Coco, the dog that was going to be deported, ended his quarantine and had an emotional reunion with his owner

Finally there was a reunion. And it was very emotional. Today, around 10:30 a.m., Coco, the dog held last week at the Ezeiza airport for having expired rabies vaccine, was reunited with his owner, Franco Gadivia, after receiving the corresponding immunization and completing a quarantine period.

Attentive to the thermal sensation this morning, which did not exceed 2 degrees, Gavidia wore a colorful coat to give Coco as a welcome gift. Leaving it, after 11 o’clock, Gavidia raised Coco, who was already wearing her gift and wagging her tail happily. His owner caressed him and kissed his back while he laughed at the comparison with the emblematic scene from the movie The Lion King in which Mufasa, the father, raises his son Simba and shows him proud.

Franco and Coco will undertake the trip to Córdoba togethersantiago filipuzzi

Gavidia recounted that the animal was very frightened before vaccination and that it moved a lot, but that everything went well and according to plan. Coco must remain in quarantine for another 21 days, without contact with other animals, but now with her family.

“What I take with me as the greatest learning is the kindness of the people, the empathy of the Argentines that surprised me a lot. And also that before traveling you have to check all the papers four times. The main culprit for this was me and I always said it,” Gavidia told THE NATION.

Coco is a year and a half
Coco is a year and a half

Coco, who is a year and a half old, arrived on Tuesday May 25 to Argentina on a flight from Hungary, the country in which Gavidia and Coco resided until a state of emergency was declared due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Upon landing, personnel from the National Service for Agri-Food Health and Quality (Senasa) detected that Coco had expired eight days ago on her rabies vaccine and a period of uncertainty began during which it was not clear what the future of the animal would be and it was say he could be deported or even euthanized.

The uncertain initial situation of the animal quickly went viral on social networks with the hashtag #LiberenACoco and a campaign was even started on under the same slogan to prevent his deportation and ensure that he is reunited with his Gavidia.

Finally, last Thursday, Senasa announced that “thanks to the work articulated with Customs and the dialogue with the owner of the pet, it was decided that Coco will comply with 10 days of quarantine, without entering the country, in customs facilities and be vaccinated against anger”.

During the quarantine, the dog remained in a facility provided by Customs within the international air terminal and was monitored daily by two veterinarians, one indicated by Senasa and the other suggested by the dog’s owner.

“During the isolation that the dog had to carry out, a Senasa veterinarian controlled and verified its well-being on a daily basis, working with recommendations from the agency’s National Directorate of Animal Health. The space ceded by Customs, of 100 m² and conditioned to deal with the climatic situation, allowed “Coco” to play, run and feed without inconvenience. Also, a responsible person designated by the family was authorized to visit him daily,” they reported from Senasa.

Franco's joy in Ezeiza
Franco’s joy in Ezeizasantiago filipuzzi

And they added: “In the framework of the sanitary measures adopted, it was made known that prior to delivering the pet to its responsible caregiver, the anti-rabies vaccination, internal and external deworming, and the declaration of the interdiction address where the pet must remain were completed. canine for 21 days after vaccination.

For his part, Gadivia said: “The first few days you could tell he was scared but he got used to it. Many people worried about the cold, but Coco was born in Poland and although he was always at home, he is used to the cold to play in the snow”.

“I don’t think he will take legal action. I don’t want any more problems, what I wanted was to get home with Coco and reunite with the rest of the family, “she assured.

Both will undertake the trip to Córdoba todaywhere the rest of his family is, Gaviria’s girlfriend and her daughter.

According to sources from Senasa to THE NATION, For an animal to travel by plane, a health certificate is required for the animal, that it be dewormed, that it has all its vaccinations up to date and that it is free of diseases.