Andrei Cordoș parted ways with “U” Cluj right after being promoted to League 1

Surprise at the University of Cluj, immediately after the promotion. The general manager of the team, Andrei Cordoș, left the club, following a meeting that took place at the end of this week.

The former central defender spoke for about the reason that made him resign. It seems that Erik Lincar would not have liked to collaborate on the strategy for next season, regarding the transfers.

Andrei Cordoș left the University of Cluj right after being promoted to League 1

The collaboration between the two would have worked hard in the recently concluded season, and Cordoș was dissatisfied with the fact that he could not get involved as much as he would have recommended the position he held.

The former leader of Cluj Arena already says that it was difficult for him to work with Lincar, despite the fact that the relationship with the executive management was very good.

Andrei Cordoș also says that in winter only he and President Radu Constantea still believed in promotion.

Andrei, why did you decide to leave University?
I think we managed to make history together. I came to promote and I succeeded, but with some compromises and here I mean the sports part, and my vision is different.

What were the things that didn’t suit you?
There were a few things I pointed out and I didn’t like, but there’s no point in talking about the past. In the end, I’m very happy, because I promoted and that’s all that matters.

“Erik needs a good manager next to him to succeed in League 1”

Have you had a dialogue with Erik Lincar in the last few weeks, trying to find a consensus?
I said from the beginning that I would support him and I tried to talk to him, but I couldn’t see things the same way.

Is it hard to work with Erik Lincar in the sense that he doesn’t accept advice or teamwork?
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Do I understand that he wants to do the transfer strategy himself, without consulting a sports manager or general manager?
That remains to be seen from now on, but I think Erik needs a good manager next to him to succeed in League 1.

  • Andrei Cordoș was installed as general manager at the University of Cluj on December 1, 2021, during the championship, which began on July 31, 2021. Erik Lincar took over “U” Cluj last summer, before the start of the new season.

“In the end, we want to accept, we don’t want,” U “Cluj promoted with Andrei Cordoș general manager”

How was your relationship with the executive management?
Here I was pleasantly surprised from the beginning. I really want to thank everyone, because we learned a lot of good things and I think we managed the situation very well together.

Did it bother you that they didn’t support you?
It was not about support. I proposed a strategy that I believe in and it is not tragic that I left. I will always stay with the club I joined.

Has your job as a club manager disappointed you so far?
Not at all, especially since I managed something important so quickly at a special club, where there were people much more experienced than me who did not succeed.
In the end, that we want to accept, that we don’t want, ”U” Cluj promoted with Andrei Cordoș general manager, this is the truth!

Would you return to “U” Cluj if Lincar left in the future?
I’ve said it before and I’ve proven it. I had a lot of hard time at “U”, and I was always there when I was asked for help. Let’s not forget the difficult situation in the winter, when maybe no one, except Radu Constantea and me, would have taken such a responsibility, and succeed!

Cordoș, general manager at “U” Cluj for six months

The University of Cluj announced on Sunday, June 5, 2022, the amicable separation from the general manager Andrei Cordoș, after six months of collaboration.

”FC Universitatea Cluj and Andrei Cordoș decided, by mutual agreement, to interrupt the collaboration started in December 2021, when our former defender was appointed general manager.

The club thanks Andrei Cordoș for his work at FC Universitatea Cluj in the last six months and wishes him much success in the future “the announcement of the Transylvanian team sounded.
  • ”U” Cluj ended the regular season of League 2, 2021-2022, on the 2nd place, and in the play-off it finished on the 3rd place, after Petrolul and FC Hermannstadt, being chosen with the promotion dam with Dinamo. The miracle happened, and “U” Cluj won 2-0 at home and drew 1-1 away. The Transylvanian team, which in 2015 was relegated from League 1 and from 2016 it started from scratch, from League 4, manages after seven years to return to the Romanian football elite.
  • After being promoted to League 1, “U” Cluj separated from the first four players.