Cristian Gațu cuts the war between FCSB and CSA Steaua

Gigi Becali’s team, FCSB, is the true successor of Steaua, according to the former president of CSA, Cristian Gațu, who acted in 1998 on the orders of the Minister of Defense Victor Babiuc.

The fight for identity between FCSB and Steaua is going on in the courtrooms, but the former president of the Sports Club from the period when the football team was privatized, Cristian Gațu, settled this dispute.

The former great handball player recounted in detail the course of events and said that the Army waived any right over football teamwhich was handed over to the private sector in its entirety.

Cristian Gațu settles the identity war between FCSB and CSA Steaua

The fight between FCSB and CSA Steaua for the title of continuator of the team that won the European Champions Cup in 1986, it was clarified, at least in terms of explanations, by Cristian Gațu.

Commander at the Steaua Army Sports Club in 1998, when the football team arrived at Viorel Păunescu, Cristian Gațu says that he was forced to alienate the football team and mentions that he did it completely.

“The then minister, Victor Babiuc, insisted on becoming the club’s commander. Twice I refused. Cornel Oţelea, my good friend, was already there. I only accepted when he left. I took a negative turn. When I first got to the office, there was a queue. Three people were already asking me for my money, my debts. There were many and large debts. We are talking about July 1997.

I also received a firm but insistent order. Textually, Mr. Babiuc told me like this: «Mr. Gațu, when you came to Steaua, I asked you to make adjustments. To abolish the worthless sections and to give the football team, to separate it from the club ». This is the second thing I’ve done. However, I could not close sections where there were coaches and Olympic champions, such as boxing and weightlifting, as I was suggested.

In February, in the fateful year of 1998, two addresses arrived at the club’s address that could represent testimonies. From FRF, signed by Mircea Sandu and from LPF, signed by Mitică Dragomir. As a matter of fact, neither of them had signed, someone had signed up. There were summonses. Because if until May 1, 1998, we do not separate the football team from the club, the Federation will no longer register me in the European cups, and the League will no longer register me in the Romanian championship.

Mr. Dudu Ionescu, Secretary of State, gave me two lawyers and I drew up a Statute of a new football organization, AFC Steaua București. With the addresses in front, the lawyers tried to save the team from misfortune. At the same time, Mr. Babiuc insisted on solving the problem, to give the football team faster “, Cristian Gațu declared on Gold FM.

Cristian Gațu announces that FCSB is the real Steaua: “In the Statute it was written that CSA gives up everything!”

I made the Statute and convened the General Assembly. I invited all the footballers alive who played for Steaua, such as Zavoda, Alecsandrescu, Voinescu, Liță Dumitru. All. Then I tried to persuade Mr. Jena to be president. He accepted, only that at a FRF General Assembly, Mircea Sandu asked me to leave Mr. Jena alone because he needed him at the FRF. The General Assembly was coming, and I had no president.

I made a list and the last one on it was Viorel Păunescu. He was my friend. At the General Assembly, from the BCC, the Board of Directors was elected, which had the mission to elect the president, but they did not manage to reach a conclusion. When I proposed to Viorel Păunescu, if he was not next to a library to support himself, he would have fallen. That’s how Păunescu became president.

When the PD returned to the Government, Mr. Babiuc called Păunescu and told him to organize the General Assembly again, but without me, because he wanted to fire me. That’s how new people co-opted, and one proposed was Vova Cohn, Babiuc’s friend, only he was too Dinamo.

Through Mr. Păunescu I met Gigi Becali, at Intercontinental, when she was preparing the AG This was in 2003 and I participated as a guest. There were two camps, Becali and Păunescu, and the meeting was led by Viorel’s brother, Constantin Păunescu. All the champions from Seville were behind me and they were even asking me who to vote with

Everyone present signed. The transition to Mr. Becali was also voted for by all the European champions present there. I don’t know if he signed there for the coat of arms, the anthem and the flag. The Statute, which I worked on myself, stated that the AFC would take over everything. Tradition, sporting glory and continuity. That the CSA is giving up everything.

In 1998, with the help of Mr. Babiuc, it was decided to separate the football section from CSA, through the civil process of the division, the football team with its attributes, place in the ranking, European coefficient, glorious traditions and sports continuity passed to AFC, to Mr. Păunescu . Through all the documents and the desire of the army, Becali’s team is Steaua. From my point of view, it’s the same team. Mr. Becali’s presence meant life, which he gave to this club, because he gave him the money.

Without Păunescu and Becali, Steaua was nothing, not that the fifth division. Worse, it was being disbanded. We had to make the transition, otherwise we would no longer exist. Gigi Becali did not steal Steaua. Since 2003, AFC Steaua Bucharest could do whatever it wanted with its patrimony, to alienate it. Check the basic state on which this was done “, Cristian Gațu also said in the same interview.

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