CS Hunedoara won at the limit the round match of the dam with Minaur

CS Hunedoara paraded in the championship, finished at 22 points in front of the ranked 2nd place in the 9th Series, Metalurgistul Cugir, easily passed CA Oradea (2nd place in the 10th Series) in the semifinal phase of the promotion dam in League 2, after 4-2 away and 0-0 at home, but it is not without emotions in the decisive dam to achieve the goal.

Last Saturday, in the round match of the final phase of the dam for promotion to League 2, in front of about 10,000 spectators present at the “Michael Klein” stadium, CS Hunedoara was led on its own field by Minaur Baia Mare (1st place Series 10) , equalized almost immediately, but the goal of the victory with 2-1 succeeded only in the 89th minute, and the return will be played on the field of Maramures.

CS Hunedoara scored three times with Minaur, but won 2-1

After 12 minutes, Rodrigues Jairo sent the corner kick right to who headed it sharply past the keeper. 1 – 0! Hunedoara’s experienced players, at least from the attack, had an immediate reaction and managed to equalize. Hergheligiu makes a clearance resulting in a corner. right side.

CS Hunedoara was more present in the attack in the second half, but Minaur also had plenty of opportunities to score again. However, Lefter had a good day and rejected the attempts of the people of Baia Mare, especially from outside the box. The goal to make it 1 – 1 was scored by Florin Maxim after 89 minutes, following an opportunistic counterattack down the middle by Băilă. Neacșa centered from the left, Arnăutu sent his head to Hergheligiu, he stepped on the ball and passed it behind him, and Alexandru Mogoș caught a superb shot from 16 meters and scored under the crossbar.

The team under the stove has pushed itself to the limit and will start with the first chance and return on Wednesday.

Florin Maxim: “I felt pressure on my players. It’s not easy to play with 10,000 people in the stands. “

After this, you could see that the players of Minaur were more interested in killing time than scoring more goals. For the erased evolution from the first half, he also blamed the pressure put by the large audience on “Michael Klein”.

“The penultimate important victory. We are happy with the result. I knew it would be a difficult match, because that’s how the finals are. I felt pressure on my players. Playing with 10,000 people in the stands is not easy. There are many of them who have not gone through such moments, but I enjoy the end of the game, very good, consistent. That, somehow, makes me unhappy, that I came in… not with a bang, that I have nothing to blame…! I’m also a little dissatisfied with the goal taken from the fixed phase, because we could have avoided it very easily, offering the corner from Baia Mare. After that, in the marking, we somehow relax. I am dissatisfied with these, but I am totally satisfied with their dedication. And those who came in from the bench. That’s the spirit. Everyone needs to understand that we promote together and together we mean both the public and everyone who supported us.

Neither of us asked in depth, nor did we move much, maybe, somehow, we were also satisfied with that result, because otherwise I can’t explain myself. The first half, at least, was a half so that time would pass “said the coach of the CS Hunedoara team after the tour game with Minaur Baia Mare.

  • CS Hunedoara in the tour match with Minaur Baia Mare: Lefter – Fl. Iacob, G. Garutti, Rodrigues Jairo (Ant. Vlad 81 ′), Trășcan – Bedea (I. Neacșa 46 ′), Bradu (Giura 73 ′) – Hergheligiu, Arnăutu, Laur. Bush (captain) (Mogoș 46 ′) – Andr. Roșu (P. Simon 73 ′). Unused spare parts: Deak – Rob. Cristian, Mitran, A. Dumitru.

“In return, the pressure will be felt on them”

The team from Hunedoara reached 30 consecutive matches without defeat in regular time, brought back to the stadium the football-loving public, and Maxim was speechless, impressed by the assistance he had at the match with Minaur.

“I have nothing more to say, I honestly have no words. Even so, I don’t know what to say about this aspect for a promotion match to be played with 10,000 fans in the stands. “said Maxim, who believes that the pressure that was especially on his players in this round match will move his opponents to the return match: “It’s a two-way final. We won the first part of the final. The next step is the pressure, they will feel it, because, come back, the first half was, possibly, from this track. Lots of people in the stands. So are they. They have to win. ”

The return match of the promotion dam between Minaur Baia Mare and CS Hunedoara takes place on Wednesday, June 8, at 17:30, on the field of the team from Maramureș, “Viorel Mateianu”.

  • CS Hunedoara finished the League 3 season on the 1st place in Series 9 and passed in the first round of CA Oradea (2nd place in Series 10), with 4-2 in the round, in Oradea, and 0-0 in the return, in Hunedoara .
  • Minaur Baia Mare was the leader of the 10th Series of League 3 and in the first round he defeated Metalurgistul Cugir (2nd place in Series 9) with a double victory, 4-0 at Cugir and 3-2 at Baia Mare.

Photo: Călin Corpaciu and Bogdan Popescu / FC Corvinul Hunedoara