“Creativity? A gift and a curse. ” Who is her mentor and what is her purpose

Article by Luminița Paul – Posted Monday, May 02, 2022 5:44 PM / Updated Tuesday, May 3, 2022 10:07 AM

Bianca Andreescu, 21, currently ranked 111 in the WTA, feels good in Madrid, where he has already reached the “eighth” of the WTA Madrid. She spoke to GSP about the unique things she did during the break due to injuries, from martial arts to hip-hop.

  • The newspaper is in Madrid, through tennis specialist Luminița Paul, who sends information from Simona Halep’s first tournament with coach Patrick Mouratoglou.

Bianca Andreescu had an extraordinary year, of explosion and general recognition, in 2019, when it climbed to 4th place in the world and won three titles. All very important: Indian Wells, Toronto and the US Open Grand Slam.

A season in which she delighted with her complex game, fueled by a special talent, and which definitely put the label “creativity” on her racket. Bianca can do anything on the field, from hard kicks to pure finesse, which always gives her options and alternative game plans.


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At the end of 2019, she had knee problems which, combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, made her miss the circuit the following year. Bianca Andreescu returned in 2021, but without that spark and safety shown before. Other issues, related to mental comfort, affected her and she decided to take a longer break to reset and recharge positively.

He used this time to do new things, including dancing, music, basketball. Being in Madrid, a tournament she is playing for the first time, she spoke exclusively for Gazeta about her creativity, on and off the field, how it helps her and how she sometimes works a little against it.

Bianca Andreescu: “A sack sitting helps me”

– Bianca, how did you express this creativity as a child?
“I was the kind of kid who just couldn’t sit in one place for even five minutes.” My parents taught me every possible sport, I even played volleyball, then I learned to play the piano, the guitar, I did ballet and I was very creative in this aspect. There are things that I took with me during my adolescence and I never really stopped from them, I used to play the piano or the guitar from time to time. I also played basketball and I think that developing various skills in each area helped me to be who I am today. I think it also helps me on the field because I have a lot of variety in my game. It was a good thing my parents sent me to so many sports.

– Do you believe in the sign that yours, Gemini, is a very creative one and that this is reflected in what you do? That there is a lot of curiosity for new, different things?
Curiosity for sure. I realized that I love learning and trying new things in any field, and when I don’t do that, it’s like I’m gone. It’s interesting that you brought this up, no one asked me about a Gemini sign on a tour, and now if I think about it, I think it describes the Gemini person very, very well: intellectuals, communicators, they like to try new things . I think that helps, too.

“Let’s talk a little about each of the things you did during the break.” Why martial arts?
– I always had a kind of passion for martial arts, many people around me practiced them. I have always imagined that in tennis I can contribute to certain movements, to running. It was the first time I tried something like this during the break I took and I already see a massive difference on the field. The truth is that it’s a lot of fun because I’m boxing, so if I’m nervous, a sitting bag helps me a lot. (laugh)

– Next dance, what kind of dances did you learn?
– I did hip-hop, and before ballet and something more acrobatic, but now I limited myself to hip-hop. I really like to dance, to listen to music. It is also a good exercise and, like martial arts, it contributes to tennis, especially to travel.

– You mentioned basketball, but it’s not new to you.
– Yes, I played a lot as a child. I like to watch basketball and honestly I played to be more competitive with my friends. We always competed with each other. Basketball is especially for that, so I can beat my friends.

– And music? What exactly does it mean to make music: to sing, to compose?
– I don’t sing, but yes, I compose. I worked with GarageBand on the Macbook, there’s an app called Arcade, a music production software, and I did all this in the first part of the COVID pandemic because I wanted to try different things for fun, to express myself as well. , and because I love music. I’d love to use this, who knows ?, maybe I’ll release a song with a famous artist, why not? (smile)

Bianca Andreescu: “My focus is on tennis, but sometimes I go to music and martial arts”

– Do you have anything else in mind for the future?
– My focus is mostly on tennis, but I have this good escape for me, when I may not feel very well, I go to music or martial arts, I have many videos with exercises that I did with the instructor my. That helps me stay on my feet, to stay in the present.

– On the tennis court, this creativity, variety helped you get great results, but maybe sometimes it makes you a little …
– (laughs) Crazy? Undecided?

– Yes, you have too many options.
– I’ve noticed this for the last two years. It is a gift, but also a curse. The main thing I focus on in training is to execute the right shot at the right time because, yes, you’re right, having so many things in my tool kit can be to my detriment sometimes. This is always my goal, to have a clear game plan, nothing too crazy. Keeping things simple certainly helps.

My mother is Bianca Andreescu’s mentor

Bianca Andreescu, exclusive dialogue with GSP.ro: “Creativity?  A gift and a curse.

Bianca admits that her mother, who worked in a bank in Romania before emigrating to Canada, was “unconsciously an influence”. Maria Andreescu always attracted attention with her elegance and originality when she was in the stands at her daughter’s matches.

“I did not start thinking about it until two or three years ago. She and I are similar in many ways, she’s like a mentor to me in terms of spirituality, even fashion because she talks about it all the time, “says the former world number 4.

“It certainly helped me with my creativity, but also with my determination, because when she puts something in her mind … I saw her act. She and my father emigrated from Romania with nothing, starting from nothing and getting what they got is definitely a source of inspiration for me too “, concluded Andreescu.

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