Amazon generates 26% of the country’s electricity, but has 1 million people in the dark

  • Shin Suzuki
  • From BBC News Brazil in Sao Paulo

Credit, Getty Images

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Community in Cachoeira do Piriá, Pará, that lived without electricity in January 2021

The Amazon is the center of attention when Brazil is the subject of the world, but it still finds itself in a situation of distortions and imbalances in relation to the rest of the country.

Through its hydroelectric plants, the region generates an important share of 26% of the electric energy consumed throughout the national territory.

But municipalities in the Legal Amazon have 1 million people who cannot count on electricity — they receive supply in just a few hours of the day, through generators.

Another 3 million inhabitants of the region are outside the National Interconnected System (SIN), which coordinates and controls the production and transmission of electricity and connects plants and consumers.