Chain from Paraná opens new Gourmet store with unprecedented concept in Curitiba

Next Wednesday (11/05), at 8 am, the Super Muffato opens a new Gourmet store, which promises to surprise with its architecture and conceptual services. It is not the Group’s first gourmet store in Curitiba, but it offers an unprecedented consumer experience. The unit is located in Champagnat, Rua Martin Afonso, 2188, on the corner of Euclides da Cunha.

The enterprise should generate for Curitiba, more than 180 new direct jobs and approximately 200 indirect jobs. It is a compact and cozy building, with contemporary internal architecture full of artistic references. The experience begins when the doors open. Visual elements and fresh aromas lead our senses between the shelves. The client enters and is already embraced by a sophisticated, functional and relaxing atmosphere. In the beverage industry, interactive displays facilitate access to additional product information.

Following the trend of offering multi-channel services – a brand of Grupo Muffato – the new Champagnat store will provide customers with sales through various delivery systems. Highlights for Muffato Delivery, in which the customer buys through the app or website and receives it at home, and Muffato Express, which delivers up to 15 items in approximately 30 minutes to those who live nearby, when ordered through the app. The Champagnat store will also have sales via Whatsapp, with the help of the virtual assistant Maia. Anyone who wants to order online and pick up in store can use Click and Collect.

In the face-to-face service, three types of checkout will be available: conventional cashiers, automated teller machines and the Shop and Go system. The objective is to serve the client in a comforting way at the moment when he needs it most: the day-to-day routine. In addition to a pleasant environment, the product mix is ​​differentiated, with a focus on freshness. Highlights for the sushi and deli with the menu of fine pastries. In this sector, there will be an exclusive checkout for those who stopped by, just to get a snack.

All comfort in a privileged location that serves those who are in transit, via the expressway, and also the residents of the surroundings. With this store, there are now 82 units of Grupo Muffato in the South and Southeast regions of the country. For Eduardo Muffato, director of the Group, “it is gratifying to be able to deliver a store of this level to Curitiba. And this is just the beginning of an innovation project we have for the capital of Paraná.”

The Gourmet touch that Muffato brings to you:

– Healthy sector with Nutritionist: It has perishable and dry foods without lactose, gluten, sugar, sodium and vegans, also counting on the presence of a nutritionist for exclusive guidelines.

– Cellar with Sommelier: More than 700 wine labels and another 220 of special beers, national and imported. We have a specialized professional (sommelier) to assist in the choices and harmonization of drinks with food.

– Florist: The consumer finds ready-made bouquets in the floriculture sector and, at certain times, can ask the professional to assemble them on the spot. In addition, our florists advise consumers on types and arrangements of flowers.

End-to-end technology:

Muffato APP: a dynamic application that brings shopping lists, recipes, barbecue, Delivery Express, personalized offers according to customer preferences, electronics, in addition to exclusive discounts. Use it to save even more!

Shop and Go: Choose your products and scan the code with your cell phone, in our Gourmet stores. Pay directly in the app and finish by printing your tax coupon with the QR code at the cashier. It’s quick and easy!

Mupay – Cashback: Muffato’s digital account is free and does everything any other bank account does, only cheaper! And it also offers cashback: within 48 hours, part of the amount paid in purchases is returned to the customer.

Crediffato: Grupo Muffato’s virtual credit brand for payment with exclusive terms.

Clubefato: An exclusive discount club for Muffato customers, with the famous seal campaigns. Clubeffato customers also have free access to Wi-Fi in Super Muffato stores.

Click and Collect: Buy through the website or app and pick up in store.

Payment: At Muffato you pay with debit and credit cards and food tickets.


Champagnat store opening: Day: 05/11, at 8 am Address:

Rua Martin Afonso, 2188, corner with Euclides da Cunha

Manager: Elisângela da Silva Francisco

Opening hours: 7:30 am to 10 pm, Monday to Saturday and 8 am to 9 pm on Sundays and holidays

Muffato Group

Grupo Muffato is number one in Paraná and is among the largest retail chains in the country. With the Champagnat unit, there are 82 stores between retail (Super Muffato) and wholesale (Max Atacadista), among other services. The network operates in 31 cities in Paraná and in the interior of São Paulo with 19 thousand direct employees and more than 10 thousand indirect jobs.