Becali or Varga? Why Voluntari receives the CFR “home team” stamp and not the FCSB

The Volunteers – FCSB match is viewed with suspicion due to the relationship between Florentin Pandele and Gigi Becali, but the history of all the championships in which CFR won the title says that the team from Ilfov was the one that confused only FCSB, and in front of Cluj was the perfect victim: 11 defeats in 12 matches and a shocking goal difference, 2-28

  • FC Voluntari plays today with FCSB, from 21:00, in the # 9 stage of the play-off. The match is liveTEXT on, televised by Digi Sport 1, Orange Sport 1 and Prima Sport 1.

The contest of the last stage with the title on the table depends first of all on the match Voluntari – FCSB. The red-blues are, practically, obliged to impose themselves in order to keep the stake and for the final round, in which the direct duel with CFR is scheduled.

If FCSB will not take all 3 points, then it would be up to CFR – CSU Craiova to see if it still has a chance. Basically, with her back to the wall, FCSB is seen as a big favorite in front of the Volunteer, from several points of view:

  1. It’s the best and most motivated team for this match.
  2. The match will be played on the National Arena, practically at home at FCSB, the field from Voluntari being unavailable because the playing surface is changing.
  3. Volunteers are very likely to spare players ahead of the Cup final, which will take place next Thursday. Especially after the qualification of Sepsi, the chances of the team coached by Liviu Ciobotariu to win the trophy are even higher.
  4. The family relationship between Gigi Becali and Florentin Pandele, the first being the godfather of the mayor of Voluntari, when he married Gabriela Firea.


CFR tries to stimulate the Volunteer on the PSD channel »Political games for the title on the Rus-Nastase-Pandele axis!

Why Voluntari receives the CFR “home team” stamp

This last argument is now back in the forefront, especially in the context in which FCSB needs more than ever a success in front of the Ilfov team. However, in the history of the last championships, since CFR came out of insolvency and started to win on the conveyor belt, FC Voluntari proved to be a team rather subject to Cluj, in terms of results, and extremely uncomfortable for FCSB..

In each of the previous 4 seasons, the damage caused by Voluntari was greater for Becali. In fact, he was a non-stop victim in front of the CFR! He has a record that even Botoșani, considered the home team of the red-blues, does not have in front of the vice-champion. Voluntari has lost 11 of the last 12 confrontations with CFR, drew once and is unsuccessful. Moreover, in 10 of the 12 games he did not score! The goal average is incredible: 28-2 for CFR!

Why Volunteers can’t get the FCSB “home team” label

On the other hand, without any exception, in all these championships, Voluntari managed to confuse FCSB and, indirectly, to do a great service to CFR because in all the years, the title dispute was tight and took place between Cluj and Becali’s club.

Even in the current season, Voluntari played an important role. He lost on the line with CFR, while he ticked a draw with FCSB in the regular season tour. With a victory in that game, the Bucharest team would have entered the play-offs with an extra point and now there would have been more pressure on the Transylvanians: they would not have allowed a draw with Craiova, in case FCSB will pass Volunteers.

The current season

Volunteers vs. CFR Volunteers vs. FCSB
0-1 0-0
0-1 0-1
1-3 0-4
Conclusion: CFR advantage

2020-2021 season

Volunteers vs. CFR Volunteers vs. FCSB
0-0 2-1
0-1 1-2
Conclusion: CFR advantage

2019-2020 season

Volunteers vs. CFR Volunteers vs. FCSB
0-5 3-1
0-4 1-2
Conclusion: CFR advantage

2018-2019 season

Volunteers vs. CFR Volunteers vs. FCSB
1-2 1-2
0-5 2-2
Conclusion: CFR advantage

2017-2018 season

Volunteers vs. CFR Volunteers vs. FCSB
0-2 0-0
0-3 1-2
Co.inclusion: CFR Advantages

FC Voluntari, zero on the line only with CFR

Volunteers have had an excellent season so far. In fact, the best since the team is in the first league. He accessed the play-off, now he is on the 4th place and he also qualified for the Romanian Cup final. However, only against CFR did he check only failures. In front of none of the other 14 teams, Voluntari did not lose on the line.

What is Voluntari’s record with the play-off teams

cf. 0%
FCSB 11%
CSU Craiova 33%
lighthouse 58%
FC Argeș 11%

Volunteers fired Edi Iordănescu

The Ilfov team not only hindered FCSB in the regular season, but it was the team due to which the vice-champion produced a change of coach. Edward Iordănescu was the main player in that game ”of the red-blues.

It ended 0-0, and Edi was harshly criticized by his boss. After that match, the championship was interrupted to make way for the matches of the national team, a period in which the conflict between Becali and Iordănescu junior gained momentum. In the end, the technician decided to give up the contract, even without requesting the clause he had at the time, of unilateral termination.

FC Volunteers – FCSB, probable teams:

FC VOLUNTEERS: 71. M. Popa – 13. D. Ciobotariu, 30. Tamaș, 5. Armaș, 6. Briceag – 3. Meleke, 66. Droppa l 24. Ricardinho, 8. I. Gheorghe, 14. Marcelo – 77. Nemec
RESERVATIONS: 12. Râmniceanu, 2. C. Achim, 10. Merloi, 18. Helder, 21. Al. Elijah, 23. Al. Vlad, 80. L. Fulop, 98. Cr. Costin
ABSENT: Budescu (injured), Duck (suspended)
TRAINER: Liviu Ciobotariu

FCSB: 32. Târnovanu – 23. Ov. Popescu, 17. I. Cristea, 4. Miron, 33. Radunovic – 27. Olaru, 8. Șut, 18. Edjouma – 98. Cordea, 10. Fl. Tănase, 9. Oct. Popescu
RESERVATIONS: 99. A. Vlad, 13. Dumiter, 19. I. Stoica, 22. V. Gheorghe, 26. Oaidă, 31. Mamut, 55. Vinicius, 77. S. Șerban
ABSENT: Panțâru, C. Achim, Fl. Coman (injured)
TRAINER: Toni Petrea

Stadium: National Arena (Bucharest)
Referee: Fesnic Horatiu Mircea (Cluj-Napoca) / A1: Avram Valentin (Bucharest), A2: Tunyogi Ferencz (Zalău)

VIDEO Liviu Ciobotariu, statements before the match with FCSB: “You don’t play a cup final every year or every day, I have to think very well”

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