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A review of the Honor Magic Watch 2 will be our content today to learn about the characteristics and specifications of the best smart watches that came to compete with the top brands of smart watches in the world, because of the many features and other wonderful things that characterize smart watches among the luxury and necessary touches that must be present in any A distinctive watch. And now we bring you a full review from the reality of the experiences of the best smartwatch launched by Honor Electronics, and we will answer all questions about the Magic Watch 2, and whether it is worth its available price in the market, all this and more in our next content.

Honor Magic Watch 2 full review

Recently, the emergence of some smart bracelets and watches has been noticed by the top and largest smart companies such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei and others. Finally, Honor announced the launch of the latest watch in its smart watch series, the Honor Magic Watch 2. The watch was launched in two versions Including the sporty and the classic version, and each has distinct specifications to compare between them, the sporty comes with a distinctive rubber bracelet, while the classic comes with a leather bracelet, and it has two different sizes, 42 mm and 46 mm, so that it is chosen according to what the customer prefers, knowing that it comes with it Type-C charging cable and headphone charger.

Advantages of using the Honor Magic Watch 2

There are many advantages that distinguish the Honor Magic Watch 2 from other watches. We all see that smart watches have become an integral part of our personal lives, and we cannot completely dispense with them. This watch has all the features and advantages that an individual needs in his own watch. It gives more accurate readings in sports, life and health uses as well. It is characterized by the presence of the heart rate, the calories that can be burned per day, and the regulation of rest times between each exercise and others, it is worth noting that the watch has an endless collection of exercises that can not be limited to one article only, this is in addition to the unique design Of its kind, the wonderful specifications it owns, and its unique price, which is all we will talk about in detail in the following paragraphs.

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Honor Magic Watch 2 specifications

As for the specifications of the watch, it comes in the first place, in terms of design, screen, features of communication with it, acoustics, sensitive sensors, battery life and many other advantages that we will talk about during the following points with many details and first start with the following:

Honor Magic Watch 2 design

Honor Magic Watch 2 comes with a very unique and distinctive design, which features the following:

  • It has a round shape, made of metal.
  • It comes with a glass screen and a ceramic back.
  • As for the frame, it is made of stainless steel.
  • It has two switches on the sides through which the clock applications can be programmed.
  • The bracelet included with the black version is made of silicone.
  • The silver version comes with an additional leather strap.

Display Honor Magic Watch 2

As for the specifications and characteristics of the Honor Magic Watch 2 screen, they are as follows:

  • The screen is OLED and has a size of 1.39 inches.
  • The screen resolution is about 454 x 454.
  • The screen comes with a circular design.
  • The screen supports five levels of brightness.
  • It has an automatic brightness function.
  • It is 90% responsive to all commands.

Honor Magic Watch 2 sensors

There are a lot of sensors in the new Honor Magic Watch 2, the best of which is the heart rate sensor, which is very accurate compared to other watches, it is very ideal for exercise in the morning as it measures your heart rate and height in case of training severe. In cases where the body is relaxed, it displays the pulse rate slow or weak, to find that this type of watch is excellent and there is no time in which you do not find it constantly sharing the health status, whether in times of rest or fatigue and even walking always shows the pulse rate of the individual.

It also has another sensor, which is the sensor for measuring the percentage of oxygen in the blood, which is very suitable for everyone who suffers from health conditions regarding this matter, as it is one of the watches that is characterized by its accuracy in reading, and therefore it will be of great benefit, especially at the current time in which the Corona virus is spreading.

Honor watch headphones and audio

The Honor Magic Watch 2 has two speakers in the frame of the watch. It has a good and medium sound in the middle of crowds, where you can listen to songs and music and enjoy it. It is also very excellent in its use for calls, as it performs various purposes perfectly.

Support Magic Watch 2 with phone connection

Our watch is also distinguished by its quality in supporting phone communications, such as the quality of Bluetooth in it, as it supports Bluetooth 5.1 in an excellent manner, more than 10 meters away without barriers or barriers to communication, and the watch can also connect to wireless headphones, its sound is excellent and does not suffer from any problem. It also supports the GPS system, as it is one of the very accurate and good systems in the watch compared to other watches or even other smart phones, knowing that the GPS consumes the battery greatly, but it is excellent as it has a good compass, knowing that the watch must be in An open space with a network to function efficiently.

The battery life of the Honor Watch is an hour

An hour’s battery life is more than excellent, as it can last for a whole week with the consumption of all systems and applications, in terms of the heart rate sensor, oxygen percentage, and stress rates, and it still lasts for a week without interruption, except in one case, which is the use of the GPS system, It can slightly reduce the time duration of the watch and only lasts for 5 days. The battery can be fully charged and reach 100 percent in less than two hours only, and this is through the use of the charger and the cable that came with it, it is also excellent in use and fast.

What is the price of the watch Honor?

The price of the Honor Magic Watch 2 is available in the Egyptian market for an excellent amount, but it varies slightly according to its sporty and classic design. The black version is available at about 3300 pounds, while the silver version is at a slightly higher price, which is around 3800 Egyptian pounds. Hence the constantly hesitant question, is it really worth the price? The answer comes that although it has different advantages, its applications are fixed and cannot be changed, and therefore you do not have complete freedom to make modifications to it, so we see that its price is a little exaggerated, so its ideal price could be more in the range of 3000 EGP.

At the end of the article, we were able to cover most of the details of the features and specifications of the Honor Magic Watch 2 review, and what distinguishes it from others in terms of design, screen and sensors, even the price we discussed.