Adrian Mutu’s retirement match, live on GSP

Article by Eduard Apostol – Posted on Sunday, June 12, 2022, 15:32 / Updated on Sunday, June 12, 2022 15:36

Today, starting with 19:00, the retirement match of Adrian Mutu will take place in Cluj during the Sports Festival. Face to face will be a team of former Romanian footballers and one composed of international stars.

20,000 fansare expected tonight on Cluj Arena, at Mutu’s retirement match

UPDATE, 15:20. Adi Mutu, between Prandelli and Hagi: “They greatly influenced my career”

From 15:00, Adrian Mutu held a press conference with Fabio Cannavaro, Cesare Prandelli and Gica Hagi. Their main statements, below.

Adrian Mutu:

  • “I stand between two special people for me, Hagi and Prandelli, who have greatly influenced my career. Del Piero sent me a video, he’s with us. Not everyone can come anywhere at any time, they have a schedule, they are world stars “
  • “I can’t wait to go to camp with Rapid, to get started! I have a meeting with Rapid on Monday, I do what I like “
  • “It was a target for me to beat Hagi, I think I honored the number 10 in the national team. I had my first meeting at Giovanni’s office, Hagi was on his back, he turned around, introduced himself, I told him I knew who he was. I was so excited, I was 17, I couldn’t say my name. I have a 25-year-old autograph from him! ”

Adi Mutu has the same personality as coach as he had and as a player, he still likes the goal, he plays an offensive football. When I played against him, Farul – Craiova, I analyzed it for 2-3 days to know how to have possession. It’s over
Gica Hagi

Adi is a charismatic guy, who in critical moments knew how to be reborn. He ticked off some absurd moments, but his personality brought him up again
Cesare Prandelli

UPDATE, 2:05 p.m. Hasselbaink: “Mutu, a bad boy, but also a top player. You have to be both! ”

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, former colleague of Adrian Mutu at Chelsea:

“It will be a beautiful match tonight, it will be nice to see my former colleagues, including Adrian, of course. I have a lot of memories with Mutu, we were colleagues at Chelsea, we played a lot of matches together that year. He was one of my good friends in England.

I only know ugly words in Romanian . I have been to Romania before, it is a country that has produced many good players, technical footballers, this will never change. You also have big clubs, CFR Cluj, I also know Dan Petrescu, that’s why the people from Cluj are still champions, because Dan is their coach, I also heard about Steaua. My favorite all-time Romanian player is Hagi. Will he play tonight? Can he still run? I can’t wait.

Mutu started from the bottom, it’s a good thing as a coach, you also need luck, to have the right players at the right time. He has experience as a player, he has respect from footballers and charisma, important things for a manager. Mutu was also a bad boy and a top player, because you have to be both!”.

UPDATE, 13:50. Luca Toni: “Dumb, explosive as a player”

Here is what Luca Toni said when he came to Romania:

“I don’t know if I’m a good friend of Adi’s, we only played together for a year at Fiorentina. It was a fantastic season, he treated me well. An extraordinary person. It will be a pleasure to see him again. I’m curious how he is and as a coach, he was an explosive guy as a player, exuberant, now I understand that he has changed as a coach.

At Fiorentina we scored points together. Adrian is a top class player, he was a top footballer in Europe. And I know what I’m talking about, I played with great footballers, especially offensive ones. I think that Adrian was a great class striker, he could have played in the Italian national team, he is a true champion. I played with Totti, Del Piero, Ribery, Robben and others. Mutu compares himself to them. “

Mutu »Retreat match Prandelli and Hagi

Luca Toni

UPDATE, 1:45 p.m. Cesare Prandelli: “I was dumb as a son”

Obviously, Cesare Prandelli, the former coach of Mutu from Fiorentina, who will be the coach of the international stars tonight, could not be missing either: “I am very happy to be here, to honor Adrian. To be in the company of other great footballers and to participate in such a royal. What if I was Adrian’s second father? I had a beautiful, honest, direct relationship, he really was like a son to me! Romanians? Beautiful people, and when it comes to football, it is a dynamic, global one, which involves many people ”.

UPDATE, 1:30 p.m. Fabio Cannavaro: “Romanians are similar to Italians”

Fabio Cannavaro, former player of Real Madrid and Juventus, arrived in Cluj Napoca: “I have so many fond memories of Adrian. He wasn’t just a football player, he was and is part of my family. He is an exceptional man, I have a son named Adrian, in his honor. A boy who conquered the world, not just as a footballer.

This is an entertainment game, but also one that honors Adrian Mutu. We are a few footballers and his friends, even if we have a few extra pounds over the years, we hope to offer a special show.

What do I like most about Romanians? They are like the Italians, people who have warmth, who put the family at the center. I had many colleagues, many Romanian acquaintances over the years, I have beautiful and good memories with them. Yes, really beautiful memories!

I started coaching with Cosmin Olăroiu, there are many valuable and special Romanians. Gica Hagi is huge. I know him very well, a pure talent, he makes you fall in love with him, with this sport ”.

Cannavaro stated that he has knee problems and will not be able to play the whole match last night. The former Golden Balloon (2006) came to Romania with his brother, Paolo, former captain of Napoli.

Here is the full composition of the teams:

Mutu »Retreat match Prandelli and Hagi

Mutu retired from the activity with 77 matches played and 35 goals scored for the national team. He has played for huge clubs such as Inter, Chelsea, Juventus and Fiorentina.

Mutu’s withdrawal match was supposed to take place in June 2020, but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mutu, fabulous episode with Totti:

“Returning from Hell”

Mutu, fabulous episode with Totti: “I’ll give you a million euros, just come” / “I was going to faint!”

Sandra Mutu, Adrian Mutu's number 1 supporter at the launch of the book:

Release of a book

Sandra Mutu, Adrian Mutu’s number 1 supporter at the launch of the book: “I’m very proud of him”