Aurel Tămaș, the voice of the fans of the “U” Cluj team after the failure with Hermannstadt

The University of Cluj is going through difficult times these days, even if it will play the promotion round in League 1, at least. Although the team has some chances in the direct promotion place, but in this situation it depends on the game of the results, the fans went on the attack after the failure with FC Hermannstadt and will not stop too soon.

Aurel Tămaş, “voice” of Cluj University fans on Facebook: “Don’t wait for a mercenary to fight to the point of sacrifice for your colors”

After holding the players, staff and management accountable immediately after the match with Sibiu, the fans also came out with strong messages in the online environment, especially in the club’s Facebook posts.

One of the fans of the University of Cluj among the public figures, the singer Aurel Tămaş, also had a categorical message when it came to expressing warm feelings and attacked, without hesitation, the players, coaches and management.

First of all, what stands out in Aurel Tămaş’s speech is the fact that he talks about mercenaries at the team level, the fact that the players, and maybe not only them, do not really know what the University of Cluj, the “student” spirit, means. Then, the management is also taken into account for the fact that it did not promote the players trained at the level of the center for children and juniors, the promising young people with whom “U” Cluj always boasts when it has the opportunity.

Aurel Tămaş: “Where are the players from the junior teams who beat everything they caught, and then were sent for a walk or left to their own devices ???”

Aurel Tămaş also refers to the fact that people of good faith, former in the club, were removed or left for various reasons. In the singer’s opinion, certain people, such as Ioan Ovidiu Sabău, Adrian Falub, Cristian Dulca, needed to be found in the club’s structures even at this moment. The conditions available to the team and the investments made so far are also topics to which the artist referred.

Aurel Tămaş’s unedited message, at one of the Facebook posts of the University of Cluj:

There are reproaches, swear words, all sorts of recipes and references, some covered by the truth, others in accordance with the tension and the load of the moment. Fans and supporters have reason to be upset with those who financially help this sport and the club… Mno, where is “BUBA”?… Now: In my opinion. 1. Don’t wait for a mercenary to fight to the death for your colors. they beat at their level everything they caught at national level, and on the way when they had to perform on the big team they were sent for a walk or left to their own devices ???. 4. What was the judgment and strategy of the club’s management in preparing for this match; according to sources, some of the group were already suggested to look for their team after the return..5. Why over time people dedicated to the colors of the club and here I remember: Sabău, Falub, Dulca, Florescu, Cociș, etc. they were shown the door instead of being allowed to build and perform with players raised and dedicated to the University.6. I propose to the Club’s management even if miraculously we will go to the dam and we will play on the first stage to keep in mind that those people who were in the stadium and who love Cluj football unconditionally expect performance. What happened yesterday had to be followed by apologies from everyone, from the players to the management… We don’t need explanations… The conditions are for performance, stay crooked and judge right, leave the backstage games. Here it is a large amount of souls you were disappointed with… I hope you get over the moment and if you have answers to what I wrote it is ok..If not Someș will still flow down ..Good morning…”.

Fans of the University of Cluj felt represented by the message of Aurel Tămaş, who gathered over 140 interactions at the time of publication of the article, but also dozens of “replies” that proved him right.

University of Cluj, insignificant chances of direct promotion in League 1

It is true that the University of Cluj had some syncope in this play-off, in the nine rounds played so far. He recorded four wins, three draws and two defeats. One of the defeats came in the scandalous match played with Unirea Slobozia, from Cluj Arena, score 1-2.

“U” Cluj has the last match of this season on foreign soil, at the Concordia Chiajna stadium, on Sunday. He needs a victory, and FC Hermannstadt should not take any points at home with Steaua to catch the 2nd place directly promoted. Otherwise, he will most likely play a promotion match with Dinamo.

Main photo: Flaviu Buboi / Mediafax Photo

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