And Alejandro Sanz stole our soul

Alejandro Sanz is definitely loved with all his soul in Costa Rica, that passion for his music, for the close and heartfelt lyrics of his songs, for himself; This was demonstrated on the night of this Sunday, May 1, when the Coca-Cola Amphitheater in Parque Viva, filled to bursting, melted in front of his presence, in front of his work.

A pandemic and two albums later were the wait that Spanish fans lived to meet him again on stage. And it was all worth it because seeing it live is a constant emotion. His presence on his stage enchants, his hits adorn, he and his guitar make people fall in love.

The artist and his followers had to wait a long time to see each other again. After your cancellation Show From 2020 there were a couple of rescheduling announcements, but neither the coronavirus nor the restrictions allowed it. However, the reward for patience was very welcome.

“We are looking forward to going to Costa Rica,” he said in an interview in December of last year and finally, this Sunday his wish and that of thousands of people who met with him to sing came true. Sanz, with his romantic and gallant style, healed those broken hearts due to his absence with his songs.

The night promised more than expected, the energy flowed and was constant, as well as Sanz’s solid career.


On the stage screens, a forceful phrase was the premonition of what the evening had in store. “We’ve been through tough times, but now we’re back.” Yes, although we are still in difficult and recovery times, music brought us together to celebrate life.

Knowing that his public was eager to listen to him, Alejandro – thus in confidence – dedicated himself to singing, in his concert the man was of few words, the interaction with the public was limited to music. The first part of the recital moved to the rhythm of today that you are notwhich has been opening its shows at other times, and the tasty back in the city from his album #The discproduction that generated #The toura show that was originally for 2020, but that Sanz did not want to leave aside due to the pandemic and gave it a new look in 2022.

When the concert had already progressed for at least an hour of pure success, the audience was totally devoted to Sanz and his musicians, those artists who deserve a separate point because if Alejandro is the heart of the stage, they are the soul.

Sanz’s extensive repertoire even had the luxury of including in a medley to iconic pieces like The soul to air.

The celebration of love and life followed the romantic path. The singer-songwriter pleased his followers with a comprehensive review of his career thanks to songs like My Martian, Looking for a Paradise, when no one sees me Y My favorite person.

Of course they could not miss My friend, I would like to be Y Broken heart, with which he was going to say goodbye. Sanz took the microphone to thank the public for his affection. “After so long, playing again at his house is an honor. Here we have left our hearts”, said the artist and the public applauded him once again, as he had done throughout the concert.

Alejandro said goodbye, but his fans did not let him go. Fully applauded, Sanz returned to the stage to say goodbye with Living fast. In the end, alone, sitting at the piano, he played You see it and a medley with And if it were her Y That last moment.

national hug

The opening of Alejandro Sanz’s concert was in charge of nationals Madrigal and José Cañas, who between 7:30 and 8 pm, shared their music with an increasingly full auditorium.

While the rain fell, the nationals sang and when they embraced their audience through melodies, the night cleared up.

Cañas began his presentation singing the theme I want to love you. Then Madrigal presented his new song I no longer know how to lose. In an interspersed way, the Costa Ricans interpreted their pieces and the public welcomed them gladly.

Once again it was Cañas’ turn, who sang From Puntarenas. The night had a very meaningful moment, Madrigal performed his bolero spin slow, a subject very close to his heart.

In June 2021, Madrigal lost his father, who was battling cancer. The lyrics of this theme that he dedicates to his father was born in a sad moment for the artist. One day, when he went to visit his father, he found him “in a delirium and did not recognize him”; the way the singer found to channel his feelings was through his art.

Next, with an audience committed to the show, Cañas performed Blessed land. Madrigal returned but this time with a special guest: the Nicaraguan Perrozompopo. They took the stage to present their recent song I understand (which also has a video) and that was also born in hard times for the artist.

Finally, the show concluded with the cover of national success What are you going to do tonight that the artists sang as a duet. The audience chanted the theme and now they were ready to receive Alejandro Sanz.


After their presentation, both artists commented on their feelings after the well-received presentation.

For Madrigal it was his first time performing under his new solo project.

“It is my first presentation as Madrigal officially (…). I felt super good, it’s quite full, people reacted super well, I feel very calm because the work of years supports you and teaches you to know how to handle certain things because even if it’s the first time, it’s not really the first time. It is a new time of many experiences,” he said.

José Cañas celebrated being able to return to a “big” stage after the two most restrictive years of the pandemic.

“Since the pandemic passed, I had not had the opportunity to share on a big stage. This concert comes to give a very big boost to the work that I have been doing and that is coming for the next few months.

“I was recently working on a Grammy nomination and now we are putting together a new album and a documentary that will be out in the next few months. A country brand project that seeks to internationalize and make Costa Rica sound even more known.”