What are the vaccines that dogs need to enter Argentina

“The dog arrived in the country without its health certification and without the corresponding anti-rabies protection,” Senasa explained about Coco’s situation (Kindness Franco Gavidia) While Franco Gavidia stepped on Argentine soil, Coconut He has still been stranded in Ezeiza for two days. It is that the Argentine, who lived in Hungary until recently, wanted to … Read more

Poultry cannibalism: prevention and treatment

Cannibalism usually takes place when birds are stressed by poor handling. Once stressed, a bird will start pecking at another bird’s feathers, comb, toes, or cloaca and as soon as there is an open wound or blood visible on the bird, the vicious habit of cannibalism can spread. quickly through the entire herd. If the … Read more

Diana Ágamez Pajaro, Colombian-Venezuelan writer, wins poetry prize at the Turin Book Fair

The Colombian-Venezuelan writer, Diana Agámez Pajaro, received a literary award within the framework of the Turin Book Fair (Italy) PHOTO: Colprensa This week the 34th edition of the Turin Book Fair took place in Italy, whose edition was Cuori selvaggi –wild hearts- in which samples from all over the world were exhibited, including Colombia. In … Read more

Viral TikTok: Kitten attacks puppy when she thinks she attacked her baby, but then asks her to ‘apologize’ | videos | social networks | viral video

Through TikTok, a video starring a kitten. It turns out that the pussycat attacked a puppy thinking that he was hurting his breeding. The most surprising thing is that, after realizing that they were playing, she apologized to the dog. The puppy he was facing the little kitty while wagging his tail. Suddenly, she kitten … Read more

Infections of wild birds with bird flu worries scientists, why?

According to WHO data, from 2003 to January 2022, 863 human cases of avian influenza infection with the H5N1 strain have been reported. 455 of those people died. Photo: EFE Agency For more than 20 years, scientists have identified the emergence of the H5N1 strain of the bird flu which mainly affected poultry in Asia. … Read more

Animal abandonment: woman who left a cat in a tree was fined in – Santander – Colombia

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Why humanizing animals is bad for their health, according to experts

Many people adopt pets in order to have a company. However, for this purpose, sometimes humans assign them behaviors that are not typical of the animal kingdom. Humanizing dogs and cats – as this practice is known – can have consequences on the behavior and psychological health of the “furry ones”. Mostly, what happens in … Read more