CS Rapid, official reaction after it was said that the men’s polo team was disbanded

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During today, in the sports press appeared information related to the abolition of the men’s polo team.

For the correct information of the public opinion we come with some punctual clarifications:

The senior men’s polo team has not been disbanded, at the moment a detailed analysis of each sports section is being carried out.

Starting this season, there will be a special attention towards bringing children to Rapid, the development of academies for several disciplines (handball, volleyball, basketball, polo) being a priority.

We promise all Rapid supporters that we will do everything possible for the name RAPID to be present throughout Europe in the coming years, resuming the existing performances internationally more than 20 years ago “is shown in the press release of Rapid.

“I am absolutely shocked! We appeal to the minister. Do you have a pool in the yard and what do you do? ”

President Romanian Polo Federation (FRP), Alexandru Mateideclared, on Friday, for Agerpres, that he talked a few days ago with the president of CS Rapid Bucharest, Bogdan Vasiliu, who confirmed to him that there is the intention to abolish the men’s water polo team of the club.

CS Rapid polo teamcoached by Silviu Ceobanu, finished the 2021-2022 edition of the National Men’s Polo Championship on the 4th place.

Alexandru Matei, about the disbandment of the Rapid polo team: “I am absolutely shocked!”

I am absolutely shocked by this news. The rumors started a few days ago. I had a discussion with the president of CS Rapid, Bogdan Vasiliu, who confirmed to me that it is intended to abolish the men’s polo section. Next … why, what are the reasons, I don’t know … I didn’t go into details because it’s their problem. I also told him personally that we, as a federation, are with them and we are ready to do whatever they need to continue. In the last year as a player, I played for Rapid, in the 2020-2021 season … then Rapid entered the semifinals of the National Championship after years. But it doesn’t matter that I played Rapid, it’s a big disappointment to disband the team anyway“, Said Matei.

The president mentioned that the dissolution of the men’s team of CS Rapid represents a great loss for the Romanian polo.

We, as a federation, are trying to increase the number of teams in the National Championship, and it is even possible that two teams from the 2022-2023 season will come, Arad and Târgu Mureş. There are advanced discussions with these two clubs … and now we find out that Rapid, which is one of the emblematic clubs of Romanian sports, closes the men’s polo section, where it has even performed over time. It is inexplicable, it is a very big loss for the Romanian polo. It’s very easy to set up, but much, much harder to set up.

Not to mention that Rapid has its own pool. The pool that was rebuilt after 30 years I think … because it was operational until the ’90s, after which it was in ruins. And now it’s recovered … you mean you have a pool in your yard and what are you doing, dismantling the men’s polo team? Come on, you keep the women’s team, but that’s much smaller … in the sense that in our country the national girls’ championship has only 4 teams“, Mentioned the FRP official.

Alexandru Matei: “Are you 100 years old and abolishing sections?”

Alexandru Matei specified that the Romanian Polo Federation will contact the Deputy Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, Minister of Transports and Infrastructure, in order to find a solution regarding the men’s polo team of CS Rapid.

We will try to find solutions. We will even appeal as a federation to the Minister of Transport, Sorin Grindeanu, subordinated to the Rapid Sports Club. We will ask him if such a decision is OK, if he is aware of it, because in the end he is the boss there. We will ask him to see what is happening at CS Rapid, to resolve the situation … especially now around the club’s centenary. I mean, as a club, you’re 100 years old and you should at least maintain your traditional sections, not abolish them. And Rapid has a polo team from the ’40s and’ 50s, it was always in the championship. OK, you want to set up other sections, and these are rumors again. It would be nice to do those sections, but also to keep your traditional sports“, Said Matei.

Contacted by phone from the quoted source, the president of CS Rapid, Bogdan Vasiliu, refused to confirm the dissolution of the men’s polo team. “Please send a written e-mail address and we will respond“, said Vasiliu.

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