A million times more handsome than Rushdi Abaza.. This famous actor is the brother of Maryam Fakhr El-Din and she tried to kill him and got him involved in a relationship with his divorced neighbor!

Despite his extreme handsomeness, and having received the title of “The Spoiled Screen Boy”, and fans and girls flocked to him, only one of them succeeded in kidnapping his heart, capturing his mind, and crowning their love story, which was famous in the artistic community as a whole, with marriage.

Although he enjoyed “charisma” because of his “handsomeness”, he never won the absolute championship on the cinema screen, but enjoyed great fame and audience, and the name of the artist Youssef Fakhr El-Din, who was born on February 20, 1935, became one of the signs of the time of fine art.

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Maryam Fakhreddine’s brother

Youssef Fakhr El-Din is the younger brother of the star Maryam Fakhr El-Din, who was the reason for his love for the field of acting, and the first time he stood in front of the camera was through films starring his sister, and her husband Mahmoud Zulfikar directed her, including “A Love Journey” in 1957 in front of Shukry Sarhan, Ahmed Mazhar, Samira Ahmed, and the movie “I and My Heart” in 1957 in front of Imad Hamdi, Salah Nazmi.

The artist, Youssef Fakhr El-Din, was born in Cairo to an Egyptian father and a Hungarian Christian mother, and because he was the youngest son, he was very spoiled by his sister Mary, which made her feel jealous and hateful in their childhood.

Maryam said in one of her confessions that she hated him at the time of his birth, because he took her bed, and she slept in her parents’ bed, until her father bought her another bed. She tried to approach him when she contracted a cough infection, after the doctor asked her to stay away from him, as she was trying to harm him at that time, but the matter ended after years, on the contrary, he was crying when he was young, thinking that his sister Mary would die four years before him, as She is also four years older.

The handsome guy is polyamorous and didn’t get the ultimate championship

Despite his extreme shyness in reality, Youssef Fakhr El-Din succeeded in the personality of the multi-relationship and bold young man in most of his works, so he participated with Faten Hamama in the movie “Between the Ruins” and “The Little Devil” with Samira Ahmed, and he participated with Shukry Sarhan and Omar Sharif in the movie “We Are the Students”.

And with Ismail Yassin in the movie “My Mother is an Angel”, and he also played a role in the movie “A Date with the Unknown”, and among his films are “For a Woman” and “Love Like This”, and presented the character of Grim Abdel Halim Hafez in the movie “Girls and Summer”, He presented “The Great Teen”, “The Three Naughty Ones”, “Naughty Girls”, “Hayat Single”, Bayaa Al-Jarayed”, “Awal Hob”, “The Girls Revolution”, “The Three Love It”, “Life is Good” and “Shati Al-Murah”.

His last film in 1982 was “Case No. 1”, and although Youssef Sharaf El-Din participated in more than a hundred films with important roles, he did not get the absolute championship in any of them, and he retained his position since his inception in the fifties through the sixties, and even films It was introduced in the seventies as well.

His sister encouraged him to have an affair with his divorced neighbor

Youssef Fakhreddin was known to be very shy, which made him feel embarrassed when his sister’s husband, Mariam, director Mahmoud Zulficar, asked him about his relations. He feels cold, until Mary gives him the blanket, and he comes out of the experiment, cursing it.

His marriages and the retirement of art

Youssef Fakhr El-Din married twice, the first was to actress Nadia Seif El-Nasr, whom he loved deeply, and she was three years older than him. In a meeting with his sister, Maryam Fakhr El-Din, she revealed that his wife, Nadia, had been working for Egyptian intelligence for many years.

Youssef Fakhreddine was severely depressed, after his wife died in a car accident in Beirut in 1974, and for a while he tried to get out of this situation until he decided to quit acting permanently and travel to Greece, where he worked as a receptionist in a hotel, then a seller of accessories.

He got acquainted with the owner of the shop in which he works, married her, and settled in Greece once and for all. He would come to Egypt on quick and lightning visits to see his sister Mary. Youssef Fakhr El-Din continued to work in trade for a while, until he became a big businessman in Athens.

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