CSM Resita remains in League 3, Dan Alexa leaves

CSM Reșița had an excellent run this season of Liga 3, without any defeat in the championship, as well as in the promotion match matches, but, nevertheless, the team from Valea Domanului missed the access in Liga 2 in front of a communal team , CSC Dumbrăvița.

The team presided over by Cristian Bobar lost in the tiebreaks the final phase of the dam for Liga 2 with the team from Timisoara and will remain in Liga 3 next season, because the chances of being invited by FRF in the second echelon are tiny, almost non-existent.

Coach Dan Alexa will not continue with CSM Resita, and many of the players he played with this season will leave. There were footballers such as Ștefan Bărboianu, Valentin Lazăr, Călin Cristea, Ionuț Cioinac, Marian Drăghiceanu, Mediop Ndiaye, Valentin Munteanu or Amir Jorza, many of them with many matches at League 1 level and others at League 2.

CSM Resita remains in League 3 after losing the dam with CSC Dumbrăvița

In the regular season, CSM Resita accumulated 16 victories and two draws, 61-8 goal difference and 50 points, being ten points above the second ranked CSM Deva (40 points). In the play-off of the 7th Series, he finished the nine matches with seven victories and two draws, 26-4 goal difference and 73 points, increasing the lead to 20 points over CSM Deva (53 points).

In the first dam, however, CSM Resita showed signs of weakness. After a 1-0 win at the end in the round game with CSC Ghiroda and Giarmata Vii (2nd place, Series 8), away, rosso-nerri were led home in the return leg and equalized towards the end and avoided extra time (score 1 -1).

In the decisive promotion round, Dan Alexa’s team, suspended for both games due to the insults addressed to the referee on the return with Ghiroda, drew only 0-0 away at CSC Dumbrăvița (1st place, Series 8). In return, on its own field, with a spectacular atmosphere for this level, CSM Resita committed it inexplicably. It was led from the 50th minute, it equalized only in the 86th minute, and two of its stars: Călin Cristea and Valentin Munteanu “betrayed” it.

“It simply came to our notice then. We failed to promote. I missed incredible situations, I hit the bar and I missed three times alone with the goalkeeper. I haven’t lost a game in a year, I haven’t lost in regular time either, but the format is such that you can not promote. Congratulations Dumbrăvița for the effort and promotion. I don’t know what’s next for us. It’s a difficult time for the players. From my point of view, we deserved to be promoted. “said, quoted by Caras Online, Dan Alexa, at the end of the game played in Valea Domanului.

Dan Alexa no longer continues with CSM Resita

Last summer, Dan Alexa (42) was surprised by his decision to go down to League 3 to train, given that in his career he has led several teams in League 1 and managed promotions in League 2. with ACS Poli Timișoara, Rapid and Dunărea Călărași.

Failing promotion to League 3 with CSM Resita is the biggest failure of his coaching career. Alexa’s contract has expired, but in the current conditions, in which the team will continue in the third echelon, he does not want to continue, even if he will stay on the sidelines and will not take over any other team.

“Dan Alexa’s contract with CSM Resita has expired! Dan is not tied to the contract and it is clear that if he did not promote he will not stay at CSM Resita. And he is very disappointed with the goal. Alexa had a two-year contract in Resita. If we had been promoted, his one-year contract would have been automatically extended by another one. At the moment, the issue of the contract has not been raised. It’s too early to think about another coach. It’s only been a few days since we missed the goal and we’ll see what happens. An analysis will be made at the entire CSM Resita club “announced the president Cristian Bobar, who will continue at the club.

Cristian Bobar: “It’s frustrating not to lose a game for a year and lose a promotion to the 11-meter shots”

Bobar also spoke about the disappointment of missing the promotion after a season in which CSM Resita did not lose any of the 31 matches played in League 3 or at the dam. The president puts destiny on the line.

“It’s a big disappointment and it’s frustrating not to lose a game for a year and lose a promotion to the 11-meter shots. Penalties are a lottery and I didn’t expect to miss the promotion. Maybe we were too confident about the promotion, but we have nothing to do. We have to accept reality. From my point of view it will be a bit more difficult. The mayor Ioan Popa, the club and the Local Council were offered all the conditions of the players, who were clearly from League 2. We brought an experienced coach, with promotions, we brought experienced players, but as club president I can’t I put the ball in the goal. I had at the score of 1-1 with Dumbrăvița some extraordinarily big misses. I was expecting more from experienced players and I think that was our destiny, which is not to promote. I am very sorry for the 6,000 fans who came to the stadium, who remembered League 1, from the time when Resita played in the first division. The fans showed us how much they love the team. “said the head of CSM Resita, quoted by Caras Online.

The budget of the entire club was 1,000,000 euros, 600,000 euros being allocated to the football department. A budget like even in League 2 did not have many teams available.

The men’s handball team from Reșița, one with a tradition, with European cup finals played, was not registered in the Bison League after obtaining the direct promotion. It is heard that one reason would have been for the football team to have greater financial strength in League 2, because in Resita the promotion was considered to have been obtained.

“It is true that most of the budget went to the football department, because football is a social phenomenon and all over the world in this sport the largest sums are invested. In my opinion, this aspect is not very correct compared to other sports. This is football. “said Cristian Bobar.

Photo: Miruna Maria Mihancea