A serious illness that affects Shah Rukh Khan may end his life .. Excessive thinness and worrying appearance!!

A sensation accompanied the international Bollywood actor and star Shah Rukh Khan, after appearing excessively thin, as the dimension confirmed that he suffers from a disease that eliminates him completely.

In details, the famous Bollywood star “Shah Rukh Khan” received many prestigious awards, the most recent of which was the Legion of Honor, the highest civilian award in France, due to what he made in his life and during his great artistic career.

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Shah Rukh Khan published a picture of him, in which he appeared with the French Foreign Minister, awarding him the medal as an honorary tribute to him through his personal account on the social networking site “Twitter”.

The event was held in Bombay at the luxurious Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, where Shah Rukh Khan expressed his great gratitude for the honor and said, “I am delighted to receive this honor and it made me feel on the right track.”

But what is controversial is that the followers noticed the appearance of Shah Rukh Khan in his picture alongside the French Foreign Minister, and he appeared so thin that his features almost disappeared with his thick hair and his face looked pale as if he had a problem.

Many followers expressed concern about the health of the Bollywood star and whether this excessive thinness is due to a disease that may quickly end his life or that he is adopting a new diet, as shown by his older age.

On the other hand, the children of artists have always been the focus of the world’s attention. However, what they gain from birth, because of their parents’ immense wealth, may sometimes lead to their loss and to expose themselves in public: this is exactly what happened with Shahrukh Khan’s son.

Aryan, who is called Aryan for the first time with his father, has caught the world’s attention because of his handsomeness. Since fame is tempting, he has since tried to get the attention of the press and to brag about himself and the huge amounts of money he pays on trivial things.

Aryan lost a lot in this life, and with time he started accompanying bad people and boasting about them in front of the cameras, and their shameful actions. But he did not know that this loss would cost his father dearly, who had not brought him up a good upbringing.

The son of Indian actor Shahrukh Khan was not at all interested in the reputation of his comrades, and that he could pay the price. Indeed, this is what happened. A few days ago, he was arrested, accused of drug possession and use, at a party on a large yacht.

Since then, Shah Rukh Khan’s life has been turned upside down. He stopped all his artistic activities, to follow up on his son’s case, and the scandal he caused the family.

It is not surprising that a number of world famous people have sympathized with Shah Rukh Khan, as some news emerged confirming that the tests did not show his use of cocaine, and that a conspiracy was being hatched against the star.

This plot was due to the distortion of his image since the release of the movie “My Name Is Khan”, in which he played the role of an Indian Muslim suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, and after the death of his parents, he travels to America and lives persecution after the events of September 11, and they consider him a terrorist.

Between the truth and the conspiracy, it seems that the story of Shah Rukh Khan’s son will interact, amid the court’s failure to accept his release on financial bail. Perhaps his friends plotted this plot to tarnish the image of his father, who should imitate the actor Jackie Chan, after preventing his son from getting his fortune!

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