CFR Cluj has the ace up its sleeve for Europe again: Dan Petrescu

Article by Alexandru Barbu – Posted Friday, June 10, 2022, 6:15 PM / Updated Friday, June 10, 2022 6:23 PM

With Dan Petrescu on the bench, CFR Cluj has had two successful European qualifying campaigns. Without the 54-year-old coach, the Romanian champion made fun of herself on two other occasions.

There are 4 more days until CFR finds out its opponent from the first preliminary round of the Champions League. Compared to the previous year, the people of Cluj have – according to the past – a great advantage. His name is Dan Petrescu.

Since the club was taken over by Nelu Varga (2017), CFR Cluj has had 4 European campaigns, all of which have required preliminary rounds.

CFR went twice in the Europa League groups when A1 was Petrescu, was shamefully eliminated by Dudelange in the mandate of Toni Conceicao and suffered a stinging defeat with Red Star Belgrade, 1-6 in general, with Marius Șumudică at the helm, before for the team to relegate to the 3rd European Interclub Value Conference, the Conference League.


According to the U21 rule, the flood »Who disappeared from League 1 once the age limit was exceeded

Dan Petrescu, guarantor for CFR Cluj in the European preliminaries

2019/20 »CFR passed in the first round UCL of Astana and in the second round of Maccabi Tel-Aviv with the same score, 3-2 overall. He then managed a sensational qualification in the League play-off, after 5-4 overall with Celtic in round 3, but only played in the Europa League groups. In the League play-off, CFR capitulated against Slavia Prague, 0-1 in Romania, 0-1 in the Czech Republic.

2020/21 »In the first preliminary round of the Champions League, CFR beat Floriana 2-0. In round 2, the Cluj team was dramatically eliminated by Dinamo Zagreb, after 2-2 and penalty kicks. Relegated to the Europa League, Dan Petrescu ended the duels with Djurgardens (1-0, preliminary round 3) and KuPS (3-1, play-off) and went to the UEL groups.

CFR Cluj without Dan Petrescu: 2-5 vs. Dudelange & 1-6 vs. Red Star!

Without Dan Petrescu in the preliminaries, CFR Cluj suffered terribly. It was eliminated in 2018 by Malmo (1-2 overall in the second qualifying round of the Champions League), then suffered an incredible humiliation in the Europa League: 2-5 overall against the Luxembourgers from Dudelange!

In the first round with Malmo, the coach was Edi Iordănescu. In the return and in the “double” with Dudelange, the “main” was Toni Conceicao.

And in the previous qualifying campaign, the second without Dan Petrescu in Gruia, CFR Cluj gasped hard to reach the Conference League groups only, although it started the summer in the Champions League preliminaries.

With Șumudică A1, the “railwaymen” had emotions with Banja Luca (4-3 overall) and Lincoln (4-1), they were eliminated in round 3 UCL by Young Boys (2-4) and then crushed by Red Star Belgrade in the Europa League play-off (1-6).

August 10, 2006is the date on which Dan Petrescu made his debut as a coach in the European Cups, SV Mattersburg – Wisla Krakow 1-1 in the UEFA Cup preliminaries; Petrescu was training the Poles

Dan Petrescu in groups: 1.5 / 3 successful

Dan Petrescu participated 3 times with CFR Cluj in the groups of a European competition, twice in the Europa League, when the team was qualified by him, and once in the Conference League, last year, when “Bursucul” took over the Transylvanians just before the start of the group, after the club split from Marius Șumudică.

2019/20 »Europa League Groups

  • CFR finished second in a very strong group, with Celtic, Lazio and Rennes.
  • The Transylvanians collected 12 points, which means an average of 2 points / match.
  • Cluj then went in the European spring, leaving the competition in “16” -imi in front of Sevilla, 1-1 in Romania, 0-0 in Spain. The Andalusians, who were to win the Europa League that year, qualified due to the goal scored away, a rule that no longer exists today.

2020/21 »Europa League groups

  • Petrescu led the team in 4 of the 6 matches. The group also included AS Roma, Young Boys and CSKA Sofia.
  • With Petrescu, CFR obtained 4 points ⇒ an average of 1 point / match.
  • “SuperDan” left Cluj with mathematical chances to qualify.
  • With Edi Iordănescu on the bench, CFR needed a victory in the last round with Young Boys, but lost the match in Switzerland in overtime (1-2) and thus missed the European spring.

2021/22 »Conference League Groups

  • In the newest and least gallant interclub competition in Europe, CFR finished last in a mediocre group, ranking under Alkmaar, Jablonec and Randers.
  • Dan Petrescu blamed the weak autumn of the champion for the fact that he did not prepare the team in the summer.

3 termshas Dan Petrescu at CFR Cluj: June 2017 – June 2018; March 2019 – November 2020; August 2021 – present

The emotions for CFR Cluj begin: the first draw is on June 14th

  • CFR Cluj will represent Romania in the new season of the Champions League, and will compete in the first preliminary round.
  • The champion will have to go through 4 rounds, a total of EIGHT matches to reach the UCL groups.
  • The first matches will be played on 5/6 and 12/13 July.
  • The first draws will take place on June 14 and 15, when the Transylvanians will find their opponents in the first and second rounds.
  • HERE, all the details about the possible opponents of the champion.

3.63 million euroswill receive CFR if it achieves its goal, qualification in the Europa League groups. A group victory is rewarded with € 630,000, and a draw with € 210,000. To these amounts will be added the percentage from the market pool and the bonuses for the victories in the preliminaries

Realistically, yes, we can try to reach the Europa League groups, with a little luck and inspiration, even with the budget we will have. There is good money in the Conference League too, but the Europa League would be the goal. Moreover, it would be a miracle
Dan Petrescu, CFR Cluj coach

Dan Petrescu, interview for GSP: “It’s not a holiday at CFR, we come here to work”

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