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Although Christian Nodal is one of the most outstanding singers in Mexico, he is also one of the most controversialimmersing himself in discussions with other artists or revealing details of his private life on their social networks.

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Precisely, one of the most controversial aspects in the life of the 21-year-old artist was his failed relationship with belindaof which, in recent years, has been revealing details of their separation that did not go down well with his fans.

However, the artist born in Caborca, Sonora, has written a new episode in his long list of controversial comments by comparing his relationship with the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who went to court for alleged domestic violence.

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Christian Nodal caused surprise with his new look (Photo: Christian Nodal / Instagram)


A few days ago, the regional singer started a fight with J Balvin, whom he accused of not having talent and dedicated a few lines to him in his song “Girasol”, where he also refers to his ex-partner Belinda.

Although the song seeks to respond to the Colombian’s affront, he did not hesitate to include the pop artist and a possible lawsuit after the publication of private conversations where she asked him for money for his parents.

“Do you remember the case of Johnny Depp? Well, if the ‘unmentionable’ puts together a case for me, they will see that again,” he includes in his lyrics, and then remembers that the Colombian shared all his mental treatment on social networks.

The comparison of the interpreter of “We are not and will not be” with the actor of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is due to the fact that, in the case of a trial, both would face their ex-partner, although in the case of the American, this included accusations of domestic violence.

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A few days ago, J Balvin made fun of Christian Nodal’s change of look, to which the Mexican did not hesitate to reply that they could not be compared, because he does have talent.

The Colombian would return to the fray with a photo in which he made fun of Belinda’s ex and remembered his tardiness at concerts. Nodal was not silent and, like René Pérez, he released the song “Girasol”, where he criticizes “José”.

The Mexican responded to the reggaeton player (Photo: Christian Nodal / Instagram)
The Mexican responded to the reggaeton player (Photo: Christian Nodal / Instagram)


I want you to cry!

I’m going to make you cry!

I’m going to make wa-wa-wa!

Wa-wa-wa, cry!

Today I woke up joking and you have to put up with me

I don’t want to joke with you, I want to joke with you

You are a joke, bastard, every time you try to sing

Every time you try to rap, every time you try to rhyme

Poor clown who uses the whole world to connect with people

You say “Latino Gang” but you step on all your people

To give messages, son, you have to be consistent

If you are not an artist, at least be careful

Today it tastes like shit **, I have a Balvin in my teeth

For high empathy you have to be resilient

Are you aware of the followers you move?

My friend, open your eyes and see the power you have

Another bad joke is the names of your albums

“José, you vibrate colors with the energy of the devil”

If you spoke ill of the family why mix the business?

Partner, life is going bad for you for being pretentious

Fifty million saw you making fun of me

Changing places, would you like that?

We all look beautiful on magazine covers

And in the photos that we choose to upload to Insta

You took a picture of me from the press

Where I come out worse, where I’m ashamed

Then you asked, cabr **, the differences between you and me

Asshole, it’s just that I’m not that shit **

You want me to be recognized for my worst mistake, carnal

But for breaking your ass they will know about Nodal

Who gave you the right to make fun of other people’s pain?

Surely your sack should not be very full

Do you remember the Johnny Depp case? Well, well

If the ‘unmentionable’ builds a case for me, they will see it again

Do not tell me that there is no evil in your black intention

If you do pure mama ** to hit a song

You have a documentary talking about mental health

You fucking hypocrite **, you can’t talk about that

The cule ** that you do you should meditate

See how I’m healing and I don’t have to post it

Every time I get closer to God or have acts of kindness

What you need are true friends

That you don’t fuck ** the see ** when you’re doing wrong

Music videos are also to express

But you express pure shit **, how disgusting you give me

‘We are in twenty-first century, and enslave-

To women like bitches; Other people’s pain is what you give

You always play with fire and you never want to get burned

You’re thirty-seven years old, and you still haven’t matured

Respect is something money can’t buy

Do you realize that being rich in the end does not matter

If your goals to meet are only material’?

Look at Maná, and look at Omar, who are also global

And his motivation is in humanity

They are distributing love, they receive it back

Because the lyrics that they sing always manage to connect

That’s called being an artist, dog!

That’s called being an artist, dog!

A good cowboy is afraid of nothing

Go down to your land to see if that’s how you get hue **

Because if he goes to mine, he would already be in the cemetery

I don’t want your ‘achichincles’ that are throwing me later

Decide if you are or are not a reggaeton player

Defend your art, don’t be a liar anymore!

I do this for fun

Because I love it and it is my passion

Dog, remember that I’m already rich

It’s not for business and ambition

I’m going to spit in your face, mijo, sit down and learn

“Bottle After Bottle” hit the people

Upstairs from The Weeknd with Ariana Grande, do you understand?

There is no promotion if the music feels

There are people making art from January to December

You fighting with Grammy’s because you don’t deserve them

Are you going to be a joke and you still don’t understand it?

You need to pay attention to the one who loves you, not the one who sells

You turn on when someone comes and your plane lands

While I record this piece, my skin crawls

You will never feel it, your voice only makes you laugh

And as I said before, I get on the plane

But only God decides if I’m going to fly or not

I had a full stadium in your country, in your city

Medal, motherfucker, I could never get them

Does that make you very funny? I hope the same doesn’t happen to you

Because as Ariel said: “Karma comes and goes”

Everybody try to suppress my personality

I like my tattoos, I like my flow

If being ‘naco’ is being happy, then of course I am

My music is yours but my life is not

I appreciate the advice, but who asked for it?

You better follow them, I have my retirement

And if I dedicate myself to this it is only for his love

I’m going here at my trot, calm down, without pressure

I sing up to four hours in concert just for passion

But back to the main topic

José, you throw the stone and hide behind anxiety

And although for this society you are someone very cool

Hold on vato, not everyone wants to be you

If I decided to dye my hair, it’s because an egg swelled on me

If you want a reference, it would be Chester Bennington

I am a sunflower because with healthy music

When I hear yours it makes me want to go to the bathroom

Reggaeton music is necessary in this life

It also makes me move the ass and brings me joy

But not the shit that you drop, ‘bad-vibrous’

“Arcangel”, “Yankee”, “Tego”, “Don”, are tasty examples

Now to finish the topic and put an end to you

If you didn’t learn with Resi’, I hope you did with me

I hope this is the last time someone breaks your ass

For now, this cowboy hit you with the pointy

In the boot, compa’, smoke weed

So that it makes you happy and I don’t shit anymore stick, crazy, huh

Good morning, good morning, Josecito

Good morning, good morning, Josecito

You ran into a norteño, pinc** coolie**

It’s not a nightmare, the cowboy has killed you.