CAIXA releases double FGTS withdrawal in May

Workers with a formal contract registered in the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) can redeem a double amount in their accounts this May. Releases will take place in two types of benefit withdrawals.

The first method to be released is the extraordinary withdrawal of the FGTS, which allows the withdrawal of up to R$1 thousand from the fund’s active or inactive accounts.

The second release refers to the birthday withdrawal that can pay, in addition to the balance range, an additional installment of up to R$ 2.9 thousand.

Therefore, the FGTS releases for the month of May will reach R$3.9 thousand in a single month.

The FGTS birthday withdrawal withdraws part of the money from the FGTS account, taking into account the range of balance that the worker has available. In this way, if after making the anniversary withdrawal, the worker still has amounts to withdraw, the citizen can still make the extraordinary withdrawal of up to R$ 1,000.

However, the rule is different for the worker who carried out the anticipation of the birthday loot and now wants the emergency FGTS loot. It turns out that when contracting the anticipation of the three installments of the anniversary withdrawal, the FGTS balance is blocked as a guarantee of the credit operation.

According to information from CAIXA, when the FGTS is withdrawn, the total balance of the FGTS will be blocked, considering that the calculation base for credit was based on the entire available balance in the fund account.

FGTS withdrawal of up to R$1 thousand

Caixa Econômica Federal releases a new batch of withdrawals from the FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund) of up to R$1 thousand.

According to the payment schedule, the benefit has already been released for those born in January and February. This Wednesday (04), the benefit will be released for May birthdays. According to CAIXA rules, any worker who has a linked account of the FGTSactive or inactive, will be able to withdraw the benefit this year 2022.

Every citizen registered in the FGTS You can withdraw the amount of up to R$1 thousand, even if you have more than one account linked to the fund.

It is important to note that the value of FGTS will be limited to the balance that the worker has on account. Anyone with less than BRL 1,000 can withdraw the full amount from the account.

In this year 2022, the extraordinary looting of the FGTS need not be requested. The money will be automatically made available in the account of all workers at Caixa Tem. If you do not have an account on the platform, Caixa Econômica Federal will automatically open one on behalf of the worker to receive the payment. FGTS.

According to the calendar, withdrawals will continue to be released until June 15 (for those born in December). All groups will be able to withdraw until December, according to information from the Federal Government.

See the schedule:

  • Born in January: April 20 – RELEASE EFFECTED
  • Born in February: April 30th – RELEASE MADE
  • Born in March: May 4th
  • Born in April: may 11
  • Born in May: May 14th
  • Born in June: May 18
  • Born in July: april 21
  • Born in August: April 25
  • Born in September: april 28
  • Born in October: 1st of june
  • Born in November: June 08
  • Born in December: 15th of June

Anniversary FGTS withdrawal with an additional up to R$2,900

Workers who were born in May and who joined the birthday loot modality of the FGTS (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço), will be able to redeem the benefit from this Sunday, May 1st. The additional paid in this type of payment can reach up to R$2,900.

Workers who were born in the month of May and have not yet joined the FGTS will still be able to enter the program until the end of the respective month. In this case, the withdrawals will also be released in the CASHIER.

Those born in the following months will also be able to join the option until the last business day of the birthday month. This new modality, called birthday withdrawal, was created with the objective that the formal worker uses an annual amount from the fund, without the need to comply with the other withdrawal rules.

As mentioned, the release occurs in the month of birth of the holder, having until the last business day of the second subsequent month to carry out the withdrawal. It is worth remembering that membership is voluntary, not mandatory.

In addition, those who migrate to the birthday withdrawal lose the right to withdraw the FGTS totally in the face of unfair dismissal. In this case, only the termination fine of 40% of the balance is released.

Thus, the birthday withdrawal is nothing more than a form of withdrawal released by the Government, in which the worker withdraws a percentage of the amounts that are deposited in the Guarantee Fund accounts.

It is important that the worker observes an important point when joining the FGTS birthday withdrawal. The citizen must choose between carrying out an annual withdrawal of the FGTS through the birthday withdrawal or whether to maintain the withdrawal withdrawal, whose withdrawal takes place when the worker is dismissed without just cause.

Therefore, withdrawals are not allowed at the same time. Either the worker chooses the anniversary withdrawal or the termination withdrawal, being necessary to choose which modality the worker is interested in.

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