Costel Enache, after Poli Iași ensured his maintenance in L2

Poli Iași finally got rid of the emotions of the dam of maintaining in League 2 with two stages before the end of the season, after the victory obtained on Friday, in Copou, 2-0 with Dunărea Călărași.

Costel Enache, after Poli Iași ensured his maintenance in League 2: “It was a difficult year for me”

At the end of the game, the coach Costel Enache hesitated to talk about the future, pointing out that this is the duty of the club’s management, but he emphasized that the current season was the most difficult of his career.

“I have spoken many times during the championship, right from the beginning. I said one thing at the beginning that I never gave up. It’s been a difficult year for me. I feel so exhausted that I did a review (no – revision) on my career and I have never had such a difficult year. I felt enormous pressure, because I had a lot of support from the people around me, from the leaders, from the people who support the team. There are people who really love this club and have done everything they can for it. This responsibility fell on me and I tried my best to do my best. I had a lot of support from the players. And we had a core with a few very experienced players, who managed the difficult moments of the championship well. But in addition to these experienced players, we had a group of very young players who were completely devoid of the notion of football responsibility. And not their fault. We have never highlighted the fact that we play decisive matches with five Underi, with a player from the 5th League, with players who were reserves in the 3rd League. These things can’t change overnight. If you had such pretensions from me, you would have been fooled! And if anyone can do something from today to tomorrow, he’s a great magician. “said Costel Enache.

Enache: “We are still suffering at the end”

Referring to the match with the Danube, the coach of the Iași team admitted that his students are still suffering at the end, but he highlighted the fact that the team started to build more and create opportunities.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s a game that we have completely controlled, we have created a lot of opportunities, just like in the other matches. We are still suffering from completion, but I am glad that we have started building. We play with controlled attacks, built logically, we easily get in front of the gate, they are very positive things for me, because I worked a lot on the construction and completion part. We are still suffering at the end, we had great and very great opportunities, we failed to find the final solution. But it is good that we managed the goals in the first half, which brought a bit of peace and confidence in the team. The boys played in a certain state of economy in the second half, but they managed the game very well. I must also note the defensive side, I do not know if the opponent had a shot at goal. I never felt in danger, the opponent got very little in the box “added Costel Enache, who explained what he expects from the last matches of the season: “Thank you to the players for this year. It was a difficult year, we did not have moments in which to have peace, we were always in transition, in transformations, in searches, it was very difficult. I hope that from the remaining two stages we will get some more points and reach a place that will do us some honor, but at least to reward our work this year. “

  • Poli Iași in the victory with Dunărea Călărași in the play-out: Cheese – Tib. Serediuc, Cană (Chatziterzoglou 60 ′), Fl. Plămadă (cpt.), Ad. Ilie (Kouadio 76 ′) – J. Kamara, I. Pop (Pelivan 81 ′), F. Cristea, Chiorean – Muratovic (Mărieș 60 ′), S. Camara (Plokhotnyuk 60 ′). Unused reserves: Axinte – Ungurenașu, Defta, Aftanache.

“It may not be spectacular, but I think we have an organized team.”

Next, Costel Enache wanted to point out that the team grew in the last part of the championship. He pointed out that Poli has lost only one game in the last 12 stages and that he is having a very difficult goal.

“The team has grown a lot consistently. It may not be spectacular, but I think we have an organized team. We no longer score goals in fixed phases, we defend ourselves very well, we hardly score goals. Only the match with Steaua unbalanced us a bit. If we take the last 12 games in which we lost only that match with Steaua, we took very few goals and half of them from 11 meters. I think the potential of the team has been growing from game to game and the team looks organized. The team has dynamics, but it takes a lot more ingredients to make a beautiful and effective game. I have nothing to blame in general for the players in terms of involvement, seriousness, punctuality. I’ve never had any discipline issues. We also need a clear basis, and we did not have that basis. “also said the coach of Iași, who warned the players that after the three days off received by Easter, he will take out their cake for training on Tuesday.

Florin Plămadă: “It was a difficult year, because something was built from scratch”

And captain Florin Plămadă spoke after the match about the difficulty of the current season.

“It was a difficult year, because something was built from scratch. When I arrived in the summer I was the fifth player. There were still Onea, Francisc Cristea, two goalkeepers and a child, of whom at least 4 players wanted to leave. There were some problems, but we got organized on the go. We started to gather players from one day to the next, we made a pretty competitive team and unfortunately that’s all we could do this season. Honestly, we wanted more, we hoped for more. We have two more matches and we hope to catch another team. “said Florin Plămadă.

Poli Iași has 33 points, just like CS Comunal Șelimbăr, but it is on the 4th place in Group A of the League 2 play-out, because it has a lower goal average, 4-1 compared to 10-3 of Sibiu.

In the last two stages of the play-out, Poli Iași also has matches with FK Miercurea Ciuc (away, 1st place, 42 points) and Poli Timișoara (home, 5th place, 27 points).

Summary of the match Politehnica Iași – Dunărea Călărași 2-0:

Statements by Costel Enache and Florin Plamadă after Poli Iași – Dunărea Călărași 2-0:

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