A review of the Xiaomi phone and the most important features that it enjoys

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Get to know with us the details of a review of the Xiaomi phone that is with a number of customers, which made some kind of big leaps in this field by identifying the most important reviews through which it is possible to mention the details of this type of phones that are in a high percentage with a large number of clients. The Shamoy phone is one of the most important types that have generated a large number of sales at the present time, due to its huge capabilities that fall into the middle class of smartphones, and to learn about all the details of this type, we explain the lines of this article.

xiaomi phone review

A review of the Xiaomi phone is one of the most important reviews through which the customer can learn about all the important information and specifications of the phone, the most important of which are the following points:

  • Specifications xiaomi phone

One of the most important points of review for the Xiaomi phone is to identify the specifications that belong to it, through which it is possible to work on preferring this type over other phones, and among the most important of these specifications are the following:

The screen of this type of phone is classified as an IPS LCD with an area of ​​​​up to 6.53 inches, and its quality is FHD +, and its resolution is up to 1080 x 2340 pixels, and the screen has a small hole for the camera in the form of a Water DROP.

The screen size is also large, and the dimensions of this size are 19.5:9, the screen is approximately 83.2% of the front side with 16 million colors, and it also has a third-generation Corning Gorilla Glass protection layer to make the screen larger and more accurate than other types.

  • Storage

Within this type of phone there are various spaces that are different according to its version, some of which are 32 GB and some of which are 128 GB, and these copies of this phone are widely available in many Arab countries, and it also has the feature of adding external memory.

This external memory can be according to the user’s desire, through which a larger number of data can be saved on the phone. It also has a random memory of up to 6/3 GB RAM to increase the operating speed of applications in addition to the space already inside the phone.

  • Camera details

  • One of the most important points that a Xiaomi phone can review is the details of the camera on the phone itself, as it has a quad background instead of the binary, and it has a main camera of 13 megapixels and an F / 2.2 lens slot that can take pictures at a clearer angle.
  • It also has a second 8-megapixel camera with an F/2.2 lens slot and wide photography, a third 5-megapixel camera with an F/2.4 lens slot, and a fourth 2-megapixel camera with an F/2.4 lens slot, in addition to the presence of LED flash, panorama and HDR, which increases From the quality of the camera significantly.
  • The front camera has an accuracy of 8 mega-pixels, with an f/2.0 lens slot, and the phone supports 1080p FHD video shooting, as well as 720p HD photography.

Limit the most important points through which it can be

The processor inside this phone is one of the most important points that must be recognized because it is a distinct type of Helio G80 with 12 nano technology, and the speed of the quad core in it is 2.0 GHz, and it also has another core with a speed of 1.8 GHz, and the sedimentary processor in it comes from the type Mali-G52 MC2 instead of Adreno 505.

The system in which the phone operates is one of the most important factors through which a review of the Xiaomi phone can be identified in an easy and simple way, so its operating system is Android 10, MIUI 11.

  • Battery specifications

The capacity of the battery in this phone reaches 5020 amps, which has a type of fast charging that distinguishes it from other batteries in other devices, and this battery is characterized by withstand a period of up to two consecutive days in the case of normal use.

  • means of communication

One of the most important points of review for the Xiaomi phone is to identify all means of communication through which it is possible to work to support a large number of communication methods in this phone such as (Bluetooth – radio – FM – Hotspot – headphone port), and it also has support for 2G 3G networks 4G and owns A-GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, .

  • Fingerprint and color

This type of phone has a number of features that can interact with the user’s body, and the most important of these features is the fingerprint to work on protecting the phone in a large and continuous way, and this phone is also available in many colors (gray – green – violet).

Features xiaomi phone

An important part of a review of the Xiaomi phone is to identify many of the features that made it in the lead over other types of phones, the most important of which is what will be mentioned through the following points:

  • This type of phone has a powerful Octa-core processor.
  • This phone offers low prices for the number of possibilities available through it.
  • It helps the user to support an external memory to increase the total space of a phone to increase the fun through it.
  • Its screen is characterized by its large size, which increases the accuracy of the images displayed on it.
  • Through this phone can identify a large number of color ratios available through it.
  • Its battery has a large space and its ability to charge quickly in a short time.
  • The presence of two SIM cards in the device increases the use of it within more than one communication network.
  • The external look of the phone with its elegant design is suitable for all tastes.
  • It has a large number of connection ports inside to increase interaction with the outside world.
  • It is available through the phone to deal with electrical appliances in an easy and simple way.

xiaomi phone disadvantages

After identifying the most important features of the Xiaomi phone, which is one of the most important review points for the Xiaomi phone, we talk about the most important defects facing users through the following points:

  • It does not have the property to withstand rain water or splashes.
  • Its outer frame has no manufacturing quality.
  • Also, this phone does not support 5G services.
  • Although it has fast shipping service, it takes longer than required.
  • This type of phone does not have a notification light.
  • The cameras in it do not support 4K videos.
  • Its multiple cameras make its available services weak compared to other devices.
  • The two memories inside it are noticeably weak.
  • Also, the weight of the phone is heavy when carrying out a long campaign.
  • An external charger and headphones must be purchased, as they are not available in the phone box.

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In conclusion, we have learned a large number of information related to a review of the Xiaomi phone, one of the most important specifications in it, and we also learned about the advantages and disadvantages of this phone through the lines of this article.