Which car brand belongs to whom?

Automakers have increased their production capacities together for the last 20 years. The biggest reason for this is to reduce costs while producing more. For example, Japanese Nissan Motors can work with French Renault for some engine parts or window opening buttons inside their vehicles. But there are also companies that make co-production since they … Read more

Reasons and Solutions for the Car Not Starting at the First Start

The reasons why the vehicle does not start at one/first start are largely obvious and you can easily get rid of this annoying situation by spending a little bit of money. The purpose of my writing this article is to find the problem yourself, or even to solve it, without visiting the master. If you … Read more

118 thousand 974 vehicles were registered to traffic in April

Turkish Statistical Institute announced the motor land vehicle statistics for the month of April. Accordingly, the number of vehicles registered to traffic in April increased by 16.1 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 118 thousand 974. In the said period, the number of unregistered vehicles increased by 1.5 percent … Read more

New cars are waiting at the gallery – Last Minute Economy News

While automotive manufacturers do not produce enough vehicles due to many problems such as chips, procurement, raw materials and logistics, it is now known by everyone how difficult it is to reach a new vehicle. As such, consumers either buy the vehicle that is available at the dealership immediately (albeit with a low probability) or … Read more