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Abu Dhabi: Najat Al-Fares

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2022 will be launched from May 23 to May 29 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center ADNEC with the participation of 80 countries and 1,130 houses Publishing and 450 events and in the remarkable presence of a prominent group of the most important cultural and literary personalities who won prestigious international awards, under the slogan: “Inspiration, creativity, enrichment.”

Dr. Ali bin Tamim, President of the Abu Dhabi Center for the Arabic Language, said in a press conference held yesterday morning at the Cultural Complex in Abu Dhabi: “Three decades ago, the complex witnessed the launch of the first sessions of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, with a wise vision from an exceptional leader, the late Sheikh Zayed, God willing. Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, – may God rest his soul – who wanted this event to be a starting point for the comprehensive civilizational and development process in the country; He believed that building nations and civilizations stems from the foundation of man on science and knowledge, and the consolidation of his knowledge and experiences with many implications that lead towards creating a generation capable of continuing to give and leading the nation towards broad horizons of development and prosperity.

Ibn Tamim added: “For more than thirty years, the exhibition achieved a prominent position among the major cultural and knowledge forums in the region, and opened the way for the world to learn about our Arab and Emirati culture and civilization. From the deep cultural movement until it became a platform for dialogue and convergence between different cultures and peoples, and today we stand on the threshold of a new cycle of the event, and thanks to the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, we reaffirm our commitment at the Abu Dhabi Center for the Arabic Language to make various efforts aimed at In the interest of elevating the exhibition and its prestige, and keeping the Arabic language as the most prominent title in its dialogue with the world, especially as we meet today after we have overcome a pandemic that has cast a shadow on cultural work, not only locally and regionally; Rather, it is globally, and accompanied by a torrent of closures that affected the various international exhibitions concerned with books and publishing.”

Ibn Tamim said: “This is why we launch this year’s session, which bears the slogan “Inspiration, Creativity, Enrichment”, with a renewed spirit filled with optimism and ambition to support the book industry and the publishing movement, which we consider the cornerstone of the entire cultural reality; Where we will hold, for the first time in the history of the exhibition, the International Conference on Arab Publishing and Creative Industries, which will enhance efforts and projects related to publishing at various levels, keeping the book within its original space, and its primary position as a necessary tributary to the process of community building, and on the other hand, we have shared with our brothers in the Gulf region Al-Arabi has future aspirations and ambitions for the book industry and specialized exhibitions, so this year’s edition of the exhibition will host the nineteenth meeting of Arab book fair directors, to discuss a number of issues that serve the advancement and advancement of Arab book fairs, and enhance their role in sponsoring the publishing sector and its workers, and pushing towards dedicating their presence as platforms essential for enriching the thought and knowledge of the various members of society.

Integrated activities

Ibn Tamim continued: “We have prepared for this year an integrated agenda of events and events that befit the prestige of the exhibition. We have gathered around it a group of the most prominent Arab and foreign writers and thinkers, and brilliant voices who were able to leave an important impact on human culture in general, and we were keen to introduce the new generations. the treasures of our Arab culture and its authenticity; As we celebrate this year a literary stature that recorded over many years authentic achievements that marked a turning point in the history of Arab cultural work, the Dean of Arab literature, Dr. Taha Hussein, to be an ideal opportunity for new generations to learn about this milestone in our cultural and literary history, and because we realize that cultural work does not It can evolve and develop within the framework of a single action. We have continued to strengthen our effective partnerships with various prestigious cultural institutions and bodies at the Arab and international levels. As we share in this year’s session the brilliance of culture and the treasures of creativity owned by the Federal Republic of Germany, which has many close cooperation ties with the UAE in various fields.”

Saeed Hamdan, Acting Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Center for the Arabic Language, said: “The exhibition brings us together once again, this cultural edifice, which today has become a ray of civilization that tells the world the experience of Arab and Emirati culture, an edifice that accompanied the renaissance of the UAE. A building founded by men who believed that culture is an authentic act and the language of dialogue with different nations and civilizations.

Hamdan pointed out that the Abu Dhabi Center for the Arabic Language has prepared a rich cultural program and an agenda of events with great momentum, commensurate with the status and importance of the exhibition on the Arab and international arenas, in a balanced diversity that combines culture, creativity and the arts, and highlights the extent of integration that links the Emirate of Abu Dhabi culturally with major Countries and cultural capitals around the world, so we were keen to open the way for the younger generations to have an important and effective role in the cultural movement; A set of events and activities have been allocated to them that combine knowledge, literature, thought, visual arts and modern innovations to contribute to enhancing their knowledge and thinking towards discovering beauty in the simplest things. At the same time, we have strengthened the ties of cooperation that bring us together with our various strategic partners from local cultural bodies and institutions. Arab and international; Where, through our partnership with the prestigious Goethe-Institut, we will introduce the local and Arab audience to a large group of German creations that will be the guest of honor at the exhibition this year. Books that tell stories between the lines.


Saeed Hamdan explained that through the partnership with the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum, the museum will open its doors to visitors to the exhibition and lovers of culture and writers, to attend a series of seminars and rich dialogue sessions that bring together a selection of the most prominent guests. At the same time, arts and visual creations will not be far from what we will present this year; Where the exhibition will introduce the arts of “Japanese manga”, one of the most famous arts and one of the most successful experiences related to comics, young people and lovers of this type of art will discover many aesthetics within a dedicated pavilion that simulates their experience.

beacon flag

Saeed Hamdan pointed out the exhibition’s keenness to remain a beacon of science, knowledge and creativity, and an umbrella around which an elite group of creators and innovators from various fields and fields would mobilize. This year, the session will host a group of the most prominent Arab and foreign writers and thinkers from the campaign of the highest international awards, who will participate in the audience with more than 450 diverse cultural events, in addition to the attendance of more than 1,000 Arab and foreign publishers, to meet, debate and exchange experiences to serve the publishing sector and the book industry and advance it. Not to mention a wide range of child-oriented activities that have been carefully selected to suit the awareness and knowledge of future generations and their aspirations.


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