Bad Bunny breaks records with “A summer without you”

(CNN Spanish) – The musical premieres of the week that ended on May 8 are led by the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny, who surprised his followers with “A summer without you.”

Also included is the video for “La Reina”, the single that Christina Aguilera presented on her first EP in Spanish in 20 years. In addition Jesse and Joy released the album “Clichés” and Francisca Valenzuela did the same with “Vida tan bonita”.

In CNN Pop Zone We collect some of the most notable premieres. See the list, along with their music videos, of the premieres of the first week of May 2022.

You can also enjoy these songs in this playlist of the 2022 releases on Spotify.

Musical premieres of the week:

Bad Bunny, “Moscow Mule” from “A Summer Without You”

We have not reached the boreal summer and Bad Bunny already has the musical premiere that you are going to play throughout that season. The Puerto Rican released “A summer without you” last week, a production with 23 songs that includes the hit “Callaita”, released in 2019 and which already exceeds 980 million views on Spotify.

The album has a diversity of rhythms, such as merengue in “Después de la playa” or pop-electronic in “Another sunset”, in which he collaborates with The Marías. Sonically, the production represents a musical evolution for the artist.

And the acceptance of its public proves it. Spotify announced that El Conejo Malo is the most listened to artist of all time worldwide in one day with 183 million views. He took the record from Canadian singer Drake, who held it with 176.8 million views.

In addition, “A summer without you” is the most listened to album in 2022 on Spotify. According to ChartData, Bad Bunny became the first Latin artist to debut in the first position of the Billboard 200 in the history of that publication, with an album completely in Spanish.

On the album, Bad Bunny collaborates with Buscabulla, Jhayco, Tony Dize, Chencho Corleone, Rauw Alejandro and Bomba Estéreo.

“The Queen”, Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera returns to our weekly premieres with the video for “La Reina”, the ranchera that is part of “La Fuerza”, her first EP in Spanish in two decades.

The video is set to a Mexican theme and shows Aguilera singing along with various guitarists. Among them are the Venezuelan singer-songwriters and those who were part of the song’s composition: Yasmil Marrufo, the brothers Luigi and Santiago Castillo, as well as Servando Primera. Venezuelan singer-songwriter Jorge Luis Chacín is also part of the video.

Aguilera previously said that the song is a response to “El Rey”, the classic ranchera performed by Vicente Fernández and with which she also pays tribute to Chavela Vargas. The video was directed by the Venezuelan Nuno Gómez.

“Imagine” by Jesse and Joy

The Huerta brothers presented a new record production: “Clichés”. And the release is made known with “Imagina”.

The song, which has electronic rhythms, shows a fresh side of Jesse & Joy, and talks about the attraction of two people and that they are willing to live an unforgettable moment and experience that chemistry.

The album was recorded in Los Angeles and was produced by Jesse together with Federico Vindver, who has worked with bands like Coldplay or with artists like Kanye West.

The production has 15 songs and includes singles like “Cry to your mother” or “Respirar”.

Tini’s “Triple T”

Argentine star Tini Stoessel released “La triple T,” her first solo track in a few months.

The song was produced by regular collaborators of the singer, the hitmakers Colombians Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo. The video clip was directed by Diego Peskins and produced by Fabiana Olive.

“This single is a reminder to enjoy life and not take yourself too seriously. I hope the music and lyrics can take you to your happy place, whether it’s a club or a bar with your friends. Ultimately, I want people to have fun while listening to La triple T,” Tini said in a statement.

“Give and Give” by Francisca Valenzuela

Chilean pop exponent Francisca Valenzuela returns to our list of musical premieres with “Dar y dar”, the single with which she presents her album “Vida tan bonita”.

This song is influenced by the pop of the 1970s and 1980s, in particular that made by the Italian singer Raffella Carrà. “Vida Tan Bonita” was produced by Ali Stone and Sebastián Krys.

life so beautiful it is a confessional album, full of sincere songs that struggle to find the bright, true, beautiful and deep, in a world that sometimes feels dark, uncertain and difficult. It is an invitation to live every moment, to surrender deeply to life, which many times we feel is slipping through our fingers. It is an album full of longing, a pandemic and contingent album ––both in the most personal and individual themes–– and the most social. In the midst of the pandemic and for my own health, I wanted to create something honest that resonated with today, but also had hope, joy and beauty for tomorrow,” Valenzuela said in a statement.

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