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The rainy season has arrived and with it the appearance of violinist spiders, which is one of the most dangerous spiders in the world, even more so than the well-known black widow. These are usually also distinguished as corner spiders or brown recluses and, although they are not considered aggressive animals, we should definitely have a lot of respect and caution against this type of arachnid.

loxosceles is the genus to which violin spiders belong and, specifically, Loxosceles laetais the most recognized species of violinist spider (although not the only one) as an inhabitant of South America, Central America and Mexico.

Although violin spiders are described as “shy”, since most of the time they will not seek any type of confrontation or problem, definitely if this spider feels threatened, it will not hesitate to launch a bite, it is its defense mechanism.

And, it is precisely this defense mechanism that makes it dangerous and of medical importance for humans, since, after its bite, it injects a poison that is potentially deadly. This venom contains enzymes that can cause skin necrosis, generalized toxicity and, in the worst cases, death.

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Faced with a bite, you must act as quickly as possible; it is recommended to apply only ice and a cold compression bandage on the wound, if possible, wash the area with soap and water, and go immediately to a hospital so that the patient is administered the appropriate antidote that will counteract the effect of the poison.

Given the danger that violinist spiders represent in our homes or surrounding areas, the best thing we can do to avoid a fatal bite at all costs is to not allow them to enter the premises.

In this way, drive them away It is our best option, since this way we can avoid any type of confrontation with these arachnids; To achieve this goal, you can apply these three simple and infallible tricks that they will not be able to put at risk neither the members of the house, nor the spiders. Here we explain what they are.

In the first instance, since our home can provide shelter, the first thing you should do is constantly clean the dark and quiet areas, where no changes have been made for a long time, such as under furniture, cracks, corners of difficult driveways, warehouses, attics, garages, under gas tanks, and even in the folds of clothing that is stored for a long time.

Once this is done, you can apply the following 3 infallible tricks to scare away spiders:

  • Repellent with essence of mint or orange and lemon. These essential oils have components that act as effective repellents for spiders. It is recommended to add 10-15 drops of essence of orange and lemon (or just mint) in half a liter of water, add half a cockroach of soap and place in a container. Scatter this mixture in the places described above that can provide shelter for spiders
  • Repellent with vinegar. The aroma provided by the acetic acid contained in vinegar is considered efficient in repelling spiders, cockroaches and rats. You can use diluted vinegar to clean the corners of the home or mix one part of this product for two of water in a spray bottle and spread in the possible refuges of spiders. You can also put bottles with diluted vinegar at entrances or places where these living beings can stay, or dip cotton swabs in vinegar and place them in strategic places.
  • Tobacco repellent. The aroma given off by tobacco is also very effective in repelling spiders. It is recommended to boil a portion of tobacco in water and use this preparation to clean surfaces with it. You can also place some tobacco in the potential shelters of these animals.

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