Citroen Ami’s Turkey price has been announced! Here are the price and features of the new Ami

The official price of the French automotive giant Citroen’s affordable vehicle Ami in Turkey has been announced. The vehicle, which will provide an economic advantage with its fully electric motor, will especially appeal to urban users. According to the statement made by the company, the vehicle will be available for sale on the official website of the company in the near future. Anyone with a B1 license will be able to drive the vehicle easily. Here are the Citroen Ami’s price and features


The official price of the Citroen Ami has been announced. With the arrival of the summer months, Ami, which offers an electric and easy solution to the mobility need, met with Citroen customers through online sales.

Citroen’s new city full electric car, Ami, went on sale on Turkish roads with a price of 219,000 TL.

The cheapest car Citroen Ami is on sale in Turkey!  Here is the price and featuresThe cheapest car Citroen Ami is on sale in Turkey! Here is the price and features

Citroen Ami Goes On Sale Online


With its all-electric structure with zero emission value, Ami provides free access to all city centers as well as a quiet and serene drive. Citroen Ami, which can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h, is a four-wheeled bicycle that offers high traction power from the first move thanks to the high torque value produced by the electric motor as well as a smooth and fluid ride without a clutch. On the other hand, the Ami allows for a completely silent drive with its all-electric powertrain.

While the Ami can reach an electric driving range of up to 75 kilometers on a single charge, it is enough to plug the integrated cable inside the passenger door into a standard socket (220 V), just like a smartphone or laptop, to charge it. With the Citroen Ami, which can be charged 100 percent in just 3 hours, the need for a special charging station comes to an end.


There is no 18 age limit for Citroen AMI, which is known as an electric scooter. It is sufficient to have a B1 license to drive the vehicle and anyone aged 16 and over can easily drive it. However, it is still obligatory to get a 7-hour Citroen AMI driving training certificate.

Also, there is no MTV to be paid for the vehicle.

Citroen Ami Interior Details


The French automotive giant did not use many technology products in Citroen AMI in order to reduce costs to zero. There is no multimedia screen or tape recorder in the vehicle. Instead of placing a phone holder, the company aims to meet such needs of users over the phone and connections.
In addition, the vehicle does not have a detailed instrument panel. There is no information on the panel other than the speedometer and some vehicle information.


Citroen Turkey General Manager Selen Alkım, whose evaluations are included in the statement, emphasized that Ami offers a completely different experience as it is a suitable solution for users of all ages, and said:

“We always strive to keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level. We see how well we did when we present our Ami model to the Turkish market. We see how well we did. Citroen Ami, the urban mobility solution, has been seeing a very serious demand since the first day.

Since our launch, we have made 400 corporate sales. In retail, more than 300 customers have already created a pre-demand to buy the vehicle. We anticipate sales of around 500 units in the retail channel this year, depending on the supply. We aim for Ami, our 100% electric mobility solution, which we sell through online channels, to achieve a total sales of 1000 units by achieving a significant success in its first year.”

Alkım continued his words as follows, stating that Ami is a completely online sales journey:

“Ami, an all-electric transportation vehicle for urban and urban environment, aims to facilitate not only transportation but also life in every sense. In line with this goal, it forms a part of customers’ online journey. Citroen Ami aims to make life more fluid and more practical in every sense, not just with its driving features. It facilitates users’ access to transportation with various formulas whether it is car sharing, rental or purchase at different times around the world.

That’s why we decided to change our way of doing business a little bit, and we took steps to offer Ami to our customers with a completely online journey. With a single click, we complete Ami’s purchasing journey with the system in which our dealers are also integrated on our website. Moreover, in this online purchasing journey, we will offer a privileged service to each of our customers who will purchase a Citroen AMI, such as sending their vehicle to their home or delivering it to the address they want.”

Emrullah Koçin – Editor

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