Bonus Mamut »What salary will the FCSB hero receive if Becali keeps his word

Gigi Becali announced that she will extend the contract of Ivan Mamut, after the goal that the Croatian scored in the victory at the University of Craiova, 1-0. If the FCSB owner keeps his word, the striker will earn 15,000 euros per month, compared to the 10,000 euros he receives now.

Ivan Mamut became a hero overnight, from a footballer that FCSB was thinking about how to get rid of as soon as possible. The Croatian scored in Craiova his first goal in red and blue, in his tenth appearance in Becali’s team, and brought to Bucharest the points that keep him and his colleagues in the race with CFR to win the championship.


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Delighted at Mamut’s performance, Gigi announced that he would offer the striker an extension of his contract. However, Ivan would not have been released this summer, his agreement with the club is still valid until June 2023. There is an option to extend the collaboration until mid-2026, a pact that also contains clear economic data.

If Becali keeps his word and extends his contract with Mamut, the Croatian will earn 15,000 euros each month in the future, five thousand euros more than his current income.

Becali considers Mamut a 20 million euro striker!

He arrived at FCSB precisely because Craiova gave him up, the Oltenians sent him to Gigi together with Andrei Burlacu, both offered in exchange for the transfer of Ionuț Vână to Bănie.

Since he arrived among the red-blues, Mamut has not caught a whole match, but Becali kept insisting that he would rather use him than turn to Keșeru, a former top scorer of the championship: “I found out about Keșeru , he will leave in the summer. I still want to see Mammoth to see if it makes sense to keep him. ”

Last summer, when he received Ivan from Craiova, Gigi had great confidence in a player who had scored a single goal in 23 games that he had scored for the University. Without any element in the footballer’s CV to justify such a thing, the FCSB owner set Mamut a termination clause with a huge amount, 20 million euros!

The Croatian was never a basic man in Becali’s formula, but on Sunday evening he caught on the field the last seven minutes of the derby with Craiova, these being the most important in his career.

33 matcheshas Mamut in League 1, at U Craiova and at FCSB. He scored only two goals, one for each team he played for. The Oltenians had brought him from Inter Zapresici, from the second Croatian league

Octavian Popescu costs 100 million

Becali exaggerated the price of the contract with Mamut in relation to the real share of the Croatian, he set a value of 20 million euros, but it is not the only case in which Gigi “inflates” the shares in the documents. He considers him a great future footballer and compares him to Messi and Neymar, he costs 100 million euros, which is the value of the contract termination clause.

Duckadam, Gigi’s former employee at FCSB, has just analyzed Tavi Popescu’s situation and is of the opinion that the new Romanian international will not be able to impose himself at the best level in football: “He is not yet consistent, so he would not be able to manage in a very big club. He should stay at FCSB for another two years, play in European Cup matches and be in the national team before leaving somewhere. “.

Mammoth, 25 years old, 25 goals

Mamut has had a poor performance since arriving in Romania, but he was not a constant scorer in Croatia either. In five seasons at Inter Zapresici and NK Sesvete, Ivan has scored 25 goals, an average of five goals a year. The Hajduk Split-grown striker scored 11 goals in the Croatian first league and 14 goals in the second tier.

The not at all great numbers did not scare Mihai Rotaru and his people, who initially borrowed it and then bought it permanently in Craiova.

The Oltenians hoped that Mamut would become a reserve for Elvir Koljici, to be able to make up for the absence of the Bosnian goal scorer who was constantly being crushed by injuries. Koljici has been injured since then and has missed the white-blues, without Ivan being able to replace him.

VIDEO Toni Petrea, press conference at the end of the match between CSU Craiova and FCSB: “I really think I deserved the goal”

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