“50 U” is just the beginning of a long Emirati story

Through 50 characters, the book “50 U”, which was published by businessman Yasser Mohammed bin Khedia, with his two daughters, seeks to document features of the UAE’s journey, over five decades, as it reviews the stories of people and places in the UAE.

The book, which Bin Khedia collaborated on its production with the Dutch photographic designer and book producer Irma Bohm, is decorated with the stories of leading figures, as well as the tales of personalities who contributed through her work to leaving an important imprint recorded in the history of the Emirates.

The book details daily life in the country closely, and explores its history through realistic accounts of the memories, hopes and aspirations of its residents and visitors. The content of the work is developed through several interviews conducted with a number of pioneers, including an astronaut, a racing driver, a tailor, a fisherman, a former minister and others, and it also presents an extensive photo essay by Charlie Koolhaas.

Regarding the seed of the book, Yasser bin Khedia told “Emirates Today”: “His idea crystallized two years ago, when preparations for the 50th year celebrations began, and at that time I thought seriously about the book that could be launched on this occasion, to share the joy of this event with people.” He added: “The idea of ​​producing a book that was most appropriate to celebrate the state’s achievements was different, and it was relied on presenting symbols in the state in a different way, and for this I went to Amsterdam and met the publishing house’s institution and saw the vision that this version will come out with, which includes talking about 50 characters and addressing their stories and memories.” Pointing out that the characters were identified from various fields, including culture, science, environment, sea and space, and the book includes different nationalities and is not based on Emirati stories only.

Bin Khedia considered the book, just the beginning of a long story that will focus on the state’s achievements, explaining that other projects will be issued based on the same story, as the title of the book allows the series to continue indefinitely.

As for the editorial aspect of the book, Bin Khedia emphasized his cooperation with the best specialists in this field and award winners, namely: Ahmed, Rashid Bin Shabib, Anna Seaman, Arjen Osterman, Francesco Degli Innocenti, Liliette Bridles, and Irma Bom. He was also keen to cooperate with The best book designer in the Netherlands, while his production was by the company «Archis Publishing», which ranks among the best publishing companies in the Netherlands and Europe.

He explained that “he has also cooperated with a work team in the Netherlands as well as in the UAE to produce the book, and choose the characters who will put their experience at work, in addition to taking a group of articles that were written about the country, especially those who documented the achievements of the UAE and were outside it.”

Regarding the selected personalities, Bin Khedia mentioned that among them are Minister of Culture and Youth Noura bint Muhammad Al Kaabi, and the Cultural Adviser to His Highness the President of the State and Supreme President of the United Arab Emirates University Zaki Nusseibeh, as they were chosen specifically because they met in the cultural field, and Nusaiba Aser the late His Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul.

Among the influential figures that the book reviews, Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasimi, being the first female minister in the UAE, along with the civil tailor, because he is the first and oldest tailor in the country, and he served the UAE in his field. The book also goes through distinct and exceptional experiences in the Emirates, including the experience of the first “Formula” racer Amna Al Qubaisi, in addition to the biography of Ramesh Shukla, who was known for photographing the leaders of the Emirates and documenting the union, as he lived through that stage and before.

Bin Khedia said: “What distinguishes this book is its difference in celebrating the Emirates, as many parties present many publications, but they are often similar and talk about leaders and history, while in this book people will find stories of a group of inspiring personalities, and learn about them about Near”, considering that the selection of 50 characters was not easy, but he succeeded in completing the book smoothly, and it will be issued in the Netherlands and distributed in other cities, including Zurich, and will be sold in 50 countries, as it is a documentary reference for the experiences of Emiratis and residents, as he put it.

The book was presented in both English and Arabic, and 80% of the book was in English and 20% came in Arabic. The reason, according to the author of the book, is due to the distribution of work in global cities.


Yasser bin Khedia confirmed that the gift of the book presented to the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, comes in memory of the late, because of the relationship that brings him together, and because he is a symbol of the state who lived before, during and after the union, in addition to that his death coincided with the preparation period. for work.

Bin Khedia added that “apart from the personal relationship that binds him with the forgiven, he was a benevolent and generous person, and therefore he sought to dedicate the book to illuminate part of his career and giving.” Yasser Bin Khedia: “What distinguishes the book is its difference in celebrating the Emirates, through the stories of a group of inspiring personalities, so that people can get to know them closely.”


Personal, the book highlights her biography and career.

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