Daniel Oprița, upset about the “under” rule

The “under” rule imposed by the Romanian Football Federation provokes more and more reactions from the teams in League 1 and League 2 in particular. Daniel Oprița recently intervened regarding the law imposed by FRF and even had a manifest speech, in which he transmitted that he did not agree with it.

Daniel Oprița, open speech against the “under” rule: “If I am now forced to play with 2002, what do I do with the one from 2001? What do I do with him? I have to fire him. ”

Daniel Oprița, Steaua’s coach, spoke on behalf of many coaches from the first two leagues, perhaps from the perspective of the majority, stating that the rule is not imposed by the head and that young people tend to give up football after no longer falling within the age limit. took advantage of it a season ago.

In addition, the “principal” of Steaua also stated that the teams suffer, because they have to take out of the first 11 better footballers. Last season of Liga 2 the teams had the obligation to start the matches with a young man from 2001 and a young man from 2003, and in the season that will start the falling ages will include the players born in 2002 and 2004.

Daniel Oprița: “I put in a goalkeeper, the poor man makes a mistake, he has pressure, he drops the ball. What do I do with him afterwards? ”

Rhetorically, Daniel Oprița wondered what he would do with the young people he counted on last season. One of the ones that Steaua relied on is the goalkeeper Raul Bălbărău, whom the “military” can give up this summer, being possible to send him to League 1, where he can catch minutes also by the “under” rule.

I know what I’m up against! There are juniors who set conditions you haven’t seen! I’ve never seen anything like it! Messrs (no – refers to FRF) I don’t know, but it’s harder to get a junior than a senior, a League 1 striker, because I know you need them. Last year I played with some young people, now I play with other young people. What do I do with last year’s? I’ll fire them, won’t I? Although it’s worth playing.

If I am bound now with 2002, what do I do with 2001? What do I do with him? I have to fire him because I played with him in 2004 or 2002. He didn’t play last year, now I’m putting him in. Then, next year, you take out the 2002 one and put in others. I take them to train, I put them in easily, they play for five minutes, they train with the team, but we are not like the players outside to be ready at 15-17 years old.

They are not prepared, that’s how we did it. And I’m destroying a player from 2004, because he’s not going to play well, he’s not used to it, he’s not prepared and I hit him in the head. Most players, forced, after leaving junior leave. Nobody’s looking for those players anymore. What do I do with Bălbărău, a 2001 goalkeeper who is in the youth team? I’m looking for a team now, honestly! I’m looking for a League 1 team for him, because maybe he’ll play there. What should I do with it, keep it in reserve? That’s it, the rule obliges me!

I don’t give continuity to the players and I give advice (no – FRF), to rule out that we do not have new results with this. I have not seen Italy or Germany have results with such rules. Mr. Cârțu, FCSB, Craiova said well, Farul plays on the field with several young people because they are good. I don’t think Octavian Popescu plays because he was the rule, he plays because he’s talented.

I take a junior and put him in, but he has to be good too. I put in a goalkeeper, the poor man is wrong, he has pressure, he drops the ball. What do I do with him afterwards? When will he recover? These are the things that happen“, Transmitted Daniel Oprița, who then pointed out how the discussions with the juniors he wants to bring go.

The juniors set the conditions for coming. Daniel Oprița: “The problem is that now the juniors also have pretensions. A junior puts 7,000 clauses on me ”

Steaua’s coach admitted that the young people he came in contact with, some of them, ask for clauses and assurances that there will be only secondary options for the team, asking from the outset to catch a certain number of matches during a season, a certain number minutes during a match and so on.

Daniel Oprița is convinced that the “under” rule made Romanian football decrease in value and gave the example of the Romanian generation under 21 who reached the semifinals of the European Championship, but when he made the transition to the big team he did not succeed much .

The problem is that now the juniors have pretensions. A junior puts 7,000 clauses on me, to play 50 percent of the matches, 90 percent. I have to accept. We consider those who are 25 years old to be considered old now, we have to get them out to play a 2004 player. To play because he deserves it! To play 2002 because it’s worth it!

There are players who don’t deserve to play our football after being weak… game with 2002 and 2004, I want to build, but our game stops there. That is why the results are what they are. The generation that was in the semifinals under the age of 21 has reached the seniors and what does it do? Everyone plays in Serie B in Italy… they don’t play at who knows what level.

Let the 25-year-old, the 30-year-old, and the 36-year-old play if he deserves. What do I do with those I played with last year? Now the ones from 2001 are old, right? Nobody wants to play with 2001, 2003, I play with both 2002 and 2004. I’ll play in 10 sometime. I don’t have a junior and I’ll play in 10, see if I can.

My opinion is that the rule needs to be changed. Our football has gone down since that rule. The footballer who is good is taken by everyone. I’m taking a young man, I’m gradually preparing him. He trains with the big team, I give him five minutes, 10 minutes, and when he is ready he enters and plays.

The 2004 players may be good, but they are not ready. Then they lose confidence, they don’t trust him and they quit football“, Also stated Daniel Oprița.

Alexandru Sima and David Dincă, among the youngsters that Steaua will bet on in the next season of League 2

Two of the youngsters that Steaua will bet on in the next season of Liga 2 have joined the team this summer. These are the defender Alexandru Sima (20 years old), who last season played in League 3, at CSM Reșița, and the goalkeeper David Dincă (18 years old), who came in the form of a loan from Academia Gică Hagi.

Photo: the star and Răzvan Păsărică (Sport Pictures)