Dan Alexa is considered the best coach in League 2

FC Brașov officially presented, on Friday, June 24, 2022, its new coach, Dan Alexa.

He was last active, in the recently concluded season, on the bench of the CSM Reșița team, in League 3, with whom he missed the promotion in League 2 after a dam lost in the draw with CSC Dumbrăvița.

Dan Alexa, one season contract with FC Brașov

The 42-year-old former midfielder signed a one-season commitment with FC Brașov, and the goal is to reach the playoffs.

“It was a pretty difficult decision, but we are glad that we managed to complete this problem with the coach. I had discussions with three coaches, and in the last few days the variants Dan Alexa and Vali Suciu remained. We chose Dan Alexa, we assumed and we have great confidence in him. I hope we perform together “said Marin Mitran, the new president of FC Brașov.

Alexa’s contract is for one year, with the option to extend. However, if he doesn’t lead the team to the League 2 playoffs, Alexa says he will leave.

“As a coach, the duration of the contact is not important. If you don’t get results, leave! ”said Alexa, who stated that she was not represented by Anamaria Prodan in the negotiations with FC Brașov.

“I negotiated alone with those from FC Brașov. I don’t know if I’ve talked to Ana twice in the last two years. For transfers we will work with any manager who has good players “declared the nicknamed “Surgeon” from the period when he was a football player.

Clear goal for Alexa at FC Brașov: the play-off

Dan Alexa presented his ambitious plans at FC Brașov.

“I am glad that FC Brașov decided and chose me as their coach. I come to a traditional team, with old states in League 1, very motivated, and together with the technical staff and the management, I want to form a good team that will fight for the first places. I really appreciate Vali Suciu, a very good coach, and his teams play good football. With my arrival it is clear that the goal can only be the playoffs. I can’t come to a team that is proposing 8-10 places or reconstruction for next season. I have great confidence that we can succeed and there are good premises that we can achieve the objectives. Romanian football needs traditional teams and we want to bring Brașov back to the football elite. It is important to strengthen our group, this is the basic condition.

I want five or six players to enter the first 11. It would be ideal to play a football that would cause problems, but, at the same time, not to be a naive team “said Alexa, who stated that he is not an expensive coach and sent a few arrows to Poli Timișoara, the team he led two seasons ago: “I like to train, to be in the forefront, and football is my life. I coached Poli Timișoara, I was a manager and coach, with zero lei salary! I think it’s a unique case. Moreover, I also brought money, because Timisoara is my home. Last year, with a much smaller budget, Poli played the playoffs. Now he’s downgraded! ”

Alexa is considered the best coach in League 2!

The new coach of FC Brașov has left modesty aside and says that he is the best coach in League 2, a competition in which Dorinel Munteanu, Cristian Pustai, Claudiu Niculescu, Constantin Enache or Daniel Oprița are still active, coaches with results, some even with trophies.

“Without false modesty, in five years of League 2, I have three promotions and two playoffs. League 2 has changed a bit, it is a stronger championship, a lot of money is invested and there are very good coaches, with names, Bogdan Andone in Timișoara, Dorinel Munteanu in Oţelul, Daniel Oprița in Steaua, Claudiu Niculescu in Iași, Costel Enache in Slobozia , and I really don’t want to miss anyone. With all due respect to them, no one has a promotion to League 1. From this point of view, in numbers, they are number 1 in League 2. The other coaches in League 2 should not be upset, the numbers say that “, said Alexa .

But Alexa is wrong. Daniel Oprița promoted in League 1 with Juventus Bucharest, in 2017, and Cristian Pustai took Gaz Metan Mediaș in the first league in 2008.

Alexa’s staff at FC Brașov

Ștefan Grigorie and Rareș Forika will be Alexa’s two “seconds” at FC Brașov, and the technical staff is completed by the physical trainer Cătălin Voicu and the coach with the goalkeepers Andrei Șanta.

As head coach, Dan Alexa managed in his career three promotions from League 2 to League 1 with the teams ACS Poli Timișoara (2015) and Rapid (2016) and Dunărea Călărași (2018). He led the teams ACS Poli Timișoara, Rapid, FCM Târgu Mureș, Concordia Chiajna, Dunărea Călărași, Astra, again Rapid, Poli Timișoara and CSM Reșița.

The press conference in which Dan Alexa was presented as a coach at FC Brașov: