CFR Cluj. Petrila SHOCKED Dan Petrescu! He went to the wedding and didn’t get to training

Article by Iulian Cuibar – Posted on Thursday, 12 May 2022, 08:29 / Updated on Thursday, 12 May 2022 09:50

Claudiu Petrila (21 years old, extreme left), a football player for whom CFR Cluj hopes to raise a few million euros, has become his reserve Daniel Birligea, a player recently brought in from the Italian Serie C. Claudiu shocked Dan Petrescu two weeks ago: he didn’t get to training because he didn’t wake up in time, after attending his colleague Costache’s wedding!

CFR does not have many good players to be sold and had linked its business plans to the sale of Claudiu Petrila, one of the few footballers that the Gruia club promoted from its own youth center.

Petrila has the best season of his career, he has scored nine goals in the league alone, and the owner Varga hopes to break the club’s record in terms of transfers with the 21-year-old footballer.


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Daniel Birligea, reserve in Serie C, good at CFR Cluj

It’s just that Petrila has become, for the time being, the reserve of Daniel Birligea, a 7-month-old striker that the sour cherries bought last winter from Teramo, in the Italian third league.

Birligea was not a basic man in the Italian “C” either, he had scored 16 matches for Teramo this season, of which only five had been in the starting position.

How did he manage to put Petrila aside and take his place? On May 1, Birligea scored the winning goal with Farul, 1-0, an achievement with which he saved the champion team in a poor evening. The “Italian” had entered the field in the 61st minute of that match, just in place of Petrila.

Costache's wedding confused him!  »How did Petrila reach Birligea's reserve: Dan Petrescu was SHOCKED

Daniel Birligea

Claudiu Petrila did not wake up at the match for CFR Cluj either

Claudiu had been used from the start, although he had upset Dan Petrescu before that game. The coach had allowed the players to attend Valentin Costache’s wedding on Wednesday.

Petrila did not wake up on time the next day and was absent from training. It was a mistake that Petrescu doesn’t usually forgive, but Dan still used Claudiu as the starter, thinking that the striker should feel obliged to pay for his mistake by playing even better than usual.

The calculation did not work in reality, the youth international had a weak evolution, and in the game with FC Argeș he did not take a place in the basic formula. He caught on the field only the last 29 minutes, after Petrescu had operated the reverse substitution compared to the game with Farul, with Petrila instead of Birligea.

“Ten million for Petrila? It’s just words! ”

Ioan Becali of Claudiu Petrila’s agent and he doesn’t think that it would be possible for the cherries to collect ten million euros in exchange for the attacker, the amount that Ioan Varga, the owner of CFR, would dream of.

“If he had an offer of seven million euros, do you think CFR would not accept it? For now, it’s just a matter of words,” Giovanni told DigiSport. He also hires Octavian Popescu, the new “pearl” proposed by Gigi Becali. “He thinks he could be sold for 20 million or 25 million euros plus a percentage of the resale plus bonuses after a certain number of matches,” he said.

Dan Petrescu lost points because he doesn’t like it

Petrescu is not exactly an admirer of Petrila, he did not bet on the young player even in the last term he had at CFR. Claudiu was loaned to Sepsi last season. He returned to Cluj this summer and started the championship as a starter, under the command of Șumudică. The dismissal of Șumi and the return of Petrescu further weakened his status as a youth international. Dan used Hindrich as a starter in many matches to comply with the U21 rule, and left Petrila on the bench.

Hindrich, a U20 international, made a mistake in several matches, his mistakes lost points and consumed the lead that CFR had at one point in the competition with FCSB.

Petrescu gave up using Otto, replacing him with the experienced Letica, a Croatian who had been to Hajduk Split, Bruges and Sampdoria. Petrila and Birligea took the place that must be reserved for an U21 eligible player.

80 matchesand Petrila scored 15 goals in the first league, at CFR and Sepsi. He grew up in the cherry youth center and made his debut in the first league in December 2018. In November this year he will turn 22 years old.

5 gamesand Birligea has a goal since arriving at CFR. The club sought to increase the number of solutions for compliance with the U21 rule and among those it recruited was the 22-year-old striker

Petrila’s figures with the Lighthouse

  • 61 minutes played
  • 0 shots on goal
  • 0 shots on goal
  • 0 created opportunities
  • 0 dribbles
  • 17% duels won

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