Alfa Romeo Tonale met its fans in Denizli –

Alfa Romeo’s highly anticipated compact SUV Model ‘Tonale’ was introduced in Denizli. In a special promotion held at the brand’s representative in Denizli, Yön Automotive, the “Edizione Speciale” version of the Tonale, whose pre-sale was started on, with a 1.5 liter 160 hp hybrid engine was introduced to customers.

Brand Director Özgür Süslü, who visited Yön Automotive for the promotion of Tonale, the new model of Alfa Romeo, stated that the brand’s presence in the Turkish market will be strengthened with Tonale. Süslü stated that Tonale, which was opened for pre-order via the online sales channel “”, was met with great interest.

Speaking at the special event held at Yön Automotive, Alfa Romeo Brand Director Özgür Süslü said, “Tonale combines many innovative technologies, from hybrid technology to second-level autonomous driving, with Alfa design DNA and performance. With the Tonale, we are making an assertive entry into the compact SUV segment. We have opened our special series version of the ‘Edizione Speciale’ with a 1.5 liter, 160 HP Hybrid engine to pre-order via our online sales channel, and we are pleased with the intense interest our model has received. I believe that we will increase our potential here with the devoted efforts of Yön Automotive. A new era in Turkey for the Alfa Romeo brand begins with Tonale.”

Direction Automotive General Manager Osman Okan Manisalı, the representative of Alfa Romeo in Denizli, stated that the highly anticipated New Tonale model, which was showcased in the Direction Automotive Alfa Romeo showroom in cooperation with Tofaş and Yön Automotive, will be highly appreciated and they are assertive in this regard.

Manisalı said, “Tonale, Alfa Romeo’s first electric and compact SUV, is offered for pre-sale in Turkey. Marking the ‘transformation’ of the brand to the era of electrification and redefining sportiness for the 21st century, Tonale also stands out as the most technological Alfa Romeo model to date with all its functions and connectivity solutions. On the occasion of the launch of Alfa Romeo Tonale, Alfa Romeo officials, who came together with dealers in 5 different regions across the country and Alfa Romeo lovers, introduce Tonale in person.

Expressing that the Tonale, which is pre-sold through the Alfa Romeo online sales channel, can be obtained with an extended warranty of 5 years, Manisalı said, “The Alfa Romeo Tonale, which attracted great attention, with its 1.5 liter, 160 HP Hybrid engine ‘Edizione Speciale’ version special for the launch. can be preferred. The 1.6-liter diesel engine and automatic transmission version of the car will be available from September. Next year, the 275-horsepower Q4 -four-wheel drive rechargeable hybrid- option will meet on the roads of our country,” he said.

The special version of Alfa Romeo Tonale is available for pre-order with a price of 1,399,000 TL on the brand’s Online Sales Channel “”.

3 rich equipment options and launch special version “Edizione Speciale” Alfa Romeo Tonale is offered for sale in Turkey with 3 equipment levels: Sprint, Ti and Veloce. Keyless entry and start from entry version; Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, front and rear parking sensors; Technological features such as Wireless Apple Car Play and Android Auto are offered as standard, with a 12.3-inch FullDigital Ghost Instrument Panel and a 10.25-inch Multimedia Display. On top of these three equipment packages, there will be the Launch Special Series “Edizione Speciale”. As of September, the sale of standard equipment packages; The limited edition special series Edizione Speciale will be available for pre-sale starting June 24. Ediziona Speciale, which can be purchased with a 160 hp hybrid engine and differs from the most equipped Veloce with 20 inch wheels, special logo and special alcantara upholstery, also has the Advanced Driving Assistance Pack, which includes second-level autonomous driving features, and a 5-year extended warranty. will be included in the price. The Edizione Speciale special version of Alfa Romeo Tonale is offered for sale in a mild hybrid version with a 7-speed automatic transmission and a 1.5-liter 160 HP variable geometry Turbo engine and 48volt “P2” electric motor. This version gets its performance from the synergy of a new 1.5 liter 4-cylinder turbo petrol engine and a 15 kW electric motor with a 48-Volt battery. Tonale’s hybrid technology; It allows the vehicle to “take off in 100% electric mode” (e-launch) silently, fluently, without wasting fuel, and to advance in fully electric mode at low speed (e-creep). With just the power of the electric motor, the Tonale can travel short distances in dense and congested traffic without pressing the accelerator pedal (e-queueing) and can be parked in all-electric mode (e-park).

The model, which has ambitious dimensions for the compact class, reflects the innovative design approach unique to Alfa Romeo with its 4.53 meters length, 1.84 m width and 1.6 m height, and exhibits a perfect harmony between the past and the future. The new -Full LED Matrix “3+3” Three-module headlights create a unique appearance at the front of the car, while providing the best lighting conditions at all times with daytime running lights, dynamic signals and “Welcome and Farewell” functions. The three-module headlight incorporates different technologies that make life easier and support driving safety. The attractiveness and dynamism of the car reflects the Alfa Romeo style, with its rims reminiscent of a “turn phone dial” as well as its 8C Competizione-style rear window. Inside the cabin, the strength of aluminum and the warmth and softness of Alcantara leather seats ensure a comfortable ride. The combination of high-end materials reflects the personality of young, urban and dynamic users. Details such as Tonale’s “Telescopic” instrument panel and 3-spoke sports steering wheel and aluminum shift paddles controlled by the steering wheel remain true to the spirit of the brand and offer a dynamic interior for driving enthusiasts.

Alfa Romeo Tonale presents a new infotainment system consisting of a sophisticated, smooth and intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) consisting of 2 large screens with a total of 22.5 inches, a first in its segment. With the customizable Android operating system and 4G-connected over-the-air (OTA) updates, the new infotainment system offers always up-to-date content, functions and services. In the middle of the instrument cluster is an all-digital 12.3-inch TFT display, with its traditional “telescopic” design, which provides access to all the car’s data and settings for autonomous driving technologies. The indicator can also be reconfigured into three options: Evolved, Relaxed and Traditional with the brand’s iconic colors. The innovative 10.2-inch touch screen in the middle of the dashboard offers ease of use with a similar user interface to current smartphones. The interface, which is used with the logic of “drag and drop”, where each user can create a homepage with their own car settings and applications, draws attention with its customization, intuitive use and developed to work with advanced graphic components and widgets. With horizontal scrolling, menus such as Alfa DNA, radio, media, telephone, satellite navigation, air conditioning, connected services and ADAS can be accessed.

Tonale, in order to offer maximum driving safety without hindering driving pleasure; Equipped with the new Alfa Romeo Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) for level 2 autonomous driving that automatically manages acceleration, braking and lane tracking. Tonale enables Level 2 autonomous driving by combining the front camera that monitors the car’s surroundings vertically and laterally, and the “Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control” (IACC) and “Lane Average” (LC) systems. The system uses “Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control”, “Traffic Sign Recognition System” and “Intelligent Cruise Control” systems that automatically adjust the speed of the car to maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front. Using the integrated camera, the system detects traffic signs, displays them on the screen, warns the driver of the current speed limit and suggests that the driver reduce his speed to the detected limit. If the driver agrees, the cruise control settings are adjusted automatically. The Lane Centering system, on the other hand, controls the lateral movement of the vehicle to keep the vehicle in the middle of the lane, even in heavy traffic conditions.

Alfa Romeo’s new trump card in the compact SUV segment also makes a difference as the first car to be offered for sale with NFT (non-replaceable digital asset) digital certificate. Innovative equipment and technologies are also offered as standard in Tonale. Systems such as “Autonomous Emergency Brake with Sensitive Road Users”, which detects pedestrians or cyclists and warns the driver of danger and stops the vehicle completely to avoid a collision or “Driver Fatigue Detection”, which monitors the movements of the vehicle to detect driver fatigue, are some of the standard features in Tonale. it turns out. The car also has a “Rear Seat Reminder Alert”. The system can detect objects placed in the rear seat from the trunk lid. Tonale also includes security elements such as “Blind Spot Detection”, “Rear Cross Traffic Alert”. The “360° Vision Camera” displays the image of the vehicle’s surroundings with guide lines on the 10.2-inch touchscreen, captured by four high-resolution cameras integrated into the front grille, rear-view mirrors and trunk lid.