Christian Nodal and Cazzu Do they shout their love from the rooftops?

Christian Nodal and Cazzu do not hesitate to show their affection for each other and it would be in the middle of a presentation that the “regional mexican” and the Argentine rapper exchanged a big kiss!

The various controversies surrounding the singer Christian Nodal continues in the eye of the hurricane and not to mention his love life, which apparently goes from strength to strength with the also “Argentine celebrity”, who even assures, Nodal would present his family “by video call”, according to Gossip No Like.

In recent images that emerged, Christian Nodal appears kissing “Cazzu“, This, shortly before a Nodal show in Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, which would lead to more suspicions about the relationship between the two.


Christian Nodal and Cazzu “overflow with love” with kisses. Photo: Tik Tok Capture

Although so far, neither of the two figures has confirmed their romance, even the interpreter of “Maleficent” would deny holding a “courtship” with the interpreter of “Goodbye Love“, “They did not tell you wrong” among others, according to past statements.

However, social networks are always on alert and were responsible for viralizing one more of the affective demonstrations between the couple with various clips that circulated on the platforms.

It would not be the only one after the musicians were seen several weeks ago touring the streets of Guatemala, in Antigua, since then, the native of Fraile Pintado, Argentina, has become the accompanist of the “singer-songwriter“With whom I would even travel in days gone by to Barcelona.

Since his arrival in Bolivia as part of the 23-year-old artist’s “Outlaw Tour”, Christian Jesús González Nodal and his companion would cause a furor upon arrival at the Cochabamba Airport.

The artists were surprised by a large number of fans who gathered to receive them, both arrived accompanied by security agents and moments before the presentation of “Belinda’s ex”, the star said goodbye to the rapper with kisses that at the moment she returned the “Mexican”

Immediately, a host of opinions began to emerge after the romantic gesture that would be the confirmation that there is more than friendship and/or collaboration between the two.

As in most cases, the comments were diverse from those who expressed themselves in favor and others against, while some thought that “they make a nice couple” showing joy for the “sonorense”, others criticized that “he did not know how to be alone “They even crossed out that they were “kisses without a joke”

The “ex-fiancée of Christian Nodal“, Belinda, it did not take long to come to the fore, after apparently they set an example for Nodal, pointing out that she has been “focused on her career”.

The opposite of the man born on January 11, 1999, who has been caught with several women since he made his breakup official on February 12 of this year, it is a fact that “Los Nodeli” have received support and much criticism each for his side.

Among other theories that have circulated, they point out, there could be the possibility that “they did not want to confirm their courtship to have a little more privacy”, although some did not hesitate to express that they could also be just “friends with rights”.

In one of the recent interviews that Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli would give to EXA, the also composer, hinted that a love relationship was not in her plans, so she also shared details of her meeting with the “mariacheño”, of whom she declared herself a fan.

I just went to see the show and suddenly singing together came up and we really sang my favorite song (If you are missing someone) and I really like his music, he mentioned about it.

It is worth mentioning that in a past presentation, the director was also invited by the same “former judge of La Voz” who took her by the hand and took her to the stage where they both sang together, as seen in a clip that circulated on the networks social.

Through social networks, the images were filtered where you can see the artists hand in hand, and then give a couple of kisses before Nodal’s concert in Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

It should be noted that the visit of Christian and Cazzu caused great furor in that region, since from the Cochabamba airport they were caught holding hands and surprised by a large number of fans who gathered to receive them.

However, what caused the reaction of locals and strangers was when the musicians kissed on the lips, a scene that could confirm that between the two there is more than a collaboration or friendship.

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