CS Hunedoara lost only one match, the most important one

CS Hunedoara was believed to be invincible and as promoted in League 2 after a season without failure in League 3 and a final round match of the dam with Minaur Baia Mare in which it won 2-1 at home, with about 10 thousand spectators in the back.

The calculations at home did not match those at the fair in Baia Mare, where Florin Maxim’s team was on its knees (score 4-1), Minaurul “took his head” and now he is in the hands of destiny and the federation to receive the right to go to League 2, if more teams will not want to continue at this level and vacancies will remain.

After the game in Baia Mare, the coach Florin Maxim admitted that he was haunted by the fact that he had not lost any match in regular time this season with CS Hunedoara and, personally, he was undefeated for two seasons, after not even in the last edition of League 3 he had given up a game when he was on the bench of Viitorul Șelimbăr (now CS Comunal Șelimbăr). Maximum was put under pressure by the club and its manager, the only ones who boasted about these “performances” in League 3!

CS Hunedoara missed and did not cope with the pressure from Baia Mare

With 2-1 obtained in the round, CS Hunedoara could quickly cut the return leg of the dam with Minaur, but Arnăutu missed in the 5th and 7th minute two great goal opportunities. Băimăreni then scored twice through Sergiu Ciocan (25 and 30), but Maxim’s team re-entered the game with the success of Rodrigues Jairo (37). At 2-1 for Minaur, the game went to extra time, but the hosts hit once more in a psychological moment, just before the break. John Mondragon scored in the 45th minute.

In the second half, Laurențiu Buș was also thrown into the fight, usually the owner and captain, now left on the bench. He missed the second chance of the second half, when, from his position alone with the goalkeeper, he tried a lob over him and Băilă (90) caught in two strokes. In overtime, on a counterattack, Patrick Petre got a penalty in front of Iacob, and Ciprian Stanciu (90 + 4) did not miss and put Hunedoara on his knees and sentenced her, athletically, to another season in League 3.

Overall, regarding the teams of the two teams and the evolution between the seasons, CS Hunedoara can be considered the disappointment of this dam.

Florin Maxim, after the failure in Baia Mare: “It seemed to me that I started with a fear”

After the game, the losers’ coach, Florin Maxim, spoke calmly about the loss of his goal.

“It was an intense game. It turned out badly for us, even if it started well. We had two situations to make it 1-0, we also missed with an empty net, we hit the ball in the bar, after which those two goals of the opponents came. I entered the game, 2-1, and I think that, somehow, the game was lost mentally in the third goal (No. – Minaur’s third goal, scored just before the break). I took it too lightly, from a fixed phase, I talked all week, I made a mistake once in the last match, at home. It was repetitive. That’s right, we’re moving on. This is a sport after all, someone had to win. They were set up, I congratulate them and that’s about it.

There were opportunities, but, maybe also against the background of the opposing team, they drew the lines, we came with those crossings, where we were not lucid. I think I took ten crosses that overtook the whole group of players. There was a rush. This is!

I started the match well, on those occasions, after which they came in… I don’t know, I don’t know what happened, honestly, I didn’t even talk to them. At the break I tried to correct some things, to tell them some tactical things. It seemed to me that they started with a fear, like that. I think it was visible. “said Florin Maxim.

Maxim is honest: “I was haunted by the fact that we were not defeated”

In 36 matches played this season by CS Hunedoara in the two competitions in which it played, the team lost on the field, during the regular game time, only once, in the very last game, in Baia Mare. But it was enough for Florin Maxim and his players to miss the goal: promotion to League 2.

CS Hunedoara and especially Florin Maxim’s manager, Bogdan Apostu, did not miss any opportunity to be proud of the results recorded by the team this season, and now, at the end, the coach said that he was haunted by the thought that he was undefeated. .

The failure came at the worst moment, with Minaur, in the return of the promotion dam in League 2, and at a difference that would mean for CS Hunedoara the loss of the goal.

“It simply came to our notice then that we were not defeated. He came now, at a time when he should not have come. That’s it, it had to happen! It’s frustrating! That’s it, I need to calm down now and we’ll start over. That is our job. Someone has to win, someone has to lose. We were now “was honestly Florin Maxim.

  • The results recorded by CS Hunedoara in this season 2021-2022: 17 victories and 1 draw in the regular season of League 3, 6 victories and 3 draws in the 9th Series playoffs, 2 victories and 3 draw in regular time in the Romanian Cup, but also 2 victories, 1 equal and 1 a defeat in the promotion tie matches in League 2. In total there were 36 matches in which 27 victories, 8 draws and 1 failure were obtained.

Hunedoara’s coach believes that the public from Baia Mare came to see his team!

Asked by the large audience present in Baia Mare, at this decisive match, the coach of Hunedoara had an opinion that certainly does not characterize him as a modest guy.

He believes that about 10,000 spectators came to Baia Mare on the “Viorel Mateianu” arena to see his team, not to support Minaur.

“Two teams met with tradition, even with history. You can talk about these two teams. That over 10,000 people came to Hunedoara, now we were really asking the people here about what audience they have at home matches. They said somewhere at 500, 600, 700. Now, you see, Corvinus fills stadiums! Somehow he’s frustrated that we met in the final round, but that’s it. I knew the rules. “pampered Maxim.

Just as in Hunedoara there were no more 10,000 thousand spectators in the championship, as they were in the tour game of the dam with Minaur, the same happened in Baia Mare, in the return game of the dam decisive for obtaining the promotion. In Hunedoara, the name of the local team was chanted, while in Baia Mare Minaurul was on the lips of the spectators.

If Maxim thinks that “Viorel Mateianu” 10,000 fans came to see CS Hunedoara, surely Ciprian Danciu is also of the opinion that “Michael Klein” came that audience to see him playing Minaur Baia Mare.

Certainly one thing. Sportsman, in League 2, he promoted Minaur Baia Mare, where the spectators will crowd in the new season to see Steaua, Dinamo or Poli Iași. CS Hunedoara, if it does not receive an invitation from FRF to fill a possible vacancy in League 2, will continue in League 3, where it will fight with Gloria Bistrița Năsăud, Metalurgistul Cugir and Unirea Ungheni to try again to promote.

Statements given by Florin Maxim at the end of the game Minaur Baia Mare – CS Hunedoara 4-1:

Photo and video capture: Corvinul Hunedoara