After the presentation of Marius Croitoru, FCU Craiova announced the first move from the market

Article by GSP – Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2022, 5:43 PM / Updated on Thursday, June 23, 2022 7:13 PM

FCU Craiova presented the first transfer of this summer: goalkeeper Ionuț Gurău (23 years old), last time at Unirea Slobozia, in League 2.

Shortly after officially presenting Marius Croitoru, the club from Bănie announced that Ionuț Gurău “It’s the first purchase of the summer”.


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Ionuț Gurău at FCU Craiova

Gurău has evolved in the last 3 years at Unirea Slobozia. Last season, he ticked 20 games in the second echelon, scored 17 goals and closed the goal 8 times.

FCU Craiova announced the first transfer of the summer: player sanctioned for a

Gurău will have a difficult mission at FCU Craiova, because the holder between the posts is Robert Popa (19 years old), a basic man for the Romanian national team at the European U19 Championship in Slovakia.

Gurău, suspended due to a “counter” investigated by FRF

In February 2022, Gurău was fined 10,000 lei and suspended for two months by the FRF Discipline Commission, as a result of the famous UTA ​​- Daco Getica 6-0 match, a song match played in 2019.

The FRF did not specify the exact fault of those suspended. Gurău was an unused reserve for Daco Getica at that match.

More than two years after that incident, in addition to Gurău, 6 more players were suspended and fined: Alin Stoica, Andrei Voineag, Gabriel Răducan, Marius Tudorică, Liviu Gheorghe and Raphael Stănescu – sanctions, broadly, HERE.

The newspaper revealed for the first time that the Federation has clear official information about a betting arrangement for the UTA – Daco-Getica 6-0 match, played on September 28, 2019, at a time when the team coached by Baciu was suffocated by debts. Details, in detail, HERE.

Gurău’s reaction after the sanction:

The undersigned, GURAU ION CRISTIAN, player of AFC UNIREA 04 SLOBOZIA, the team registered in the Second League hereby expresses my regret about what happened at the match UTA ARAD – DACOGETICA BUCURESTI, in the championship 2019 – 2020 and I am deeply saddened by the sanction that was applied to me in the context in which I did not play a minute in that game.

It is well-known that in 2019 I was a “child” without much experience in the world of football, and certain things whose effects I could not anticipate created at this time an erroneous image of who I am. as a football player and member of a football team.

Whatever the actual situation, I firmly state that I did not receive any amount of money that I would have used for personal gain or in the interest of another person, my family disapproving of such a gesture, teaching me each time work must be the only source of income. It is also incomprehensible how after more than three years I received such a sanction in the context in which I presented 2-3 times to the Discipline Commission within the FRF and each time I was asked about how the coach of the Dacogetica team he drew up the group for the official and somewhat tangential matches about the match with UTA ARAD.

From what was happening at the meetings of the Disciplinary Commission I always understood that I am not the one investigated, that my presence there was due to minor deeds that would not necessarily have had effects on me, so I could not anticipate the need formulation of a sound defense. My sporting evolution so far gives me the degree of wisdom to help me get over this unwanted episode, it has helped me realize that sometimes associating with certain people in the wrong places and at the wrong times can have unwanted consequences in the future, but I am a professional. and I will continue to prepare so that after the period of suspension if there will be a final sanction, I will return to the sports circuit with more determination, ambition, better prepared and much more attentive to the people around me.

Ionuț Gurău for

UTA – Daco Getica 6-0. Here’s what the two teams looked like:

UTA: Iacob – A. Rus, Ilie, Melinte, Tomozei – Moise, Isac (Lorenzi 66) – Buhăcianu, Miculescu (Oroian 80), C. Rus (Ursu 61) – Ioniță
Trainer: Laszlo Balint

Geto-Dacian: Began – Puțaru (Tudorică 25), Al. Stoica (Gheorghe 46), R. Prodan, Jica – R. Neacșu, Iani – M. Stancu, V. Mihai (Cuibari 65), Voineag – Răducan
Trainer: Marius Baciu

Referees: Andrei Țiții (Șura Mică – Sibiu), Radu Despa, Cristian Lucaci (both from Baia Mare).
Reserve: Szabolcs Kovacs (Carei)

Marcel Pușcaș, general manager of FCU Craiova: “We will unblock the transfers”

FCU Craiova could not register new players in 2022, because it had not fully paid the debt of the former footballers Michael Baird, approximately 240,000 euros, and Joshua Rose, around 100,000 euros.

“We paid half of the debt, 220,000 euros, and we are going to pay at the end of the month or in June the second half of the debt, of about 200,000 euros”, said Adrian Mititelu jr, in the show “Friends of Ovid”, in May .

Contacted today by, Marcel Pușcaș, the general manager of Oltenia, stated: “The ban will be unblocked, we have time”.

Due to the interdiction, neither the striker Aurelian Chițu and the right defender Gabriel Enache could be registered in the team, although they clapped with Mititelu since the winter. They trained with the team throughout the play-out without catching a minute in an official match.

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How much Adrian Mititelu invested in FCU Craiova: “You feel like throwing football in the trash!”

Adrian Mititelu wants a TV moderator in the management of FCU Craiova:


Adrian Mititelu wants a TV moderator in the management of FCU Craiova: “We have a verbal agreement”

Adrian Mititelu Jr., Pitești Court shot »His request was rejected


Adrian Mititelu Jr., Pitești Court shot »His request was rejected