Andrés Felipe Román would leave Millionaires to be ‘Shark’

The winger at the service of the blue team has not renewed his contract and could leave in the next transfer market. In the photo: Andrés Felipe Roman. (BRAND)

After a well-played campaign but zero in successes, Millonarios already points to the strengthening of Professor Alberto Gamero’s project, because despite the fact that the Ambassadors remained in the top positions of the regular tournament, in home runs they had a weak presentation, reason that has motivated them to move your market. One of the players who would be close to leaving is the winger Andrés Felipe Román, who would have his future assured in another important Colombian club.

Róman, has become one of the albiazul’s revelations despite his late debut, he has managed to strengthen his position within the general roster. On the other hand, in Junior de Barranquilla they are seeking to strengthen the gangs, since the Char leadership wants to knock down the ‘Tiburón’ again. In this case, Román would be in the plans of the eleventh Barranquilla player to dispute the position with two experienced players.

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The information was revealed by the sports space the dressing room, highlighting that Atlético Junior is the only team for the moment that has inquired about the possibility of officially having the side defender of the capital’s eleventh, since in addition to this is the fact that Román has postponed his renewal with ‘Millos’ and would not have the courage to continue playing for himself. The ‘Tiburon’ would have asked about costs and what are the conditions to obtain the player’s rights.

Román arrived at the official squad in 2017, after passing through Millonarios Sub-20, although many have questioned his agetaking into account that he is already 26 years old and has not managed to leave the blue eleventh, however, his soccer explosion occurred when he was 25 years old, when he was asked by Boca Juniors from Argentina.

The player managed to get to Buenos Aires, however, an unfortunate news collapsed the xeneize dream, Roman returned to Colombia after failing the medical exams, the player was found to have a heart problem and had to stay in Millonarios until he overcome the crisis .

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Ricardo ‘El Caballo’ Márquez returns to Unión Magdalena after not giving the expected results and entering into controversy with the fans. Likewise, defender José Cuenú, who is interested in a Mexican club, and Andrés Llinás, who is wanted by several European teams, as well as Daniel Ruíz, who is the most valuable player in Colombian professional soccer and a star of the Blues.

On the other hand, the name of the youth César Benavides Cantillo stands out, who plays as a winger and midfielder, and is also a 2004 category. Multifaceted in his football and on a good foot, Benavides was one of the great promises of Millonarios. He has even occupied the position of central defense and was one of those called to follow in the footsteps of ‘El mono Llinás’. The player has decided to sign with Flamengo in Brazil and joins the list of Colombian soccer players who play in the Rio de Janeiro league.

The case of Benavides has an important background, since he was able to stay in the ‘Ambassador’ but the hiring process was late, a reason that led him to advance in the negotiations with the red and black from Rio de Janeiro. The player did not make his first-team debut with Millonarios, but he aims to reach the first team in Brazil if he shows the necessary qualities.


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