CFE employee killed a dog with a screwdriver in Puebla

CFE employee kills a puppy in Puebla Photo: Facebook Valeria Peralta

An employee of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) killed a dog by burying a screwdriver in her neck, in the Santiago Momoxpan municipality of Puebla. Although the authorities arrived at the scene, He was not arrested because he did not commit any crime, according to the municipal police.

The dog, of the schnauzer breed, did not survive the aggression after the Commission worker attacked her with a screwdriver. The incident was shown by residents of the area through social networkswho called the authorities to report the flagrancy of the accused.

In the video, where the face of the worker can be seen wearing the uniform of the Federal Electricity Commission, it is also possible to see the body of the dog in white after being stabbed.

The video went viral on social networks.

In said material, on the other hand, the owners of the pet who reported the aggression through the video are observed, while the CFE employee continued to carry out his work. Unfortunately the animal did not survive.

It is also observed how the aggressor, when confronted by the person who recorded the video, did not flinch or cease his activities, showing himself indifferent to what was happening.

For her part, a Facebook user named Valeria Peralta posted the complaint on the social network, which quickly went viral. ”Friends, this man from CFE just killed a dog in my subdivision (The Momoxpan Pillar), supposedly it bit him but the dog is always outside and is not aggressive. The police say they can’t take him away because he didn’t do anything wrong. Help me spread the word,” she wrote.

According to information from neighbors, published on social networks, The incident occurred in the Auxiliary Board of Santiago Momoxpan, where the man attacked the small dog with a screwdriver at neck he began to cry and later died.

The aggressor was not arrested by the municipal authorities.  Photo: Facebook Valeria Peralta
The aggressor was not arrested by the municipal authorities. Photo: Facebook Valeria Peralta

According to the defendant’s version, the action was committed in self-defense., because the animal attacked him, biting his pants. The dog died on public roads, so the affected family called the authorities to arrive at the scene. Police from the municipality of San Pedro Cholula attended, but did not take the subject away.

Following statements by both parties, the agents determined that there was not sufficient reason to place the aggressor in detention. This fact, after being viralized in networks, was highly criticized by Internet users.

On the other hand, the federative entity of Puebla has the Animal Welfare Law of the State of Pueblabeing one of the 15 states of the Republic that has criminalized animal abuse as a crime.

Social media users reported the incident, sharing information from the CFE employee's unit.  Photo: Facebook Valeria Peralta
Social media users reported the incident, sharing information from the CFE employee’s unit. Photo: Facebook Valeria Peralta

The Law aims to stop and punish animal abuse committed within the jurisdiction of the state. Among the sanctions are fines of 100 days of minimum wage, or up to four years in prison (which could increase according to the crime).

The Penal Code of the Free and Sovereign State of Puebla establishes in the twenty-fourth chapter what are the crimes against animals that it sanctions, such as acts of mistreatment or cruelty against any animal with the intention of causing pain without just cause. The penalty, if the death of the animal is caused, can be up to four years in prison and a fine of up to 400 days of minimum wage.

Said Law entered into force in November 2021.


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