Curitiba restaurants complain about the lack of character of customers on iFood

Merchants in Curitiba are complaining about the behavior of lazy and opportunistic customers. The complaint came after people placed orders through delivery apps and canceled for no reason, according to these merchants.

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According to Elen Eliete Ukacheski, owner of Temakeria Express, these cancellations are made after the customer has received the order and justified it with the option of unfit for use.

However, she explains that the apps do not verify the complaint – through photos or contact with the restaurant – and return the customer’s money, leaving the restaurant at a loss. “They [consumidores] enjoy the moment. Found it very easy [cancelar o pedido]so they look at it as an opportunity”, says the businesswoman.

She explains that many customers complained that they received the order with items missing, especially in combos. And, for there to be no doubt that the restaurant is fulfilling what it sets out to do, she installed a camera in the area of ​​the restaurant where orders are sealed and still films their conference.

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However, one of their complaints is that the apps do not check the complaints with the restaurant beforehand, they only reimburse the customer, leaving the entrepreneur at a loss. “You know that thing where the customer is always right? The apps take this literally, but it’s not quite like that, there are people with bad intentions”, he explains.

And, according to Elen, bad people have lots of it. However, she celebrates: the vast majority are good and honest customers, so much so that they are proud of the service and the restaurant’s rating in the application, showing how these complaints do not fit the establishment’s profile. “Our grade is super high. Our customers are demanding and our product is quality. What I don’t understand is that the app doesn’t take this kind of thing into account when making a customer complaint,” she says.

cancellation policy

According to Elen, despite working with other delivery apps, the one most used by customers is iFood. She explains that, when situations like these happen, she opens a call to the delivery company, but the response takes time to arrive and is hardly positive.

However, due to the relentless requests for reassessment of the rules for using the platform, the company responded to the businesswoman that it will be making some changes to its policies in order to improve the experience of using the application for everyone.

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In a note, iFood said that it repudiates misconduct by any user of the platform, whether consumers, partner establishments or independent delivery men. The platform also claims that it evaluates cases of cancellation orders and, to reduce them, the company has implemented the Delivery Confirmation Code for partners of the basic plan – reducing on average 55% of cancellations for restaurants that are using it -; and created a whistleblower channel so that the restaurant can alert allegedly irregular customer conduct, for a deeper analysis based on the Platform’s Terms of Use.

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“Furthermore, other tools are also under development, notably the submission of evidence by the consumer to the iFood arbitration flow; a channel for the restaurant to talk to the customer after the order is complete; and the review of the cancellation and credit policy, which will increasingly take into account the use of foundation tools in favor of the restaurant.

To consolidate all initiatives, the company created an unprecedented continuous improvement report, which is available on the iFood for Partners blog. In it, partners have a consolidated view of the fronts for improvement in the main issues raised by them, such as the cancellation itself,” the company said in a statement.