Apple unveils iOS 16 with new intelligence and communication features

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Today, Apple revealed the details of the system iOS 16 The highly anticipated that will include many new features and is expected to be released as a free update this fall for users of iPhone 8 and later. The new system enables users to control many tasks such as customizing the lock screen, and keeping family photos in a photo library iCloud Shared and separate, plus the ability to edit or retrieve sent messages, and schedule emails, with live text and visual global search improvements.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, said: iOS 16 Big release with new updates that will change the user experience with iPhones” We’ve reimagined how the lock screen looks and works with new and exciting features making it more personalized and useful, and introduced a photo library. iCloud We have benefited from improved smart technology in updates to the live text feature and the visual public search feature.”

Custom lock screen experience

And with the system iOS 16 Lock screen has become more special, beautiful and useful? With the new multi-layer effect, photo themes are intelligently set against the time on the lock screen, creating a sense of depth. Users can also change how the date and time are displayed with expressive writing styles and color choices.

The lock screen features widgets inspired by the additions to the Apple Watch, making it easy to get information like upcoming calendar events, weather, battery levels, alerts, time zones, activity loop progress and more, all with just a glance..

It will keep an advantageLive Activities Users are always up to date with real-time events or activities, such as a sports game, exercise, sharing a trip, or ordering a food delivery, right on the lock screen. Notifications have also been redesigned to display at the bottom, ensuring that users can clearly see the customized lock screen.

Pictures library

It provides a photo library iCloud Shared for Families is a new way to seamlessly share photos, with a library iCloud Separate Photos Up to six users can collaborate, save, and share photos. Users can choose to share existing photos from their personal libraries, or share them based on the start date or people in the photos. The user can also choose to automatically send photos to the shared library using a new toggle in the Camera app. In addition, users will receive smart suggestions to share a photo that includes participants in the shared photo library. Each user in the shared photo library has access to add, delete, edit, or favorite shared photos or videos, which will appear in each user’s Memories and Featured Photos so that everyone can relive more family moments..

Message updates

Users can edit or restore recently sent messages, retrieve recently deleted messages, and mark conversations as unread so they can come back to them later.2 Additionally, a feature has been added SharePlay to the Messages app, allowing the user to enjoy simultaneous content such as movies or songs and co-play controls, all while chatting in the Messages app.

New tools for Mail app

In the new system, users will be able to schedule emails ahead of time, even having a chance to cancel delivery of the message before it reaches the recipient’s inbox. The Mail app intelligently detects if a user has forgotten to include an important part of their message, such as an attachment. Users also have the option to re-show messages at any time and date via the . feature Remind LaterFeature suggestions are used Follow Up Smart technology to automatically remind users to follow up on an email if they don’t get a response. The Mail app also includes the largest search review process, and uses advanced technologies to deliver more relevant, accurate and complete results. Users can see recent emails, contacts, documents, and links as soon as they start searching for emails.

Live Text feature

The Live Text feature uses on-device artificial intelligence to recognize text in images. It is now expanded to include videos where users will be able to pause a video on any frame and interact with the text. The Live Text feature also gives users a quick ability to convert currencies, translate texts, and much more.

The global visual image search feature takes it to another dimension by introducing a new feature that allows users to tap and hold on images to remove them from the background and place them in apps such as the Messages app. The general visual search feature has also expanded to include identification of birds, insects, and statues.

The new generation of CarPlay

The company also announced CarPlay featuresCarPlay This will bring new content to multiple screens within the vehicle, creating a unified and consistent experience. A deeper integration with the vehicle allows users to do things like control radiation or change the climate directly through CarPlayand using vehicle data, it will display CarPlay Speed, fuel level, temperature and more can be found on the dashboard seamlessly. Users can customize the driving experience by choosing different instrument designs, and with the added support of widgets, users can get quick information from the weather and music apps right on their car’s dashboard. More information about the new generation of . will be shared CarPlay In the future, the vehicles will begin to be announced late next year.


Maps application is supported in iOS 16 Plan in advance for up to 15 stops, and sync tracks automatically from Mac to the iPhone when they’re ready to go. The Maps app also provides transportation updates to users, making it easy for passengers to know the cost of their trip, and add transit cards to the app WalletFind out when card balances are low, and renew transit cards, all without leaving the Maps app.

Additional benefits

Family Sharing offers an easier way to set up a child’s account with the right parental control tools right from the start. It includes suggestions for age-based restrictions to control apps, movies, books, music and more, and makes it easy to set up a new device that applies preset parental supervision automatically. When a child requests an extension of screen time, parents can approve or decline directly via the Messages app.

Dictation provides a new on-device experience that allows users to seamlessly switch between voice and touch. Users can type using the keyboard, click in a text field, move the cursor, and make suggestions QuickTypeAll without having to turn off the dictation feature. In addition, the dictation feature allows automatic use of punctuation and dictation of emojis.

The Home app makes it easier for users to navigate, organize and view home accessories, and improvements to the infrastructure provide users with more efficient and reliable control over their smart homes. It will provide software update in system iOS 16 Support for the smart home connectivity standard Matter Once available later this fall, allowing a variety of accessories to work seamlessly together across platforms, realizing the true vision of a smart home..

And the “My Health” app adds medications, allowing users to easily create and manage a list of medications, create schedules and reminders, and can track users’ medications, vitamins or supplements. In the US, users can simply point their device’s camera iPhone To the drug label to add it, read about the medications they are taking, and receive an alert if there are any potential interactions with their medication.5 Additionally, users can share their health data with loved ones, the user’s card issuing bank may charge a fee if it’s not in the user’s debit card account. Sufficient amounts.