“Tango is a reunion with my childhood and my roots”

Photo Courtesy When Ricardo Montaner he was a child, his father, Eduardo Reglero, used to put him up on the table after eating the traditional Argentine barbecue and asked him to sing a tango for the family. In his house, located in Valentín Alsina, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, his parents and his grandfather, Laurentino Pantaleon … Read more

Daniela Darcourt launches a new album and a message to Peru: “Although I love my country, I don’t intend to stay here” | Starting over | Tito Nieves | Alain Perez | Tony Succar | King Ruiz | sauce | LIGHTS

Peru knows very well who he is, even if he keeps saying “that’s me.” Three years after their first album, Daniela Darcourt, which today can be in Paris, tomorrow in the Norte Chico and the day after tomorrow in a nightclub in La Victoria; makes available to the public “Empezando Otra vez”, her second album. … Read more

The singer was the “traitor”: 30 years of ‘Fear of the Dark’, the album that almost ended Iron Maiden | icon

They were painting coarse for Iron Maiden in the early nineties. The emblem band heavy metal Briton had just gone through a memorable decade, with a handful of records that acquired classic status as soon as they were released and the noise of millions of enthusiastic fans overcoming the notable media and advertising silence, when … Read more

40 years of Pink Floyd: The Wall, the film of contradictions

in 1939 Jean-Paul Sartre public The wall, a collection of short fiction stories with an axis: the alienation of man in society and its translation into misanthropy and violence. Those same existentialist reflections, applied to his life and his career, are what inspired Roger Waters to brainstorm the concept of TheWallthe album that Pink Floyd … Read more

Isaac and Nora, the French children who sing Carmencita Lara: what do you think of reggaeton? | YouTube | Social networks | popular music | SHOWS

They barely speak Spanish, but they love the songs of Carmencita Lara. Are isaac and nora, 13 and 10 years old respectively, two French youngsters whose biography was made public thanks to social networks. They perform traditional Latin American music, and in Youtube They already have more than half a million subscribers. YOU WILL BE … Read more