Apocalypse Steaua – Dinamo is only in League 1! No European Championship has happened that way

Romania is the only country in Europe that has lost the two most titled clubs in the first league, the star and Dinamo. The “military” and the “dogs” will meet in the next season of League 2, if not the red-whites will disappear completely until the start of the championship.

Only Romanian football “managed” to devour its most successful and most popular clubs, it is the only one that has lost its most important tradition, there is no similar case in all of Europe.


Florin Tănase told Gazeta: “He is the most unfriendly character in Romanian football!”

This is not the case in Malta either!

Dinamo’s demotion completed the disaster that started with Steaua in 2016. The lawsuit between the Ministry of National Defense and Gigi Becali tore the history of the red-blues into three pieces.

The decision in the first instance established that part of the record remained at CSA Steaua, the most important piece that includes the European Champions Cup and the European Super Cup, part of the new FCSB and remained a “desert”, the period 1998-2003, which it is not attributed to anyone.

The star from League 2 has kept the most Romanian titles, 20, and she will fight Dinamo next season. There is a condition for the implementation of this derby: the “dogs” are still able to enter the championship and last a season. After the recent demotion, they seem to be closer to bankruptcy than to recovery and return to the elite echelon.

Such events have not existed anywhere on the continent, in any country survived in “A” at least one of the first two bands by the number of titles. Both top clubs have not disappeared, not even in countries with very weak football, with few traditions. In Malta, Sliema Wanderers relegated at the end of this season, but remained in the first league Floriana.

All around, the giants remained huge: from Juventus to Partizan

Juventus were sent to Italy in Serie B due to corruption, but Inter Milan and AC Milan continued in Serie A. Juventus’ existence was never questioned, the Turinese returned to “A” after only one year.

The ex-communist countries have also kept their strongest football brands. At no time were they in danger of disappearing or being demoted to Red Star, Partizan, Spartak, CSKA Moscow, Dinamo Zagreb.

They were always among the favorites to win the championships, as they had been during the communist years. Red Star and Partizan took a break from sharing their titles only when Zeljko Raznatovich “Arkan”, a war criminal, had invented his own champion, Obilici Belgrade.

It’s painful that I’ve come to think about whether I’ll be able to see the Romanian champion Dinamo again
– Ionel Augustin, 66 years old, former semifinalist in CCE with Dinamo in 1984

In Romania, Steaua and Dinamo have been unsubscribed from successes for some time. The “military” have restarted from the fourth league and the legal situation of the club still does not allow them to promote in League 1, they evolve in “B” only as competition partners for teams that have real goals.

The “dogs” have not won a title since 2007 and neither their fans nor their glories think of such a performance, they only hope that Dinamo Bucharest will exist from now on.

When I saw Bayern’s players and coaches celebrate winning the first European Super Cup in the club’s history, I realized how important what we achieved in 1987 was.
– Tudorel Stoica, star winner of European Champions and Super Cup

Who are the “sacred monsters” in Europe?

The apocalypse is only in Romania!  No European Championship has happened that way

Champions are constantly disappearing!

Of the top ten most titled Romanian teams, there are only four left in the first league: CFR Cluj, UTA, FCSB and Petrolul. Steaua, Dinamo, Venus, Chinezul, U Craiova, Ripensia have either disappeared altogether, or are in “B”.

The destruction of the most successful football clubs is a “talent” in Romania, it has not started now, with Steaua and Dinamo. The list of past champions contains names that have long since disappeared: Venus Bucharest, Chinese Timisoara, Ripensia.

In the second league there is now a team called Ripensia Timișoara, but it is a newly formed club and does not have the record of the old team.

The University of Craiova went bankrupt and was replaced by two teams vying in court and in the stands for the right to continue the tradition of the white-blues of the ’80s. The judges have decided, for the time being, that the record does not belong to any of the current teams.

FCSB, the most popular team, has been around for only 19 years

FCSB, with five champion titles, made its place among the top ten most titled clubs and remained the only one that participated, in its history, only in the first league!

According to the courts, Becali’s red-blues appeared directly in Division A in 2003, instead of Steaua, and have not been relegated since. FCSB has another paradox: although the judges have established that it is a new team, founded in 2003, it is the most popular in Romania!

In a survey conducted by GfK in December 2019, at the request of Gazeta, it turned out that Becali’s team has 40.9 percent of Romanian football fans by its side. Second in the ranking was Dinamo, with 13.7 percent of the fans.

The fans who remained loyal to FCSB still believe that Florin Tănase and his colleagues are evolving for the real Steaua, the legal successor of the tradition.

The current situation of the bands with the most titles

The apocalypse is only in Romania!  No European Championship has happened that way

The most beloved teams in Romanian football

The apocalypse is only in Romania!  No European Championship has happened that way

Iorgulescu wanted more money, FRF looked indifferent

The disappearance of the names Steaua and Dinamo from the first league thinned the championship. And LPF and FRF did not try in any way to prevent the disasters that happened in the two clubs.

They also approved the Păunescu-Becali transaction, which the judges later considered incomplete, and witnessed how Negoiță handed over the Dinamo club to Pablo Cortacero, a Spaniard about whom there was no information at all, not even the compatriots involved in football. they knew him.

In England, Abramovich recently sold Chelsea to American businessman Todd Boehly. who paid five billion euros to become an employer.

Even though the value of the transaction was huge, so he recommended the new owner as a very rich one, it was necessary for the English league to check the documents before it approved the deal.

Shortly before losing Dinamo to the competition, Gino Iorgulescu had announced in a press conference after winning a new term at the helm of LPF that he wanted more money from TV rights.

From the currently valid contract, the 16 bands from the first echelon share 28.5 million euros each season.

“Germans are sane”

In Germany, when Borussia Dortmund was in danger of disappearing due to its serious economic problems, the “yellows” received surprising help, the rival Bayern lent them money so that they could balance their balance at the most opportune moment. difficult.

Andrei Vochin, an adviser to President Burleanu, analyzed in an interview in Gazeta the situation in which the University of Craiova had been disaffiliated and disappeared from football:

“Rivals who are happy with the disappearance of Craiova do not understand that they will all lose. Bayern’s management did not help Dortmund to avoid bankruptcy.

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