“A boy from heaven”…the Egyptian political police in the corridors of Al-Azhar University

Posted in: 24/05/2022 – 15:24 The Swedish-Egyptian director Tarek Saleh, in his film “A Boy from Heaven”, participating in the official competition of the Cannes Festival, tries to infiltrate the corridors of Al-Azhar University, or rather to monitor the movements of the political police in this scientific and religious space, and presents the viewer with … Read more

Arrests and intimidation.. Khamenei’s regime suppresses film and film makers in Iran

More than a week ago, as protests over food shortages spread across Iran, security forces arrested Firouzeh Khosrovani and Mina Keshavarz, two internationally famous documentary filmmakers, from their home, according to the New York Times, citing friends of the two directors. Bazdasht #fairuz_khasrawani document size Turn around and inspect the home of Filmsazan and Mustaszan, … Read more

He refused to wash his father’s body and presented the most famous films with Adel Imam and a medical error that ended his life .. You will not believe who he is!

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 It’s 04:10 (Ahdath Net/ Rola Muhammad) No one can forget the character of the plastic artist Essawi, who refuses to shower to be a chaotic artist in the movie “Ya Rab Walad”, and we cannot forget the famous “Sahat” character in the series “Al-Mal and Al-Bunoon”, and many characters presented by … Read more

The film “Syria: Women in War”… The revolution in the eyes of its heroines | art

The film “Syria: Women at War” by Moroccan director and journalist Kamal Radwani tells the story of 4 Syrian activists during the Syrian revolution and war (2011-now): Mona Freij, Marwa Taleb, Mona Khaiti and Lubna Al-Kanawati. Women faced pain, fear, injustice, starvation, and brutality from the various conflicting forces on the Syrian land during their … Read more

Morgan Freeman .. The son of a barber who owns 3 private planes | art

Although Morgan Freeman’s talent was discovered early, he did not start like other Hollywood actors, most of whom grew up under the care of their parents for their talents; His parents were preoccupied with the hungry mouths of a family of 7, who could barely make ends meet and suffer from the apartheid laws that … Read more