A family thought they had rescued a dog from the street, but they got a surprise

coyote pup, El Nacional
Photo: Reference

A Massachusetts family was overjoyed after rescuing a new pet, believing they had done a good deed by picking up a “wandering and distressed” male puppy from the side of the road, but shortly after they realized that the animal was not what they believed and they had to call in reinforcements to take care of the situation.

According to a Facebook post from the Cape Wildlife Center, the family was in their car when they decided to help the little animal. Later, he found out that he had indeed rescued a lost pup, but it was actually a coyote pup.

The center had to help the family deal with the situation with the coyote. Photo: Facebook

In the publication of the wildlife center, it is detailed that the family called for help immediately upon realizing the confusion. The organization is part of the New England Wildlife Center, which provides free veterinary help to thousands of animals each year.

When interviewed by CNNZack Mertz, executive director of the Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, explained that this is a common time to see cayote or fox pups wandering around, as they are separated from their families. Although, in this case, the health status of the mother of the coyote pup is unknown.

The puppy this family rescued was between five and six weeks old, an age when it should still be with its parents. Staff at the center gave him his first round of vaccinations and will temporarily foster him alongside a three- to four-week-old female coyote pup, recently transferred from the Rhode Island Wildlife Clinic.

Another failed rescue

In 2019, a young woman was also surprised when what looked like an injured dog was actually a wild coyote. The animal was on the outskirts of Tamaulipas, northeast of Mexico, and through a tweet the case went viral.

The coyote also looked like a dog. Photo: Twitter

“Today my sister picked up a coyote thinking it was a run over dog and took him to the vet,” were enough words that triggered thousands of reactions. In the images, you could see his long and sharp fangs, very different from those of any dog.

The young Andrea Athié was with her friend in the car when they saw the animal that another vehicle had run over. They didn’t think twice, they immediately took him upstairs and took him to the doctor. The surprise with this little animal was also very great, but fortunately his noble action allowed him to recover.

What to do if an animal crosses the road?

The first thing to do is obey the traffic signs and slow down. It must be considered that, in the case of roads, animals are usually disoriented, so it is necessary to avoid activating the high beams.

If you cross an animal such as a cow or a wild boar, you can walk past it so as not to scare it and notify the authorities.

If the collision becomes impossible to avoid, you should brake hard so that the force is less and not let go of the steering wheel. Then you have to notify emergencies to prevent another incident.

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