was Becali fooled again?  »He insists on the strategy that has already extorted 3.7 million euros from FCSB

Paulo Vinicius

8 missed transfers

Antonio Semedo »Becali bought it for 1.2 million euros in 2008, but the extreme left Ghencea after only one year, free of charge, at Unirea Urziceni. At FCSB, Semedo scored only three goals.

Pantelis Kapetanos »In the first” mandate “at FCSB (2008-2011), the” top “managed 32 goals in 83 official matches. Transferred from CFR in 2013 in exchange for € 200,000, the Greek did not confirm for the red-blues for the second time (15 matches, 5 goals), being freely transferred to Skoda Xanthi.

Cătălin Carp »He came to FCSB for free, he left free of contract. The defensive midfielder collected only 9 matches in League 1 in the 2015/16 season.

Gregory Tade »He had 23 goals for CFR Cluj in 57 games, and Rădoi“ turned over ”his transfer in 2015. It cost FCSB half a million euros to move the Frenchman, who was released in the summer of 2016 after 37 matches and 7 goals in red-blue.

Semedo (left)

Sulley Muniru »Bought for € 500,000 also in 2015, the defensive midfielder terminated his contract with FCSB in 2017. He did not impose himself on the people of Bucharest and left following a conflict with Florin Tănase.

When you go to a foreign country, how could a Romanian punch someone there? They hit what they hit in training … You’ll see, right? If it was a racist reaction, then he had to come to me and tell me, and then Tănase was fined, right?
Gigi Becali, FCSB patron

Antonio Jakolis »He was transferred by FCSB from CFR Cluj in 2016 for the amount of 350,000 euros. The Croatian winger, who beat FC Argeș, scored 37 appearances for FCSB – one goal and 6 assists – and left for APOEL Nicosia in 2019, according to Transfermarkt, in exchange for € 75,000.

Ionut Larie »Currently at Farul, the stopper wore the FCSB jersey 24 times in the 2017/2018 season. He was allowed to leave freely, as he came from CFR, in Kazakhstan, to Tobol Kostanay.

If you play without a central defender, you only play with one and the other makes presents (no Larie), you can’t qualify with Plzen
Gigi Becali, FCSB patron

Thierry Moutinho »He resisted at FCSB for half a season, 2019-2020 season. He collected 13 matches and one decisive pass.

Bouhenna no longer counted at CFR Cluj

Bouhenna started as a starting man last season at CFR. He took advantage of the serious injury that Burcă had and the fact that he was absent in the first months.

In July and August 2021 he played 8 games in League 1 and Champions League, each time being a starter. After the arrival of Dan Petrescu, but also after Burcă became fit for the game, the Algerian slowly came out of the calculations, and in November and December 2021 he played only in 5 games, of which in two he ticked 3-5 minutes. During the winter break, he was removed from the list of players eligible for League 1.

Was Becali fooled again?  »He insists on the strategy that has already extorted 3.7 million euros from FCSB

Bouhenna becomes the 11th player to leave CFR and then join FCSB

6 monthspassed from the last match played by Bouhenna, was integralist in CFR – FC Argeș 1-0, on December 19, 2021

Gigi Becali contradicted himself with Bouhenna’s transfer

“If you took players out of CFR, how do you fight CFR for the title?”said Gigi Becali, the owner of FCSB, about Rapid, just before the vice-champion reached an agreement with Bouhenna.

“I do not take Rapid into account in the title fight. You can’t fight in the championship with a team that has given you 2-3 players that it wants to get rid of. You can’t fight them! I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about CFR. He can’t fight CFR quickly. You could fight for the title if Șucu puts in 10 million “, Becali declared, on Saturday, at Pro Arena.

He quickly transferred from CFR Cluj this summer to Florin Ștefan and Valentin Costache, players that Dan Petrescu no longer relied on.

Adrian Neaga on GSP Live: “Dawa is not from FCSB. There are a lot of players in the province who have nothing to look for in big teams “

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