BASKET-BALL. Parents sponsor NBA dreams

Article by Viorel Tudorache – Posted on Thursday, 23 June 2022, 11:16 / Updated on Thursday, 23 June 2022 14:27

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO DO SPORTS? Gazeta Sportulor publishes today episode 3 of the series that presents the costs of playing basketball in Romania at the level of children and juniors. The first two parts were dedicated to footballrespectively swimming.

  • New GSP series “How much does it cost to do sports” he started playing footballthe most practiced sport in the country, and he continued swimming.
  • We gather information and stories from sincere dialogues with parents, children, coaches, people in the system to bring to the fore not only financial costs, but also investments of time, energy and emotion.
  • What challenges do they face at the beginning of their career, what problems do their children face, how do their parents cope, who pays and how much, what is the success rate?

The parents of the little basketball players must be prepared to take out of their pocket around 10,000 lei a year for their child’s passion.

Basketball is the second most practiced sport in Romania after football, with over 50,000 players. Of these, 15,560 are children, according to data provided by our specialized federation.

The game of basketball is so popular because it can be done in the park or in the school yard, with minimal equipment, only sneakers and a ball. But the fun stops here.


Episode 3: BASKETBALL »What are the salaries of basketball players in Romania + Who is the highest paid Romanian player

For most of the 1,764 little basketball players enrolled in the national competition system, nothing is free. Parents need to be prepared to take good money out of their pockets!

Monthly fees for training, equipment, arbitration scales, transportation, accommodation and meals at competitions, training camps, training campuses, individualization and physical training sessions, nutrition, controls and medical treatments.

“From the beginning, from the age of 6-7, until we reach the threshold of performance, at 16-17, we are the sponsors of our children. At private clubs we pay absolutely everything ”is the general conclusion of the parents consulted by Gazeta Sportulor.

Therefore, as in football or other sports, the selection basis for Romanian basketball is financed from the parents’ pockets. How much does it cost to play basketball in Romania, at the level of children and juniors?

An approximate calculation of the Gazette indicates a financial investment of at least 10,000 lei per year. That is an average of over 800 lei per month.

Monthly fee: between 100 and 350 lei

Private basketball schools attract the most children, and parents become real sponsors. The monthly fee is between 100 and 350 lei, but This training includes only training. Even at some state clubs, such as Dinamo, children do not enter the hall without paying 250 lei / month.

“These fees differ depending on the club, the rent of the halls, how many licensed coaches are, better, more experienced, the number of training sessions. Costs are higher at clubs that offer children certain performance prerequisites. Quality and performance pay off, and club experience matters.

My club, which has 6-7 juniors playing in the National League, plus two or three who have gone to teams abroad, is not like a club that is now opening its doors and starting to play basketball. There is a difference “, explained Dan Dacian, the manager of one of the best rated private children’s and junior clubs, which bears his name.

Sometimes, the talents are helped: “We have children of perspective without possibilities, which the club supports 100%. But you can’t do that with too many, only for those who really present a perspective for the club and we see in them potential basketball players. ”

In principle, up to the age of 13 the child is trained, concluded a coach from a private club in Pitesti.

  • MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION: 100 lei – 350 lei (2-5 training)
  • EQUIPMENT: 720-1,100 lei
    350 lei – official equipment (T-shirt / shorts / presentation blouse)
    120 lei – training equipment (T-shirt / shorts / socks)
    100-300 lei – training
    100 lei-260 lei – basketball boots
    70 lei – towel
  • CANTONING (internal): 3,200 lei / year (2 cantonments x 1,600 lei)
  • COMPETITIONS: 1,450 lei / year
  • INDIVIDUALIZATION (internal): 100 lei-200 lei / week
  • SERBIA TRAINING CAMPUS: 2,400 lei / year

One parent agreed to make an estimate of the expenses for the equipment of his 15-year-old son, legitimized at a private club in Bucharest.

“In addition to the monthly fee, 350 lei, I also bought official equipment from the club, 350 lei, T-shirt, shorts, presentation blouse. A set of three training T-shirts, 320 lei, training, 300 lei ”.

Basketball boots and everyone buys them, depending on the possibilities. The most handy ones cost between 80 lei and 260 lei, in the profile stores, but some of the top ones reach 1,000 lei.

“When he was growing up, my son didn’t want any more boots. I made sacrifices too I got them better and better, from 500 lei to 1,000 lei. With 5 workouts a week and weekend games, however, the boots wear out faster. I also bought him two or three pairs a year, especially since his leg is growing “, the father detailed.

“My expenses are double, both children are playing basketball,” said a mother on the edge of the field.

There are also ancillary expenses: “Every day we drive them to the gym, 36 kilometers, 2 liters of gasoline, which now costs 16 lei. That means another 350-400 lei for fuel per month. Plus two and a half hours on the road and sitting with them in training ”.

This private system in which parents contribute is all over the world. There is nothing different in our country than in Italy, Spain, Greece or Serbia, countries with much more developed basketball. Even at Real Madrid, there are groups where taxes are levied. In Serbia, parents pay even more than we do.

Dan Dacian, private basketball club manager

Competitions, camps and campuses: 7,000-8,000 lei

In order to accelerate the progress of the little basketball players, most clubs enroll them in municipal and national competitions, take them to training camps and training campuses abroad.

“For the child’s participation in competitions, we pay 1,450 lei / year. We also pay the refereeing scales, 15-20 lei per child for each match. Usually, there are two camps in the country, winter and summer, a total of 3,200 lei.

Also in the summer there is also a training campus in Serbia, another 2,400 lei or 3,760 lei if you opt for individualization training. Plus what else do you give your child out of pocket “, revealed another parent the financial effort involved in training a junior at a private club.

Domestic talent can be noticed internationally at European Youth Basketball League matches or at junior teams. The top generation is attracted to state-funded teams, which have infrastructure, and parents get rid of expenses.

How much does it cost to do sports in Romania?  »Episode 3: BASKETBALL» Carmen Tocală, President of the Federation:


How much does it cost to do sports in Romania? »Episode 3: BASKETBALL» Carmen Tocală, President of the Federation: “It’s a luxury”

Individualization: 100 lei / training

In addition to training with the team, many juniors also resort to individualization sessions, in order to improve and improve the procedures.

“Such trainings start at 90 lei / hour and are done in groups of 3-4 players maximum”, explains a parent. Former great basketball player Marcel Țenter (52 years old) is the manager of an academy that offers young basketball players the opportunity to increase their margin of progress, in parallel with their training at clubs.

“The rates differ from case to case, depending on the needs of the child and the discussions with the parents. We act in three directions: technical-tactical individually and in groups, physically and mentally. The more services you want, the more expensive it is. We also have big expenses. The rent of a hall for one hour alone is at least 120 lei.

It is not easy to do performance sports in Romania. It’s clear! However, we also have social scholarships for talented young people who do not have resources “, said Marcel Țenter, who works in several cities, such as Cluj-Napoca, Târgu Mureș, Bucharest.

There are many talented children in Romania, crazy about basketball. I would like no child who comes to me, to the academy, to pay any money. Unfortunately, it is not possible, the state does not support us.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. We only pay a minimum of 7,000 lei per month for renting the rooms.

Marcel Țenter, manager of the Basketball Academy

Where basketball offers models, the halls are taken by storm by children. The case of Cluj, covered by the “U-BT Phenomenon”.

“The children are rushing to the selections, due to the results of the senior team and the basketball history of Cluj. We have 300-400, from 6-7 years to 12 years. Children pay only a monthly training fee, between 100 and 250 lei. Otherwise, the club provides everything.

The children’s passion for basketball is great in Cluj. We have a junior, Alex Turdean, who commuted daily for 6-7 years from Turda, 62 kilometers round trip “, explained the former international Mircea Cristescu, the manager of the U-BT Cluj-Napoca club.

At most 10 percent of the juniors reach senior teams in the National League, is the conclusion of the former great basketball player Mircea Cristescu. The big challenges come at the age of 14-15.

“Then the school-basketball relationship becomes difficult and many parents are unfortunately forced to choose. Many drop out of basketball when exams appear.

If in our time I had an exemption from school and I gave my papers and theses when I could, and most of the teachers were understanding, now there is no such thing. For this reason, we lose a lot of children at 14-15 years old “, explained Mircea Cristescu.

There are no longer those training coaches who created us in the ’80s. Instead, basketball conditions are much better now. And the money is more.

Mircea Cristescu, manager of U-BT Cluj-Napoca

Most basketball competitions for children and juniors are organized by the Romanian Basketball Federation. The U10 National BabyBasketball and MiniBasketball Festival is held annually for the little ones. The registration fees for these tournaments are between 600 and 1,000 lei.

The National Junior Championships (M / F) are structured on the following age categories: U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U18, U20. In seniors, Romanian basketball has the National League (men’s – 16 teams, women’s – 13 teams), the Romanian Cup, the Romanian Super Cup, League 1, men’s (12 teams).

The Bucharest Municipal Basketball Association, as well as several other county associations organize competitions for juniors and amateurs. In parallel, there are also 3 × 3 basketball competitions.

Top 15 most practiced sports in Romania

Sports Total number of practitioners
Football 148,399
Basket-ball 32,973
Chess 18,796
Karate 18,691
Athletics 8.38
Handball 7,879
Kempo 5,495
Taekwondo 5,202
Sportive dance 4,891
battles 3,993
Volley-ball 3,651
Tennis 3,158
Rugby 3.123
Judo 3,072
natation 2,647

* data are for 2020

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