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The Grand Bazaar shopkeepers welcomed the decision of Saudi Arabia to lift the travel ban to Turkey with the decision taken in the past days and said, “Saudi Arabia has the biggest money in the Arab world. We will experience an Arab Spring in a good sense. The Saudis will be reflected in our business. Arabs love gold very much, I hope they will buy plenty of gold in the Grand Bazaar” and expressed their joy.

A similar scene was also experienced in the car rental industry. The announcement that the travel ban was lifted made the faces of tourism professionals and car rental companies in Trabzon smile. It is thought that the Saudi tourists who will come to Trabzon with the month of July will stimulate the trade in the region.

Car rental companies operating in Trabzon stated that they have already received a high demand this season after the pandemic, which lasted for about 2 years, and said that especially the lifting of the travel ban by Saudi Arabia to Turkey has increased their business even more.


İsmet Özpınar, the official of a car rental company operating in Trabzon, stated that this year would be a good season for tourism professionals, adding that the opening of Saudi Arabian doors further increased their business potential. Noting that reservations for car rentals continue intensively, Özpınar said, “I hope this year will be a good breakthrough year for tourism professionals after the two-year pandemic period. Most importantly, the opening of the doors by Saudi Arabia has increased our potential even more. Hopefully we expect good momentum this year. Our reservations have started and are continuing intensively, but; At the moment, I think there will be problems with the vehicle again. Because our Saudi customers, who have not been here for a long time, that is for 2-3 years, are making requests for 50-60 days. All of them have requested a car rental and will come. They say that they canceled the reservations they made in Europe, I hope there will be a high demand here. Therefore, there is an explosion in reservations right now,” he said.



Expressing that they experienced significant losses in the pandemic, Özpınar said, “Before the pandemic, we were having difficulty responding to the needs, and we experienced a lot of decline and losses in the pandemic. At the moment, everyone has invested, I hope we will respond to the demands, but we will experience difficulties. Especially in July-August, we will have some problems with the vehicle. Of course, there has been a change in our prices. Our Arab guests from abroad always stayed three years ago, but the conditions in Turkey have changed. They are currently looking at the event on the old system, but the prices have changed. At the moment, the most suitable daily car rental price ranges from a thousand TL to three thousand TL, “he said.



Noting that approximately 10 thousand rental vehicles will be on the road in Trabzon, Özpınar said, “About 10 thousand vehicles will be on the market in Trabzon. There is a high demand for Trabzon, although the season is short, it is not enough. Since the season is short, there is a high demand for 2-3 months in Trabzon, so it is not enough. The most important for us, of course, is the Saudi market, because the Saudi market is very important; It has a population of more than 40 million, the population of other Arab countries is 3-5 million, so they do not satisfy us. “Since the Saudi population is dense and their demands are high, we are still trying to provide the best service,” he said.



Stating that Arab tourists know the region better than they do, Özpınar said, “There is no place they do not go in this region, they know the region better than we do. Uzungöl, Ayder, Uzungöl, including all plateaus, are indispensable for them. They visit many places like Sümela, Hıdırnebi, Kayabaşı Plateau. They all come by doing research. They know these places well, maybe they know these places better than us. They use social media very heavily, for example, reservation requests come to us via social media, and we receive many requests from there. At the same time, they promote the region well through social media. I can say that they know the region better than we do.”

On the other hand, in the Pelitli neighborhood near Trabzon Airport, many rental cars are waiting for their customers by parking on the streets and avenues outside the parking areas of car rental companies.

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