Activists released five beagles after breaking into a breeder to protest drug testing on animals

animal groups began their protests on Sunday

Supporters of the Animal Freedom Movement in the UK say Five beagles have been released from the MBR Acres Kennel in Wyton after a second day of action.

In a statement, the group said: “A project supported by Animal Rebellion successfully freed five beagles, who would otherwise likely have been used and eventually killed in animal testing experiments.”

The Animal Freedom Movement first took action against MBR Acres on Sunday by staging a massive invasion. He demands that MBR close the facility and rehouse the dogs. They also called on the British government to commit to phasing out all animal testing and the sale of animal-tested products by 2025.

For these facts Twelve people have been charged with robbery and kidnapping by Cambridgeshire Police.

The force said the dogs taken from the facility, which breeds animals for research, have not yet been recovered.

The total was five dogs released
The total was five dogs released

The twelve people, aged between 20 and 52, have been charged with robbery and are due to appear in Cambridge Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, police said.

A lawyer representing MBR Acres gave details of the alleged incident during a hearing in relation to a separate matter in High Court on Monday.

Caroline Bolton said that five dogs had been taken after several protesters stormed the center.

MBR Acres took action in the High Court following protests against vivisection at the Wyton site and a judge issued an injunction preventing protesters from entering an exclusion zone.

Protests at the site made headlines in November after singer Will Young participated in a demonstration.

According to reports, the center breeds about 2,000 beagles a year to supply universities and private laboratories where research experiments are conducted.

Beagles are often used in experiments because they are gentle and good-natured animals.

“19 people have been arrested over the last two days in connection with trespassing on our premises and the theft of our dogs. It is clear that the protesters’ claim that all protests that occur against our activities are peaceful is false.”Marshall BioResources company, which owns the center, told MailOnline.

The release of the dogs occurred at dawn.
The release of the dogs occurred at dawn.

“Extremist elements have been harassing and threatening our staff for almost a year when they come to work to carry out their small but vital part in the discovery and development of new medicines for humans and animals.”, they added.

The company maintains that its employees’ homes and cars have been damaged in an intimidation attempt, and that dogs owned by them have now been stolen.

“Our work is part of important national infrastructure that allows potential new drugs to be tested for safety before they are administered to humans or companion animals”said the spokesman.

Beagles in cages at the MBR Acres center
Beagles in cages at the MBR Acres center

He explained that animals are central to developing, manufacturing and testing almost all human and animal medicines, from vaccines to cancer treatments, asthma inhalers and deworming tablets.

The UK is already committed to replacing animals where possible and houses the world’s foremost center for creating fit-for-purpose alternatives.

Until there are alternatives that can replace the use of dogs in legally required safety tests, under current UK legislation, animal testing is necessary to prevent further suffering from occurring, the company reaffirms.

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