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Peru knows very well who he is, even if he keeps saying “that’s me.”

Three years after their first album, Daniela Darcourt, which today can be in Paris, tomorrow in the Norte Chico and the day after tomorrow in a nightclub in La Victoria; makes available to the public “Empezando Otra vez”, her second album.

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Nine topics in which a constellation of stars has contributed its own, in favor of your concerns. ‘Transcend’ is the word that Darcourt repeats to herself the most since she undertook this journey. One that seems to run against time, as if there were no tomorrow, at 26 years old.

It’s the first days of May, there are still three weeks to go before the release, and Darcourt has gathered a handful of journalists in a hotel in San Sebastián to listen to his album for the first time and then ask him a few questions.

The album is now available on all digital platforms.

In the middle of the room, the gigantography of the cover with his stone-faced face and bare back. Two of the twenty tattoos of hers appear: the pentagram that was tattooed with India four years ago after she was sponsored —they have it in the same place— and the unconditional inscription that ties her to her sisters: together no matter what.

And, then, the sauce boat with a French surname who grew up in El Porvenir bursts in. She does so in patent leather shoes and a strappy black dress, with golden chains intertwining over her humanity. Three and a half years have passed since we last spoke. She had already won a couple of reality shows, but she still hadn’t reached a million followers on Instagram. Her own orchestra was only half a year old and her life was beginning to be a failed search for moments to sleep.

Months later he would collapse, and his career would be in danger due to polyps found on his vocal cords. She was speechless. He changed managers. She became his own boss. He learned from the business, but above all from the knife blows of the industry.

“There are many things that one must know so that they do not play with you. Getting out of that hole was very difficult for me. This album is the compendium of all these years where it has cost me a lot to get back on my feet to be firmer”says Darcourt crossed legs.

His first album, Esa soy yo (2019) was produced by Puerto Rican Master Chris.  PHOTO: Giuseppe Falla.
His first album, Esa soy yo (2019) was produced by Puerto Rican Master Chris. PHOTO: Giuseppe Falla.

That’s where the little name “Starting again” comes from. Cooked in the middle of their presentations It is a salsa album with some experimental winks, where the influences of other genres emerge, with the healthy intention of weaving a unique sound. And where the great theme is love in all its states, from romance to goodbye.

It features the compositions of Cuban Jorge Luis Piloto, the mastermind behind the successes of Gilberto Santa Rosa; the Panamanian Grettel Garibaldi, the Peruvian Johnny Lau, an exponent of R & B in Spanish, and Daniela Darcourt herself, who makes her debut as a lyricist in “La Duda”.

Among the producers who have given the album an international flight are two Latin Grammy winners: the Cuban Alain Pérez, who lived with Daniela in Lima in the recording studios and was in charge of five songs, and our genius Tony succar. Also Gino Picart Jr., with his New York sound; the Puerto Rican Ramón Sánchez, the director and arranger of Jerry Rivera, and Jesús ‘El Viejo’ Rodríguez, the talent behind the scenes of “La voz Perú”.

“Here, personally, in Peru everything sounds the same. My colleagues mistakenly think that this is the key to success and the truth is not. This album has been a space of discovery”, bill. How could it not be if in “Because it’s very hard to be alone” even she raps. Perhaps a warning for the most fundamentalist salseros.

In “Empezando Otra vez”, Daniela Darcourt’s voice shines with the ‘feats’ of various heavyweights: Rey Ruiz in “Lost Opportunity”, Alain Pérez in “When Love is Finished” and, of course, with Tito Nieves, his musical father, in “I don’t believe it”.

“Although it is true, I love my country, I do not intend to stay here. And I say this because I want to take my music outside. Let them ask themselves: if Daniela comes from Peru, how many other talents will there be there? I always proposed that my name and my work would open opportunities to people who deserve it”, she says, as if proclaiming herself the leader of a movement. One governed by female voices for some time now.

Premieres are not common in our salsa scene, except one with so much prestige gathered. Knowing how to surround yourself is also a talent. If it will mark a before and after of salsa in Peru, it will be known soon. The truth is that from today the album ceases to be hers to belong to the world. Fasten your seat belts. Bomb!

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“Starting again”

Daniela Darcourt’s new album is already on Spotify and the main streaming platforms.