Alexandru Meszar reopens the door of investors at UTA Arad

One week after the communiqué by which he assumed the exclusion of Arad businessmen interested in taking over the UTA club, Alexandru Meszar went public with no message from which we understand that he is open to negotiations, but under the conditions set by him, leaving from the involvement of an Arad law firm.

At the same time, the de facto leader of the “Old Lady” talks about threats and media lynchings against him and his employees and that he does not understand why he wants forced change of club leadership.

Meszar claims that investors Simion Apreutese, Cătălin Juncan, Marius Grada and Rudolf Vizental did not present and the current management of the UTA club their managerial plan, but it was presented for the first time by the UTA Supporter Club at the press conference last Friday.

Alexandru Meszar, step back in the war with the fans from UTA Arad

But we let you read the full statement published on the club’s official website entitled: “Hate-free information about UTA, negotiations and the future”

“I decided to choose this means of communication in response to the discrediting materials that appeared during this period in the media and on the social networks about UTA, about me, about the management and about the club’s employees.

At the beginning, because I was challenged in my capacity to represent the club, I want to clarify my position at UTA. Not before noticing that these appeals appeared only after the end of negotiations with the group of investors. Until then, I was legitimate, then, curiously, no more.

I have been an associate member of the UTA club since 2013, the coordinator of this project which, in nine years, with the help of the people of Arad, led the team from League IV to League I, where we are preparing to be present for the third consecutive year. it hasn’t happened since 1979, when the team was first relegated. And I think that, as far as I’m concerned, UTA will only be in the First League from now on.

For those who initiate and coordinate this discredit campaign, until yesterday we were heroes. Today we are ungrateful people. Interesting 180 degree change from one day to the next. I’m wodering why? At first glance because two private entities currently do not agree on a collaboration. But if we look beyond the window, it seems that this is not all. And this very noisy and aggressive group is not aware that the indirect targets of the attacks are the team and the people of Arad who made efforts, believed and still believe in this project. And, through everything this group does, it destroys everything that the people of Arad have built and dreamed of in these nine years.

Why does he want a change of leadership?

Players and coaches come to the team for the image created in these nine years, for stability and seriousness. For a beautiful, civilized and large audience. The club will not allow a smaller or larger group to destroy the image created over time, with a lot of effort and sacrifice. UTA has been a national example in recent years regarding the organization, the presence of spectators at the stadium and the atmosphere created by them. And so it must remain.

We wonder why this forced change of leadership is so much desired now, with means used as in wartime? Keeping the proportions, history repeats itself somewhat if we remember how the creator of this club had to leave. Now the longest-serving management in the club’s history – and with the best results in 40 years – has to leave because that’s what some people want. Let’s hope we’re not in 1948, though.

Threats, personal attacks, intimidation…

And yet, I ended up sending threats and attacks to the person in charge, to the club employees, to having intimidating visits of dozens of people with wide heads at my home and of the employees, at the club offices, to be attacked the staff of the club who work hard for many overtime hours without taking into account weekends and holidays, so that the public of Arad is best served, not to stand in line, to have access to safe matches, as even happened during the pandemic. To receive threatening messages from people who, on social networks, do not agree with this campaign to destroy the UTA phenomenon. From where and to where? I’m wodering why? And what is the interest? Who’s in the back? At least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

The club has had and still has full credibility among the people of Arad, as evidenced by the thousands of renewed subscriptions, hundreds of thousands of euros offered annually by local sponsors who come to the club voluntarily, without claiming anything, accept our project as it is, have trust in our work, do not want actions and do not want to lead. We must respect them first.

The ATU remains open to any association or total change of membership

Going back to the bottom line: investor negotiations have begun to take place due to the fact that UTA has been and will remain open to any association or total change of membership. We still want those who can provide more, both financially and professionally, to come to the club or take over the club in its entirety.

In order for these future negotiations to take place in an appropriate and professional manner and at a more advanced pace, we are in the process of contracting the law firm Lanevschi & Lanevschi, which will represent us in relations with potential investors, to conclude transactions. and to communicate to the media the status of existing negotiations.

And because we do not betray our partners, ie the people of Arad who were and are the most important pillars of the project and invested the most money in the club, we will insist that any possible transaction be approved by the Local Council and the County Council, the councils that represents the people of Arad.

The plan of the investors was not known by the current management of UTA

The group of investors was somewhat wrong, because, no matter what is being circulated on Facebook or in the press, they did not present to us, the management of the UTA club, their management plan published only after the negotiations and not by them, but by SCU at a press conference. From our point of view, this subject is closed, we do not want to comment on it, we let the facts speak. For he who has eyes to see, ears to hear.

Instead, through the law firm, the club’s door is open to anyone who wants to join the team. We still have to do what we know best: football.

In the end, it remains to be told that we are taking the preparation of the new season in the most serious way, both in terms of sports and management. We have drawn up an average budget for League I, most of the sponsors have announced their desire to collaborate with UTA and for the future, some have consistently increased their financial support for the new season, but we are glad that we also have new sponsors.

Those in good faith, be convinced that, together with the players, staff and management, we will do everything in our power to get the best results and a better ranking than the previous season.

For us UTA ​​really matters!

Alexandru Meszar ”